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3 In 1 Slimming Machine Venus Cube



Cavitation rf machines
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Brand: Venus
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  • 3 In 1 Slimming Machine Venus Cube is a cosmetological device designed for professional work in a beauty salon or facial room. This unit combines 3 popular and effective functions for facial care in the beauty salon.

    Functions of 3 In 1 Slimming Machine Venus Cube:

    • Cavitation;
    • 2 Polar RF for Face;
    • 3 Polar RF for Body.

    The ultrasonic cavitation is a method of correction of excessive local fat deposits under the influence of ultrasonic wave. The essence of cavitation methodology for cellulite correction and abolition of excessive fat deposits consists in the influence of low-frequency ultrasound over fat tissue.

    It was defined experimentally that the cavitation effect appears in fat cells under the influence of low-frequency ultrasound with parameters 37-42 khz. The bubble collapse occurs in fat tissue and energy bulk is released. The hydrodynamic push (a sort of microexplosion) occurs under bubble collapse in fat tissue. These microexplosions damage cellular membranes of adipocytes (firstly membranes of cells mostly filled with fat) as a result of its maximal tension. Released triglycerides that constitute the fat cells are removed from intercellular space via natural metabolic processes, other cells and tissues (muscular fibrillae, epidermis cells, vascular endothelium and other) are not damaged under the influence of cavitation.

    The important condition of work with cavitation methodology is the compulsory lymphatic drainage after procedure with any available methode: pressure therapy, vacuum massage, classical lymphatic drainage massage.

    Rf lifting is an advanced technology of skin rejuvenation due to stimulation of neocollagenesis in derma and renewal of connective tissue structures of hypodermis. The depth of Rf lifting effect can reach 1.5 cm.

    The effects of Rf lifting:

    • reduction of deep wrinkles manifestations;
    • reduction of manifestations of scars and stretch marks;
    • recovery and strengthening of facial skin;
    • stimulation of skin cells renewal;
    • improvement of microcirculation and face color;
    • Visible skin tightening, improvement of skin elasticity;
    • Improvement of skin toning;
    • No irritation or skin flushing after procedure;
    • active care of loose, atonic skin;
    • procedure for perfect event looking.

    Applications with 3 In 1 Slimming Machine Venus Cube:

    • Skin tightening and lifting;
    • Deep and light wrinkles fading;
    • Improving skin-elasticity and skin-shine;
    • Fading away Pregnancy line;
    • Skin rejuvenation;
    • Shrinking facial coarse pores;
    • Weight loss and body shaping.

    ​Benefits of 3 In 1 Slimming Machine Venus Cube​​: 

    • Fancy design body slimming unit;
    • Wide touch screen control panel ;
    • Bipolar RF handpiece for eyes, face and neck ;
    • Multipolar RF for body;
    • Powerful Cavitaton for fat reduce;
    • Automatic treatment programs;
    • 2 years warranty;
    • Free training availible.

    Technical features of 3 In 1 Slimming Machine Venus Cube:

    • Voltage: 110V/60HZ,220V/50HZ;
    • Handle: Cavitation handle,2 polar rf handle,3 polar rf handle;
    • RF frequency: 5MHZ;
    • Cavitation: 40K.

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    3 In 1 Slimming Machine Venus Cube
    $ 2,990.00
  • Rating: (2)reviews

    Great machine, love its stylish diamond design! Cavitation is extremely powerful, in combination with RF for body it works amazing.



    Easy to get financing and I started using it right away. Definitely helps my patients with their wrinkles


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$ 2,990.00
Rating: (2)reviews

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