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Wide massage tables

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Massage table Ocili 20013 Wide massage tables
$ 3,159.00
Massage table Ocili is a single panel bed that conceals a five motor system that adjusts the height, backrest, center, and dual bed inclinations. It has massage armrests and a removable cushion that reveals a facial hole. This is a wide bed with a thick memory foam cushion and soft upholstery, for maximum comfort.
Ionto Wellness Spa Bed 21103 Wide massage tables
$ 9,150.00
Ionto Wellness Spa Bed is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards in the professional esthetician and skin care equipment industry. A fully automatic facial bed and massage table designed or the ultimate in relaxation comfort for your clients. Divided cushions allow the arm rests to be lowered to the side of the bed for back massage and back facial.

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Wide massage tables

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