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16 diopter magnifying lamps

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If you have decided to find out more about the professional 16 diopter magnifying lamps you have come to the right place! In this category, we have for you the unbelievable 400% magnification and in some cases even additional lens with the extreme 700% magnification that is out of this world. With this kind of unique magnification, skin diagnosis will be a breeze and you’ll be able to carefully and gently perform any facial treatment without missing the smallest almost micro impurities. It is well known that in-depth skin examination, proper assessment, and future treatment prescription should only be done when the skin is properly cleansed, and in this category almost every magnifier lamp is equipped with another beauty staple – the facial steamer. This is a duo made in heaven, you can’t find a better way to pinpoint the problems and treat the skin than with the proper steam to flush out the pores and amazing magnification for accurate diagnosis.

When buying a 16 diopter magnifying lamp or any equipment for your business pay attention to details. Let’s look at some important advancement and new exciting features.

The Lens

When you buy 16 diopter magnifying lamp you know that you are investing in the highest magnification there is, 400% magnification is usually the cut off number for salon and spa devices. But in this category, you can find magnifiers with additional lenses that provide the extreme 700% magnification for the very scrupulous skin inspections.  It is a great magnifier that will allow you to see the tiniest details.

LED Lights

All of the loupes in this category have the best lighting – the LED lighting. LED lights provide superior color rendering and clean, shadowless elimination. LED lights last much longer than all of the other options and are often equipped with an automatic shut-off for even more prolongation of the light life spend. Just for reference: LED light lifespan is around 50 000 hours, and the best one after it – the fluorescent – is close to 8 000.

The Design

Multifunctional and monofunctional 16X magnifying lamps are all ergonomically designed. Sleek with clean lines they would be a great addition to any salon or a spa. All of the new generation machines are easily moved, adjusted and are firmly held in place with a touch of a hand. In this category, all machines are mobile as they are set on the stands with wheels.

The Price

16 diopter magnifying lamp price is very low. This essential equipment, especially with multifunctional machines that offer cleansing and high frequency treatments for tightening and lifting of the skin, have almost instant ROI.

The Service

Here at AE we offer a wide range of great 16 diopter magnifying lamps for sale.

We are here to help you jump start your business and our trained and knowledgeable staff can quickly answer any and all of your questions. We provide free trainings and can help you to find out everything there is to know about any machine or equipment we sell. We are always happy to share our knowledge and experience.

We are not only an online shop and are always ready to welcome you to our showroom. If you are local to Fort Lauderdale, Florida or just in from out of town, we will offer you a great shopping experience!


In this category you can find 16 diopter magnifying lamps. In order to recover the cost of your equipment, all you need is to provide 10-15 procedures. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for 16 diopter magnifying lamps, you have come to the right place.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality of products, the largest range of equipment, and the best service to our customers. We also proudly provide training sessions for instruction on how to utilize all the equipment we sell.

Please call us now if you need any assistance selecting your equipment.


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