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Ionto Herb Tower Facial Steamer & Multifunction Facial System



2 in 1 facial steamers
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$ 2,875.00
Brand: KosmoSpa
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  • Ionto Herb Tower Facial Steamer & Multifunction Facial System is made in Germany to the highest safety standards in the skin care equipment industry. Built in sensors determine if the water level is unsafe and shuts itself off preventing damage from overheating if level is too low, and preventing spurting hot water on a client if the water level is too high. Designed to stand up to the rigors of daily professional use, while maintaining mobility and flexibility with a built in mount for a magnifying lamp and optional accessory tray.

    This unique steamer incorporates herbal and aromatherapy treatments with optimum efficiency in the steaming process. The strainer for the herbs and essential oils is placed in the upper portion of the boiling chamber to intercept the passage of steam. This allows full integration and avoids wasteful evaporation of the essential oils common in conventional steamers. Herbs and essential oils carry their own nutritional and antiseptic value, eliminating the need for the harmful side effects of ozone steam. The Ionto Herbal Steamer can hold up to six individual components from the Ionto Modular series. You may also attach any of our lamps making this unit the building block of a complete yet compact multi-function system. All operating elements and controlling electronics are placed in the handle of the steam kettle. In the unlikely event the steamer should fail to operate, the handle is simply swapped. Modules Sold Separately.

    Features of Ionto Herb Tower Facial Steamer & Multifunction Facial System:

    • Uses tap water
    • Fully adjustable arm
    • Adjustable flow of steam
    • 360 degree directional steam
    • Heat to steam in five minutes
    • Steam capacity 35-45 minutes
    • Optic and sonic water level indicator
    • Quick decalcification and easy clean up
    • Electronic protection against over-heating and over-foaming
    • Pulverized steam replaces the need for traditional pulverizers

    Modular Multifunction Facial Equipment System of Ionto Herb Tower Facial Steamer & Multifunction Facial System:

    The Ionto Herb Tower can be expanded into a full state-of-the-art multifunction facial system that saves valuable work space with its compact, stackable design. The center column provides secure stacking of the Ionto Modular units for High Frequency, Brushing, Vacuum Spray, Galvanic, Ice & Heat and Skin regulating facial machines. Up to six instrument modules can be stacked in the Herb Tower. This unit even leaves enough room to fit a waste bin below.

    Ionto Modular Vs. SL Series:

    Ionto's Modular series utilizes the Basis Module to manage the electrical supply and control the specific modules. Only one electrical outlet is needed for the whole system and there are no tangled wires to deal with. The individual modules are used sequentially.

    The SL series requires each module to be powerd by a separate outlet but is particularly suited for simultaneous use of different modules because they can be operated without the need of a Basis Module.

    All brushes, electrodes and acessories are interchangeable between SL and Modular Systems. All modules are operated by a rugged touch sensitive keyboard, and their smooth surface makes cleaning easy. If additional modules are purchased later they can easily be connected. The Modular Systems are ideal for estheticians desiring to custom tailor the machine to fit their own specific needs, especially if space is limited. The design is aesthetically pleasing as well as technically sound. Modules, magnifying lamp, accessory tray and water bowl holder sold separately.

    Technical features of Ionto Herb Tower Facial Steamer & Multifunction Facial System:


    • Electrical Specs - Volts: 110 / Watts: 900
    • Heat to Steam - 5 Minutes
    • Operating Time - 35-45 Minutes of Steam

    Product Dimensions:​ 40''-62''H x 24.75''L x 17''-24''D.

    N.WT - 57 lbs.


    One Year Warranty.

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    Ionto Herb Tower Facial Steamer & Multifunction Facial System
    $ 2,875.00
  • Rating: (2)reviews

    Best facial steamer I ever had so far. The steam comes out really even and fine! It's sturdy. I also love how flexible the magnifying lamp arm is! It's a great piece of equipment, nice quality!



    Very professional machine! I use it in my salon almost every day! It's easy to use and the aromatherapy is great.


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$ 2,875.00
Rating: (2)reviews

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