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Facial headbands

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Ruffled Disposable Spa Facial Headbands 21444 1 Facial headbands
$ 13.00
Ruffled Disposable Spa Facial Headbands with elastic bands help estheticians keep hair clean and neat during facials and spa treatments. One size fits all as these bands easily stretch for any clients needs. 50 headbands per pack.
Headbands set "Perfect Three" 120311 1 Facial headbands
$ 24.00

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Facial headbands

In this category you can find 13 different Facial headbands. The average cost recovery of this type of equipment is 5-10 procedures. Advance- Esthetic provides a wide range of various types of professional Facial headbands. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for Facial headbands

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