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2 part infrared sauna blankets

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2 part infrared sauna blankets

People were always huge fans of saunas. Setting apart all the health and beauty benefits, it is a highly pleasurable experience and in most part, people describe it as luxurious, they think of it as a way to pamper or reward themselves. Wherever you travel in the world, you will easily find some form of saunas that are traditional to that region. They literally have been around for thousands of years. Archeologists state that the first sauna-like remains they have discovered are of a Bronze Age! Since we all live in the great age of high-tech our saunas are better than ever: our benefits and advantages come from the infrared saunas. IR saunas are all the rage nowadays and for a line of good reasons. 

The health-obsessed crowd on Instagram and Snapchat have even made some infrared sauna spots famous, we have apps that pinpoint the closest infrared saunas in our area and celebs showing off flawless impossibly fresh skin and giving props to the power of IR sweating. Bad news for you as a beautician – building an Infrared sauna in your salon is extremely. Great news for you as a beautician – IR sauna blankets can be used in any salon, spa or beauty room. In this category, we have the amazing 2 part infrared sauna blankets for sale that will change your business in no time! And, let’s start with a simple explanation – they are called “2 part” simply because there are two parts, the top and the bottom that is easily connected with a zipper.  

How Does IR Sauna Blanket Work?

Most of the powerful beauty treatments have arrived in the beauty scene from general medicine, and infrared therapy isn’t an exception in this case. Infrared heating was developed, researched and studied for post-surgery and post-injury acceleration of soft tissue healing and with time benefits for body and skin became apparent.  Mainly IR waves are used to heat up the body and rapidly raise the temperature. Rays penetrate deep into the skin, heating underlying tissues and joints; this starts the process of excessive perspiration as the body uses sweat to lower the temperature and avoid overheating. With this simple and very natural body reaction, you will be able to offer your clients very effective body detoxification, inch and pound loss, purification of the skin through flushing out the pores with sweat from within, enriched blood oxygenation through boosting the circulatory system function and much more.

Main Benefits of Using a 2 Part Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket

Safe and non-invasive treatment. Infrared saunas are 100% safe. Blankets produce only infrared rays, and never ultraviolet or x-rays that are harmful to the body.

One of the main benefits is weight loss. Perspiration equals calorie loss. Within one session you can offer your clients from 1400 to 1800 calorie burn. If that isn’t amazing, we don’t know what is. This, of course, helps to re-shape and contour the body. Rapid loss of excess inches and pounds. 2 part sauna blanket weight loss treatment usually becomes the star slimming treatment in any salon or a spa.

Body detoxification. Your clients can literally flush out the toxins from the body with sweat. It is a fantastic cleansing treatment for the whole body. The skin will be clean, smooth and silky.

Infrared heating increases blood flow. Increased circulation equals better vitamin and nutrient distribution, better skin hydration and oxygenation, acceleration of metabolic processes. This is altogether beneficial to the health, and not just the beauty component of the treatment.

Heat is also effective and often used for the pain relief.

Better product penetration because of the clean and clear skin that becomes highly absorbent after flushing the pores clean with excessive sweat.

Our  Service

In our store, you’ll surely be able to find a perfect 2 part infrared body wrap machine for sale. We work exclusively with the best manufacturers in the beauty industry that are fully dedicated to the research, product development and safety, so you can always be sure of the quality and provide safety to your clients.

We offer free training and can help you to find out everything there is to know about any machine or equipment we sell.

We are not only an online shop and are always ready to welcome you to our showroom. If you are local to Fort Lauderdale, Florida or just in from out of town, we will offer you a great shopping experience!


In this category you can find 2 part infrared sauna blankets. In order to recover the cost of your equipment, all you need is to provide 10-15 procedures. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for 2 part infrared sauna blankets, you have come to the right place.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality of products, the largest range of equipment, and the best service to our customers. We also proudly provide training sessions for instruction on how to utilize all the equipment we sell.

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