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2 in 1 Microcurrent EMS machine Briss Tone



Ems muscle stimulators
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  • 2 in 1 Microcurrent EMS machine Briss Tone

    Functions of 2 in 1 Facial machine Briss Tone:

    • Face muscles exercising
    • Body slimming & shaping
    • Face and Body Contouring
    • Deep penetrating of serums into the skin
    • Skin-smooth and anti-wrinkle treatments


    Acne scar, dense sore, whelk, unsmooth imperfections on the face; Accelerate wound heal-up; Drainage for face; Odds pigment; Restore tissues elasticity; Capillary-dilatation and etc.

    Accessories of 2 in 1 Facial machine Briss Tone:

    • Adhesive Conductive pad 30 Pairs
    • 6 outputs of EMS pairs

    Microcurrent probes:

    • Double Q-tips Probes 1set
    • Rollers Probes 1 set
    • Wands probes 1 set

    Microcurrent is a low-level current that acts like the currents naturally present in the body. This therapy is a clinically tested anti-aging treatment used for facial contouring, toning, and firming of aging skin. It may also stimulate the lymphatic system, causing a decrease in puffiness and eye bags, and a positive increase in complexion and collagen. Results can be so dramatic that microcurrent is often referred to as the 5-minute face lift.

    It is often used on patients who would like to tighten or loosen certain regions with muscles and provide anti-aging effects.

    How does Microcurrent Work?

    Microcurrent works by sending tiny electrical impulses through the muscles. These impulses mimic the natural electricity in your body and cause no harm. t can be used in one of two ways: to relax muscles or to tighten muscles. Microcurrent always uses a pair of electrodes (one negative and one positive) to keep currents localized and circuits closed for optimal results.

    As the muscles are "worked out", protein and ATP production increases, which energizes muscles and creates a more lifted, toned look as a result. This increase in ATP also triggers the production of elastin and collagen which assists in skin repair as well.

    Microcurrent Pads

    This Mode is a simple non-invasive treatment that is utilized widely for muscle stimulation and fat-burning. Electro-stimulation works on electrical impulses that cause muscles to contract – the same as if you were utilizing the muscles themselves. This method is widely used in physical therapy offices and has recently become widely popular for spa use in the burning of fat tissue and toning of musculature.

    Popular uses for electro-stimulation:

    • Quicker post-workout recovery

    • Improves stamina and endurance

    • Low impact gain of muscle tone, strength, and responsiveness

    • Improve blood circulation

    • Fat-burning


    Technical features of 2 in 1 Facial machine Briss Tone:

    • Theory: EMS, microcurrent 
    • Functions: Face Slimming/Shaping, Face Muscles Exercising, Face Lifting/ Anti-Wrinkle
    • Power: 15W
    • Specification: CE, FDA 
    • Voltage: 110V


    One Year Warranty.

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    2 in 1 Microcurrent EMS machine Briss Tone
    $ 1,990.00
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$ 1,990.00
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