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Heat Blanket F-825



3 part infrared sauna blankets
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Brand: Foxy spa
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  • Heat Blanket F-825 is professional thermotherapy equipment with a heating wrap blanket and time control.

    Digital interface thermotherapy equipment with heating wrap blanket and time control. It works by providing therapeutic heat with direct results on the body: vasodilation, cell oxygenation, muscular relaxation, etc.

    It works providing therapeutic heat with direct results on the body: vasodilation, cell oxygenation, muscular relaxation, etc.

    Working temperature: 68°F to 122°F. This thermal blanket is the ideal electric sauna for slimming, reducing, detoxifying, and purifying treatments. 

    This Sauna blanket has 3 heating channels: bottom section for legs, middle section for buttocks and stomack, and upper section for chest area. 

    Directions of Heat Blanket F-825:

    1. Connect the power supply via the rear panel, indicated in the sketch as "POWER LINE INPUT"
    2. Connect the accessories properly to the rear panel
    3. Turn on the "POWER" button
    4. The unit is in standby. The "TEMP" button is locked, but "TIMER", "START/STOP", "SET" and "CHANNEL" are unlocked
    5. You can press the "CHANNEL" button to select one of the 3 different channels. The temperature display shows the actual temperature for each channel
    6. Press the "TIMER" button to set the time from 1 to 60 minutes
    7. Press the "SET" button: the instrument enters setting mode and the "SET" LED comes on. Now you can adjust the operating temperature by pressing "TEMP" in each channel. The default temperature for the three channels is 122°F. The adjustment range is from 68°F to 122°F
    8. Press the "SET" button to return to standby. The "SET" LED turns off
    9. Press the "START/STOP" button
    10. The unit is operational. The various channels and current temperatures are automatically displayed. The indicator of each channel is red if this channel is in heating state. The indicator will change to green if the channel is in heat preservation state. The "TEMP" and "CHANNEL" buttons are locked, but "TIME", "START/STOP" and "SET" are unlocked
    11. While operational, if you press "SET", you can adjust the operating temperature but the unit will stop. To resume the treatment, you must press "START/STOP"
    12. When preset temperature is reached, the unit enters heat preservation mode
    13. When preset time is reached, the unit emits a buzz sound and stops

    Technical features of Heat Blanket F-825:

    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Standard Control: Analog.

    Package Dimensions:​ 17"H x 26.5”L x 12.5”D.

    G.WT: 19.5 lbs.


    One Year Warranty.

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    Heat Blanket F-825
    $ 599.00
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$ 599.00
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