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It's important to keep in mind that when it comes to facial steaming, you need to buy the best professional facial steamer equipment. Though it seems to be an uncomplicated piece of equipment, when it comes to hot steam, everyone should be cautious. We advise you to invest in a well-respected and well-known within the beauty industry brand that offers safety and quality. In the last decade or two, a simple steamer machine for facial has come a long way. We now have steamers with automatic shut-off, great multifunctional steamers, ozone function for steam disinfection, amazing aroma and herbal therapy, soothing cold steam feature, and the steam itself is now a high-tech wonder! The amazing ionic steam, when broken down into nanoparticles, has the ability to penetrate deeply to hydrate the skin, making it look fresh, young and plum.

When to Offer Facial Steaming?

Best professional facial steamer for beauty salon is like a beauty professional - it should be a part of every single treatment. You should start every beauty treatment with a 10-minute facial steaming to properly exfoliate the skin and remove all the goop that is clogging the pores. If a client specifically schedules facial steaming you can offer a 15 or 20-minute hot steam followed by a 20-30 minute cold steam with aroma or herbal therapy treatment. Additionally, the cold steam session can be offered to calm and soothe the skin after any abrasive skincare treatment.

How Often Can You Schedule the Appointments?

10-20 minute session once a week is the standard for facial steaming. You may adjust the time and weekly appointments individually for every client. But, once a week steaming is more than enough to help the skin repair itself and rehydrate the skin. Be cautious of people with highly sensitive skin, they might need to be switched to cold steam only.

Main Benefits for the Skin With the Best Professional Steaming Face Machine

Facial steaming cleanses pores. Pores get clogged over a short period time, daily makeup use, a hairspray that heavily lands on the skin surface, dead skin-cell pileup, oil production, bad environment - all of it sooner or later shows up on the skin. Dirt and dead skin trap the naturally produced sebum and bacteria inside the pores and this is a sure way to get pimples and breakouts. One of the best ways to help your clients properly cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin is with weekly facial steaming. When applied to the face, warm steam softens the skin, loosens the oil and dead skin cells which are then flushed out with the sweat. It is a gentle natural way of exfoliation that can be recommended to all of your clients, even those with skin conditions.

Steaming makes the skin receptive to other beauty skincare treatments. Plus, beauty product penetration, such as anti-aging creams and serums with necessary active ingredients are easily absorbed after the pores are cleaned out. Once you open the pores with warm steam and the debris and dead skin cells have been eliminated and scraped or whipped away, clean pores are ready to absorb any beauty substances and let them penetrate deep under the surface of the skin.

Facial steaming increases blood circulation. An increase in blood circulation benefits the skin greatly. It helps to promote cell turnover and to properly oxygenate the skin.

Facial steaming is used to remove toxins. Active sweating that is caused by a warm steady steam helps the body to speed up the detoxification process. Excessive perspiration quickly releases toxins, which are disposed along with the sweat.

Best facial steamers can also be equipped with a cold steam option. It is an amazing skincare therapy that should be offered to every client with sensitive skin or just after even mildly abrasive facial. Cold steam calms and soothes the skin and, when combined with the aromatherapy of essential oils, it is also a holistic and highly pleasurable experience.

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