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Lymphatic Drainage Machine Ionto Skin Regulator (SL)



Lymphatic Drainage Machines
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$ 2,175.00
Brand: KosmoSpa
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  • Lymphatic Drainage Machine Ionto Skin Regulator (SL) is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards of the skin care equipment industry. The Skin Regulator empowers the hands of the esthetician with an easily adjustable heavy pulsating electrostatic field producing a vibrating and pumping effect that reaches the deepest layers of the skin. After a short period of time, the client feels a pleasant and relaxing effect. The lymph drainage caused by the pulsating electrostatic field is more effective than a bare manual one.

    The softening of the connective tissues reduces wrinkles and the deep massage of the skin produces a soft, smooth and fresh appearance. Orange peel skin is the result of metabolic disturbances in the connective tissues, the SKIN-REGULATOR helps reduce orange peel skin by contributing to the activation and normalization of the metabolism, blood circulation and lymph drainage. 
    The IONTO-SKIN-REGULATOR introduces a new preventive health-care method to balance the flow, maintain, stabilize and improve the metabolism of the skin. Disturbances in the supply mechanisms and hardening of the connective tissues can lead to illnesses in the organism, tense muscle and formation of wrinkles. Healthy connective tissues are characterized by a constant balance of flow, this means that elements must be transported to and from the smallest parts of the body. Such transportation occurs via body fluids i.e. bloodstream, lymph, cells, etc. Thus, the connective tissue is the organ that provides optimal living conditions for the individual cells. Well being, healthy skin and a firm connective tissue also contribute to a well-balanced emotional state that can enhance the results of your cosmetic application.

    Four areas that benefit from the Lymphatic Drainage Machine Ionto Skin Regulator (SL):

    • Nerves, blood and lymph vessels: relieves blockage and removes waste and toxins via blood and lymph drainage
    • Connective tissue: balances the flow and activates the metabolism at the cellular level
    • Epidermis: increases absorption of active substances
    • Muscle: loosens tension

    Product Dimensions:​ 2.75''H x 7.5''W x 7.5”D.

    N.WT - 1.75 lbs.


    One Year Warranty.

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    Lymphatic Drainage Machine Ionto Skin Regulator (SL)
    $ 2,175.00
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$ 2,175.00
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