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Woods Lamp Avalon by Nevada Spa



Wood's lamp
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$ 129.00
Brand: NevaSpa
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  • Wood's Lamp Avalon by InnoCell is an easy to use woods lamp, helps expose different skin substances under it's violet rays.

    Technical features of Woods Lamp Avalon by Nevada Spa:

    • CE Certified - International Compliance to Safety Standards
    • Diagnose conditions normally invisible to the naked eye
    • This ultraviolet magnifying lap shows imperfections in the skin such as dry or oily areas, or excessive layers of dead skin
    • Allows the esthetician to devise a customized treatment plan for each of their clients to enable best results
    • Energy Efficient 16 Watts
    • Size: 8" * 5.5"
    • Handle: 4.5" * 2"
    • Power cord: 64"
    • Input Power: 110V. 50 Hz

    N.WT: 2 lbs.


    One Year Warranty.



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    Woods Lamp Avalon by Nevada Spa
    $ 129.00
  • Rating: (3)reviews

    I am a very responsible person, and still a perfectionist, so even choosing a regular lamp for skin treatment, I was very demanding and selective. It was important for me that the device was not very heavy and my hand would not get tired of it. The device copes with this task on 5+. II did not measure weight (this is stupid), but I work comfortably, and this is the main thing. The second important nuance is that I can see exactly what the skin problems of the client are. And not just to see, but to recognize and diagnose specific diseases or problems - acne, allergic rashes, hormonal rashes, very-very dry skin, etc. This helps me a llot to quickly and efficiently examine new customers, and follow the changes in old ones. By the way, these radiations from the lamp are not harmful and do not harm the skin (only if a person has skin cancer). Everythiing suits me! I put the device 5/5 and advise colleagues.!



    To me as to the cosmetician this device in one moment has appeared very necessary. Yes. there is a lamp, cool devices, etc., but not always I can accurately see all the flaws on the body of my customers. And this device is the right thing! For a couple of minutes under the purple light, I see the whole "picture" - all acne, pigmentation, peeling, etc. I want to note that the device highlights even very, very small defects, so after it you already know exactly what procedures and how much to target a person. Thank you!



    I did not have very good lighting in the cabin and there was no special device to inspect the skin of the customers very accurately. I bought this simple device. I liked very much that it immediately highlights various scars, cuts, acne and other defects on face. This greatly simplifies my life and allows the appointment of an exact treatment. It also excretes areas of the skin with unhealthy fatty gloss or excessive dryness. I'm happy with the purchase!


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$ 129.00
Rating: (3)reviews

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