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Skin firming ultrasound LED light machine Athol by Nevada Spa



Ultrasound machines for face
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$ 149.00
Brand: NevaSpa
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  • Skin firming ultrasound LED light machine Athol by Nevada Spa

    Great choice for skin tightening precedures.

    Ultrasound wave helps to penetrate serums deep into skin. Athol by Nevada Spa uses 1 MHz frequency that provides gentle intracellular massage, increases blood circulation, speeds up the metabolic processes in the skin. 

    LED light therapy stimulates production of ATP in the cells, it increases skin immunity and revitalizes the skin  from inside. 

    Athol by InnoCell is very easy to operate.

    Technical Features of Skin firming ultrasound LED light machine Athol by Nevada Spa:

    • Ultrrasound frequency: 1MHz
    • Ultrasound Power: 0.2-1.0 W/cm2
    • LED Light:
    • 640 nm- red light 
    • 410 nm- light blue light
    • 510 nm- green light
    • Input: 110V, 50Hz
    • CE certified


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    Skin firming ultrasound LED light machine Athol by Nevada Spa
    $ 149.00
  • Rating: (3)reviews

    This wonderful remote device- remote controller! No, not to switch TV channels)) And to switch from not very beautiful to very beautiful, sexy and attractive! I warn you: without proper nutrition, this magic remote does not work, unfortunately) Although acquaintance with the machine did not start as positively as I am writing now. After the first 3 procedures, I was very upset, because I was expecting an instant effect, but it was not there ... and after the 5th procedure, too, there were no special changes .... but after 3 months of individual sessions, I saw that I began to look much better - these eternal and terrible bags under the eyes began to disappear, the cheeks started to become smaller (I don’t like cheeks, I adore pronounced cheekbones), in the area of the nose and lips the folds disappeared and became less noticeable. I have never used creams for dry skin, although there was such a problem, and after the procedures I began to lose peeling strongly (although this is not part of the @“duties of the device”@). In general, in my 35 years I am not only in the soul of a 20-year-old hot and sexy girl, but also outwardly :))


    Grace Com
    Grace Com

    First I tried the effect of the device on myself (I bought it for my mother). I can say that I was disappointed at first and thought that I threw away the money in vain. But this is the story of losing weight in a week - I want to get rid of 5 extra pounds, but nothing happens - so here it happened. Mom used 4 months, doing the procedure every 5-7 days. And I began to notice how her face becomes a little lighter, more beautiful, more accurate. Wrinkles became less deep, slackness and fatigue effect were lost. The sagging skin became slightly elastic. Mom still does the masks on the face, so this result turned out quickly. In general, before drawing conclusions about the device, use it for at least 3 months!)



    There are no beauty salons in my city, but I really want to look good. I saw on your site of this budget device for ultrasonic cleaning of the face and ordered. I can say that as for a $ 100 machine, it works fine, but the effect is not quite the same as in professional machine. I would like it to be more powerful and work a little quieter. But I believe that for home use it will be enough. After 2 months of the procedure, the result gradually appears and my skin is not as ugly as before. Thank you very much!


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$ 149.00
Rating: (3)reviews

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