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Adonyss SF Surgical Mask (500 pc)

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SF Surgical Mask

Brand: Adonyss


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    1.000 pcs - $1.05 Price per Piece
    2.000 pcs - $0.98 Price per Piece
    Medical Polymer Materials & Products
    Instrument classification: Class II
    Usage: Anti coronavirus, anti virus, surgical mask disposal
    Product name: Disposable Surgical Mask 3 ply 3D Anti corona virus Medical Mask
    Size: 17cm * 9.5cm
    Medical digital X ray machine
    RD380 digital x-ray system is a self - developed electric double -column DR.

    1 Reliable rack profile with in -line rails
    2 One-piece design, flexible operation
    3 Power assisted , easy to operate with one hand
    4 Rugged design for consumable parts
    5 Ensure equipment mechanical life
    6 A vaiety of model specifications

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    Adonyss SF Surgical Mask (500 pc) Adonyss SF Surgical Mask (500 pc)
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