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Radio frequency system ERF-700



Monopolar rf machines
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$ 3,999.00
Brand: SPA Classic
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  • Radio frequency system ERF-700 is designed for professional work in the beauty salon or facial room. 

    Functions of Radio frequency system ERF-700:

    • Ultra lifting function; 
    • Wrinkle treatment; 
    • Mega toning treatment; 
    • Bags under eyes, eye care; 
    • Double chin
    • Anti-celluite; 
    • Post liposuction
    • Breast firming treatment
    • Perfect body care

    Enhances blood circulation, metabolism, collagen and limphatic circulation, removes cellulite. 
    Electromagnetic waves are reflected from the border of epidemis-dermis layer (1st reflection)and dermis-subcutaneous layer (2nd reflection). These reflections induce artificial scaring and there are collagen synthesis for scar recovery. These collagen synthesis effects are utilized for anti-wrinkle treatment.

    Anti-wrinkle and skin regeneration: Blood circulation are promoted according to face muscles relax and saggy cheek is raised up due to the RF stimulation of dermis collagen layer.

    Fleck improve and Whitening: Oxygen supply, toxic wastes emmision, melanin dissolve and excretion inhibition Acne: Sebum excretion control, Keratin remove, Skin regeneration.

    Face contraction: Muscle relaxation, Fat dissolve, Elasticity enhance.

    Obesity treatment: Fat tissue dissolve and burn out.

    Back: Stress soothing and muscle relaxation.

    Breast: Raising up of breast elasticity.

    Abdomen: Activated diaeresis and visceral fat dissolve.

    Lower Body: Relaxation of joint ligament, waste emmision and disolve of fat cellulite.

    Package Dimensions: 8”H x 18”L x 13.5”D.

    N.WT: 20 lbs.


    One Year Warranty.

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    Radio frequency system ERF-700
    $ 3,999.00
  • Rating: (2)reviews

    Quick delivery to Nashville.



    The machine is perfect. I ordered it for my salon and don't regret it. It works as described.


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$ 3,999.00
Rating: (2)reviews

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