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3 in 1 Facial Machine Venus 06



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Brand: Venus
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  • 3 in 1 facial machine Venus 06 is a cosmetic device designed for professional work in a beauty salon or facial room. This unit combines 3 popular functions:

    • Diamond microdermabrasion
    • Ultrasound therapy
    • Hot and cold treatment

    The diamond microdermabrasion is a soft and painless method of mechanical face peeling. The diamond tip removes the upper horny layer and the vacuum sucks scrubbed cells, accelerates blood circulation, and eliminates edemas.

    The diamond microdermabrasion provides:

    • Smoothes skin tone and relief;
    • Cleans skin from excess of dead cells of horny layer;
    • Corrects the depth  of wrinkles;
    • Eliminates pigmentations;
    • Stimulates the metabolic processes in the skin;
    • Smoothes scars;
    • Stimulates the processes of skin rejuvenation.

    Advantages of diamond microdermabrasion:

    • absolute control and safety of the procedure;
    • comfortable and pleasant sensations; 
    • visible results after one treatment;
    • applied on the face and the body;
    • short recovery period - literally 3-5 hours;
    • increasing the skin permeability after dermabrasion;
    • hypoallergenic treatment.

    The ultrasound treatment enables to inject active pharmaceutical and cosmetic products into superficial layer of the skin with the aid of ultrasonic wave. The phonophoresis provides the warm-up, deep micro-massage on the cellular level, nutrition  the tissues with oxygen, improves elasticity, accelerates local blood flow and immunological responses.

    Effects of the ultrasound treatment procedures:

    • deep non-invasive injection of cosmetic serums
    • skin elasticity and skin tightness improvement
    • lifting and micromassage
    • improvement of local blood flow
    • lymphatic drainage – removal of edemas
    • scars effacement
    • reduction of couperosis manifestations
    • reduction of cellulite manifestations
    • elimination of excessive

    Hot therapy improves blood and lymph circulation. Blood vessels are widened under the influence of heat that results in hyperemia and skin temperature increase. This process is accompanied by the acceleration of metabolic processes, formation of bioactive substances, improvement of regeneration process, resorption of histolysis products, and opening of pore.

    Cold therapy facilitates the acceleration of blood circulation and improves metabolic processes. It is applied specifically for skin mollification after traumatizing procedures.

    Cold therapy is used for the following purposes:

    • Skin mollification after microdermabrasion and other traumatizing procedures performance
    • Capillary vessels strengthening
    • Skin desensitization before procedure
    • Narrowing of pores  after facial cleansings

    Technical features of 3 in 1 facial machine Venus06:

    • Vacuum pressure: 0,65 bar;
    • Frequency of ultrasound: 1.1 Mhz;
    • Input power: 45 W;
    • Input voltage: 110 V;
    • Input frequency; 60 Hz;
    • Product Dimensions: 13,8”H x 18,1”L x 5,9”D;
    • Weight: 12 lb
    • Package Dimensions: 13,8”H x 21,3”L x 7,9”D;
    • Weight in box: 14 lb.

    FDA Registered.

    Warranty: 2 years.

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    3 in 1 Facial Machine Venus 06
    $ 2,155.00 $ 1,594.70
  • Rating: (3) reviews

    Super effective and does everything promised. Fast shipping


    Super effective and does everything promised. Fast shipping


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$ 2,155.00 $ 1,594.70
Rating: (3) reviews

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