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Aqua Lift System HydroDermabrasion RF



Multipolar rf machines
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Brand: InnoCell
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  • Aqua Lift System HydroDermabrasion RF is a cosmetological device designed for professional work in a beauty salon or facial room. This unit combines 3 popular and effective functions for facial care in the beauty salon.

    Functions of Aqua Lift System HydroDermabrasion RF:

    • water dermabrasion,
    • rf facial lifting,
    • cold hammer.

    Multi-polar RF. Multi-polar RF handpieces, adopts advanced output mode which could treat the tissue more accurately, enhance blood circulation, generate more collagen, at the same time protect the epidermis with cooling, heat up the dermal layer but keep the epidermis at the normal temperature. The dermal layer could be heat up to 45°C-60°C, to generate more collagen, improve skin texture,remove wrinkle,tighten and lift skin.


    • Skin tightening & skin rejuvenation.
    • Wrinkle removal & face lifting.

    Cold hammer. Cool apply after through massage can get rid of the dirty and sebum to lift and clean skin; shrink pores and lift muscle to make your face more clean and elastic.

    Hydra dermabrasion. Using vacuum suction mode controlled by intelligent process, through the combination of products and equipment, deep cleaning the skin and pores off horny, acne, blackheads and other impurities in very short period of time. And improve the deep absorption of nutrition products, promote pores tightening, smooth skin, increase skin moisture, and make your skin whitening, moisturizing and good texture.


    Two-Year Warranty. 

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    Aqua Lift System HydroDermabrasion RF
    $ 5,990.00
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$ 5,990.00
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