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6 in 1 Facial machine Venus 98



6-In-1 multifunction facial machines
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Brand: Venus
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  • 6 in 1 Facial machine Venus 98 is a cosmetic device designed for professional work in a beauty salon or facial room. This unit combines 6 popular and effective functions for facial and body care in the beauty salon.

    Functions of 6 in 1 Facial machine Venus 98:

    • Ultrasound therapy
    • Vacuum body cupping massage
    • Vacuum extractor and massage for face; 
    • High frequency
    • Electrocoagulator - spot removal
    • Oxygen Spray. 


    The ultrasound therapy enables to inject active pharmaceutical and cosmetic products into superficial layer of the skin with the aid of ultrasonic wave. The phonophoresis provides the warm-up, deep micro-massage on the cellular level, nutrition  the tissues with oxygen, improves elasticity, accelerates local blood flow and immunological responses.

    Effects of the ultrasound therapy procedures:

    • deep non-invasive injection of cosmetic serums
    • skin elasticity and skin tightness improvement
    • lifting and micromassage
    • improvement of local blood flow
    • lymphatic drainage – removal of edemas
    • scars effacement
    • reduction of couperosis manifestations
    • reduction of cellulite manifestations
    • elimination of excessive

    The high frequency is the influence of high-voltage alternating currentsover the human body via glass electrodes. The influence occurs with the aid of high-frequency (110-400 khz), high-voltage (approximately 20 kV) but small power (up to 100-200 mA) impulse alternating sinusoidal currents. The application of d'Arsonval device improves blood circulation, activates biochemical metabolic processes of the superficial skin and below it, , improves histotrophic nutrition and saturation with oxygen, and reduces the level of pain receptors’ sensitivity to external irritants.

    Effects of darsonvalization application:

    • Antibacterial action
    • Stimulation of healing of skin with inflammatory elements
    • Improvement of general tone and texture of the skin
    • Narrowing or pores
    • Acceleration of metabolic processes in the cells

    Spot removal - Electrocoagulator enables the removal of benign neoplasm (ex: papillomas and verruca) quickly and safely. The coagulator acts precisely upon problem areas via high-frequency alternating currents, and heats treated neoplasm,thereby burning it out from the inside.

    Oxygen Spray Bottles enable to spread whey and thermal water via a non-contact and controllable method to moisturize skin during the procedure. Spray enables the use of  professional cosmetics sparingly, to spread the contact agent easily without the use of hands or sponge.

    The vacuum massage for body and face is an influence over the skin and deeply located tissues via negative pressure approximately 0.1-0.7 atm. The essence of vacuum massage: capillary vessels widening, improvement of blood flow, activation of metabolic processes in cells and tissues.

    Advantages of purchase of vacuum equipment:

    • Performs any type of massage (vacuum-roll, cupping, reflexotheraupetic, lymphatic)
    • Simultaneous and comprehensive influence over different tissue levels (epidermis, derma, muscles)
    • Provides the perfect slide of conductor over oil and does not require special clothes
    • It is perfectly combined with wrap, pressure therapy, IR-warmup and lipolysis methods
    • It does not leave blood tumors (sores) on the skin after massage
    • Possibility of work both with body and face
    • No age restrictions
    • No season restrictions
    • Instant visible result

    5 steps to perfect glowing skin:

    1. Step 1: Vacuum cleansing for deep skin peeling. Great for oily skin, wide pores, pigmentations, wrinkles, scars. It smoothes the skin, stimulates rejuvenation.

    2. Step 2: High frequency- provides anti-bacterial anti-acne treatment for face and body, kills bacteria, calms the skin after dermabrasion.

    3. Step 3: Ultrasound therapy- for penetration of nutrition's to the deep skin layers, provides  great moisturizing and hydrating results.

    4. Step 4: Spray bottles-  for skin oxygenating and soothing after treatment. Revitalizes the skin. The best finishing step of every treatment.

    * In case of edema of face and under eyes: Vacuum massage for face - prevents edema of face, improve skin tone and color, stimulates lymphatic drainage.

    * For body sculpturing: Cupping massage for body- for shaping and anti-celluliting treatment.  

    * In case of skin tags on face and body: Spot removal- to remove the skin tags.

    Technical features of 6 in 1 Facial machine Venus 98:

    • Vacuum pressure:0,5 bar
    • Frequency of ultrasound phonophoresis: 1.1 Mhz
    • Input frequency: 60Hz
    • Input power: 50 Watt
    • FDA Registered

    Package Dimensions: 21,2”H x 15,5”L x 12”D.

    N.WT 16 lbs.


    One Year Warranty.

    Send us a message if you have any questions

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    6 in 1 Facial machine Venus 98
    $ 1,460.00 $ 803.00
  • Rating: (6)reviews

    I just love the combination of functions. It is perfect for any basic esthetician’s treatment! I love the vacuum cupping, it works just amazing. My clients are very fond of the results of vacuum cupping. Highly recommend this machine!



    It's my second multifunctional machine. It's so cool that you can buy only one machine instead of buying 6 separate devices. This item completely complements the functions of another my multifunctional machine. I'm completely satisfied! My facial room now has all the necessary equipment, thanks!



    I'm very pleased. Such a great combination of functionalities! My clients love the results.



    Thank you for good product and great customer service.



    My clients love it and its totally painless



    I love my new toy! Facials are really effective, I also do body treatments on this machine. And the price is very affordable


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$ 1,460.00 $ 803.00
Rating: (6)reviews

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