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InnoCellpro Golden Glow LED Light Mask



LED therapy masks
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  • InnoCellpro Golden Glow LED Light Mask

    The Golden Glow LED mask created by InnoCell emits light at seven different wavelengths, which makes the device ideal for treating a number of skin problems. The versatility of the Golden Glow mask also enables multiple household members to get the benefits of light therapy.

    Each mask contains 150 LEDs capable of emitting light from blue to red wavelengths.

    Each colored light carries significant meaning.

    Blue-463 nm -Kills the bacteria known to cause acne and other blemishes

    Cyan-470 nm- Helps reduce inflammation

    Light blue-510 nm- Offers soothing relief from inflammation caused by allergies or breakouts

    Green-527 nm- Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

    Dark purple-640 nm- Helps eliminate lines and evens skin tone

    Purple-600 nm-Stimulates lymph activity

    Red-650 nm- Red lights dilate blood vessels, which enhances blood flow.

    The wavelength additionally stimulates cellular mitochondria to increase energy production, which hastens cell replication in addition to encouraging collagen and elastin production.

    The InnoCellpro Golden Glow LED Light Mask is an incredible device for any skin type.

    This equipment allows you to succeed in:

    1. Lifting and tightening treatments for face, neck, decollete, abdomen, hips, and buttocks 
    2. Rejuvenation treatments
    3. Treatments for reducing eye wrinkles and dark circles around eyes
    4. Treatments for improving skin elasticity and skin color
    5. Treatments for oily skin with loose pores



    Every color of light works in a different way, but the overall experience of treatment is the same. Light therapy does no harm. It is natural, gentle, safe, effective, and without side effects.

    How does the LED  light therapy work?

    The energy from LED light is used by the mitochondria in the cells to turn it into a form of energy that the other parts of the cells can use for activities such as:

    Improving circulation to the area and encouraging new capillary formation.

    Increasing collagen and fibroblast production.

    Boosting ATP (raw energy that cells can use) release.

    Stimulation of tissue granulation.

    Reduction of skin inflammation.

    Enhanced “clean up” of the cells (phagocytosis).

    Raised activity from the lymphatic system.

    Learn more about red light therapy for rosacea here.

    What are the benefits of light therapy for rosacea sufferers?

    The processes that red light therapy promotes in the skin can help to generate the following benefits for people with rosacea:

    • More even overall skin tone
    • Reduction in redness, flushing, and broken capillaries
    • Improved natural moisture levels in the skin
    • Faster healing of “acne rosacea” bumps and pimples
    • Sun damage repair
    • Lowered inflammation
    • Decrease in rosacea-related skin discomforts such as burning, itching and tightness

    What products are needed for LED Light Therapy?

    LED Therapy can be performed on dry skin or you can apply any active serum to increase its penetration eep into the skin.


    • Remote control
    • Mask with 150 LED Bulbs
    • Adjustable strap
    • Power cord
    • Users Manual
    • Gift Box


    Treatment method

    Simply wash your face, pat your skin dry and allow your face to air dry. Plug the mask into the remote control. Plug the remote control into a standard wall outlet. Press the power button. Set the timer and color. Adjust the light intensity by pressing the energy button. Press the on/off button to start the treatment. For optimal results, the manufacturer recommends undergoing 20-minute treatment sessions two to three times weekly. Facial skin begins showing signs of improvement after approximately four weeks of continued use.

    Warning: Do not sleep with the LED face mask on. This may cause overexposure and skin damage. LED light therapy should be used moderately. The remote control should never be placed under the sheet, pillow, etc. as this may result in overheating.

    What are the results of treatment?

    • Reduce erythema (skin redness)
    • Improve healing in wounds and lesions
    • Rejuvenate skin
    • Provide photo-aging reversal and anti-inflammatory benefits
    • Promote fibroblast (collagen) production
    • Reduce the appearance of scarring

    Benefits of equipment

    • Decreases inflammation (which can reduce swelling, redness, and other skin discomforts)
    • Boosts the rate of skin healing for faster results
    • Reduces the time needed to manage rosacea flushing
    • Helps to heal existing acne rosacea and redness without any added irritation
    • Assists in the prevention of worsening/progressing rosacea symptoms
    • Drug-free with no reported long- or short-term side effects 100 percent natural and non-invasive
    • Safe for regular daily use for people of all ages
    • Easy for home use
    • Simple to self-administer
    • Requires very little time and/or effort
    • Painless
    • Does not lose effectiveness over time
    • No down-time

    Technical Features of InnoCell Golden Glow LED Light Mask:

    • Transformer Voltage: 15 V
    • Input frequency: 60 Hz
    • Input power: 15 Watts
    • Lifetime Client Support

    Package Dimensions: 5” H x 10,5” L x 8,5” D

    N.WT 2,5 lbs.


    One Year Warranty. 


    All products at www.advance-esthetic.us website are intended for cosmetic use.

    All products at www.advance-esthetic.us website are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.

     InnoCellpro Golden Glow LED Light Mask InnoCellpro Golden Glow LED Light Mask
    $ 350.00 $ 175.00
    Rating: (5)reviews
  • Rating: (5)reviews

    Once I thought: I want to myself some inexpensive, but high-quality cosmetology device. I am a young working mother and I do not have time for salons. Therefore, I have to get out as I can :) This mask has become my discovery and salvation! I do procedures with her when everyone is already asleep so as not to scare (yes, it is stylish and fashionable, but still the child can be frightened). I do the procedures once a week, sometimes 2 times a week, and so far I have enough. Of course, I also do other grooming procedures in parallel, but the quality of the skin has improved markedly. Gone severe swelling, dryness and rash. This effect motivates me to come to grips with my food and body to be completely beautiful!) My husband even began to make more compliments and stroke my face :) In the salon in my city, the procedure on this device costs $ 60 or $ 70, when I can do them 5 times per month throughout the year! I love such bargains)


    Kate Mini
    Kate Mini

    I saw this unusual mask in one cosmetic salon, after which I ordered a procedure on it. I liked the result very much, so I ordered a similar machine! Its just super! I use half a year regularly and start to like myself more (my husband also saw pleasant changes :))) I tried light therapy and my mom (and she is 58 years old), and said that the skin became more smooth, supple, well-groomed. Yes, it does not immediately remove wrinkles, but removes dark bags under the eyes. And even if you sleep 4-5 hours a day, like me, then there is no effect of a person who has not slept or is tired, but for me it is very important (many business meetings and i need to look impressive). Therefore, I advise everyone to buy such a mask to become a little better!



    Nice mask. I received it in 3 days after order. Thank you, Advance Esthetic!



    My favorite



    Great mask! 7 different colors and intensity adjustment. Great service and fast shipping! Thank you Tasia!


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$ 350.00 $ 175.00
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