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ZEMITS LipoDerm Slimming Cavitation Skin Tightening System



Ultrasound Slimming Machines
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Brand: Zemits
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  • Slimming Cavitation Skin Tightening System ZEMITS LipoDerm

    Made in Korea. 

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

    What is Cavitation? 

    Ultrasonic cavitation is a method used to correct excessive local fat deposits through ultrasonic waves over fat tissue. The essence of cavitation methodology for cellulite correction and abolition of excessive fat deposits consists of low-frequency ultrasound eliminating fat. An important condition when working with cavitation methods is performing compulsory lymphatic drainage after a procedure through any method: pressure therapy, vacuum massage, or classical lymphatic drainage massage.

    Benefits of Cavitation treatment

    Ultrasound cavitation can be used on areas of the body that fosters extra fat and weight. The treatment can be applied almost anywhere from smaller areas to larger areas (such as thighs, stomach, back, or buttocks). It is also not invasive meaning no surgical procedures are performed and only powerful, yet safe and effective waves are emitted to the skin causing fat to burn and patients to look slimmer. Furthermore, surrounding tissues are left unharmed and pain is negligible. Cavitation is virtually risk-free as it has been approved for many medical procedures in addition to cosmetic procedures, and only lasts an hour on average! Results are visible right just days after one treatment and several treatments can help attain amazing results.

    How does cavitation work?

    It has been found experimentally that the effects of cavitation appear in fat cells under the influence of low-frequency ultrasound between 37 and 42 kHz. Through this, a bubble collapse occurs in fat tissue and a bulk of the energy is released.

    The hydrodynamic push (a sort of micro-explosion) occurs under the bubble collapse in fat tissue. These micro-explosions damage the cellular membranes of adipocytes (membranes of cells composed mainly of fat) as a result of strong tension.

    Released triglycerides that make up the fat cells are then removed from the intracellular space via natural metabolic processes, while other cells and tissues (muscular fibers, epidermal cells, endothelium of muscles, etc.) are left completely undamaged.

    It is necessary to perform a lymphatic massage following treatment to stimulate lymphatic drainage of fat cell waste. If the contents do not leave the body, they are absorbed by other fat cells and the destruction of prior cells have virtually no effect.

    Patients must also drink 1.5-2.0L of water per day to flush out toxins and release triglycerides.


    What products are needed for cavitation treatment?

    Ultrasound conductive gel to allow a medium for energy to travel through before penetrating the skin

    Steps of treatment:

    Body sculpturing:

    1. Clean the area of skin that will be treated.
    2. Rub ultrasound conductive gel onto the skin.
    3. Select minimum working parameters onto the machine, starting at low intensity and increasing steadily throughout the procedure.
    4. Move the hand-piece in circular motions on the skin. Point the nozzle toward the skin-adipose tissue, and not directly onto bones or cavities. Always keep the hand-piece moving; do not hold it still in one area.
    5. Be sure to only perform cavitation on areas that have fatty deposits.
    6. Do NOT perform cavitation over angles of bones (ribs, knees, elbows, lilac bones, etc.) or joins, gland projections, pelvis, elbows, face, neck, or keep it).
    7. Continue adding gel to the skin if it dries throughout the procedure.
    8. Provide lymphatic drainage after the cavitation is complete as necessary to remove waste.
    9. Treatment usually consists of 5 to 10 cavitation sessions.

    True Anti-Cellulite Effect 

    A combination of treatments with Near-Infrared energy and cavitation increases metabolism in adipose tissue, stimulating lymphatic drainage and visibly smoothing the texture of the skin.

    This technology increases metabolism within subcutaneous tissue, improving the appearance of cellulite.

    Cavitation - uses ultrasound energy to speed up the metabolism of adipose tissue, visibly smoothing the skin.

    Ultrasound technologies use high power emissions to contour the body.

    The LipoDream combines the high energy of near Infrared therapy with the deep ultrasound treatment of Cavitation for incredible results.


    Who can offer this treatment?

    Only licensed professionals and estheticians may perform this treatment. Please check your state laws for more information as this may vary by region.

    The price range of treatment:

    The price of one treatment averages around $100.




    Technical Specifications

    • Power supply Input: 100 V
    • Cavitation Probe:
      • Power supply output: 150 V
      • Frequency: 37 kHz
      • Power: 80 W/cm2

    Dimension :

    W39cm x H37cm x D20cm

    Weight: 8 kg

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    ZEMITS LipoDerm Slimming Cavitation Skin Tightening System ZEMITS LipoDerm Slimming Cavitation Skin Tightening System
    $ 7,990.00 $ 6,392.00
    Rating: (2)reviews
  • Rating: (2)reviews

    At one point, I began to terribly enrage my body ... For the most part, I can’t do physical exercises because of difficult childbirth and their consequences, so I really abandoned myself and my body .... diets are soo harmful and, in general, this is complete nonsense, but not help the body ... and my mom's friend advised me to try some cosmetological procedure ... I consulted a doctor and decided to be like cavitation sessions ... I liked the effect so much that I ordered the device home and asked the local cosmetologist to make me cavitate at home ... can't say that this very pleasant or causes pleasant sensations, after all, the procedure is aimed at getting rid of fat deposits ... but I saw a REALLY GOOD EFFECT, and for this i can tolerate ... By the way, the beautician said that this procedure has no bad consequences and practically It has no contraindications .. I use the device for treating buttocks, breeches, decollete, chin, abdomen ... for 5 months of procedures I have never regretted buying ... yes, $ 8,000 is a lot of money, but I can imagine allow a similar purchase and it's great .. I wish you all good luck and have a beautiful body….



    Once I did not manage to order this device :( I was not available (another store did not consider it, since this one was already checked and I had a small discount that allowed saving about $ 300.) The device, as usual, fully meets the description and looks like on the photo, only the color of the case is a bit brighter, but it's not so important.It does not reveal any flaws in the work, there are no complaints, customers say that after this device the result is even better and is achieved faster than on the previous machine. I am pleased*_*)


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Discount 20%
$ 7,990.00 $ 6,392.00
Rating: (2)reviews

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