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Galvanic Facial Machine Ionto-Galvano (SL)



Galvanic facial machines
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$ 995.00
Brand: KosmoSpa
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  • Galvanic Facial Machine Ionto-Galvano (SL) are the finest Galvanic Facial Machines available in the skin care equipment market. With the Iontophoresis module you can break and re-apply contact without shocking your client and without pushing any extra buttons. Equipped with two settings; low for facial, high for body, and a silent timer that shuts off the unit at the end of the designated time. Professional skin care equipment designed to stand up to daily use by Estheticians and day spas for Iontophoresis and Desincrustation.

    Functions of Galvanic Facial Machine Ionto-Galvano (SL):

    The galvanic desincrustation or galvanical cleansing is applied for saponification of comedo, the effect is based upon the combination of saponifying agents under the influence of negative electrode.

    Effects achieved with the aid of galvanotherapy:

    • Non-invasive skin cleansing - desincrustation
    • Deep injection of active substance (within the epidermis)
    • Elimination of small wrinkles and reduction t of big wrinkles depth on eyelids, face and neck
    • Improvement of moisture content of dry skin
    • Diminishment of fatty pads and under-eye circles (due to acceleration of blood circulation and lymph flow)
    • Improvement of skin elasticity
    • Correction of scars after injuries and surgical intervention
    • Pores narrowing under regular performance of procedure
    • Acceleration of metabolic processes in cells
    • Improvement of blood supply and lymph circulation in the skin

    Included Accessories of Galvanic Facial Machine Ionto-Galvano (SL):

    • 1 Rubber Electrode
    • 2 Sponges
    • 1 Roller Electrode
    • 1 Pair of Cables
    • 1 Pencil Electrode

    Product Dimensions:​ 2.75''H x 7.5''W x 7.5”D.

    N.WT: 1.75 lbs.



    One Year Warranty.

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    Galvanic Facial Machine Ionto-Galvano (SL)
    $ 995.00
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$ 995.00
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