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3 in 1: micro diamond/crystal/oxygen CDO-500



Diamond peeling machines
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$ 6,995.00
Brand: SPA Classic
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  • 3 in 1: micro diamond/crystal/oxygen CDO-500 is a cosmetic device designed for professional work in a beauty salon or facial room.

    Functions of 3 in 1: micro diamond/crystal/oxygen CDO-500:

    • diamond peel
    • crystal peel
    • oxygen infusion

    The hydrodermabrasion is the non-invasive procedure of simultaneous rejuvenation, cleansing and moisturizing of skin. The main difference of this technology consists in the fact that during the procedure it uses not crystals for peeling but special conductors that have heliciform ribbed surface. It makes the exfoliation more soft and delicate.

    Along with exfoliation at the moment of pores maximal opening whey containing antioxidants, moisturizing, cleaning and anti-inflammatory components are systematically applied on the cleansed skin. The active moisturizing of skin during the procedure makes a real difference between hydropeeling and other methods of skin renewal.

    Results of hydro dermabrasion:

    • smooths removes skin relief
    • cleans skin deeply
    • releases toxins and metabolism products
    • moisturizes and feeds skin intensively
    • has the rejuvenation effect

    The oxygen infusion is the effective and light stimulating procedure comparable by clients with relaxing massage. The procedure is perfectly suitable for damaged or irritated skin due to regenerative and antiseptic effect of oxygen. Oxygen penetrates deeply into the skin due to high speed of supply and brings together the active substance.

    Accessories of 3 in 1: micro diamond/crystal/oxygen CDO-500:

    • 1lbs crystal
    • A set of 9 diamonds with handles
    • 1 oxygen gun
    • 1 filter


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    3 in 1: micro diamond/crystal/oxygen CDO-500
    $ 6,995.00
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$ 6,995.00
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