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Set of hydropeeling tips - 8 pcs



Hydro Dermabrasion Machines
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Brand: Zemits
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    Set of hydropeeling tips - 8 pcs is a set including eight hydropeeling tips.

    Set of hydropeeling tips - 8 pcs include:

    • 4 different size tips with abrasive diamond plate inside. These tips are used for hydropeeling - deep skin peeling. 4 sizes for body, face, nose and around eye areas
    • 2 spiral shape tips with spirals for vacuum extractions and hydrating. 1 big and 1 small size
    • 2 ruffle shape tips for deep skin cleansing - 1 big and 1 small size

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    Set of hydropeeling tips - 8 pcs Set of hydropeeling tips - 8 pcs
    $ 89.00
    Rating: (2)reviews
  • Rating: (2)reviews

    Ooh, how long have I been looking for these tips !!! About 2 weeks, and only you have found exactly the ones I need! !!! The problem was that I needed tips of a specific diameter and for a specific machine. I want to note that your managers are very responsive, cute and really good. It is evident that they love their work and are really ready to help! I told me what kind of machine I needed and what details were needed, and one girl picked me the right ones for me! The tips really do the cleaning very well and need to be replaced every six months. I actively use parts for deep skin peeling on the face and I assure you that after that the skin becomes smooth and beautiful. It seemed to me even for 1 moment that these tips were better than standard, original ones (those that came with the device). + 1 happy customer of your store :))


    Kuper Poli
    Kuper Poli

    ordered already you have a device for hydropilation and vacuum massage, but it was required to replace the tips. it's very cool that you have them, also at affordable price! I will*nt talk about design and color, here and so everything is claer - cute, stylish and beautiful :) I liked material of the tips - they are even better than they came in the kit to the device. and with new vacuum spiral tips, vacuum massage has become even tougher, more effective! and I also rated a 5/5 tip to clean the area around the eyes, nose and lips. now I can clean them perfectly!) thanks)


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$ 89.00
Rating: (2)reviews

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