Advanced Training Program
from A-Esthetic

The most advanced and comprehensive complimentary Online Training Course after the purchase of Zemits equipment.

The Zemits complimentary online training course is an excellent resource for anyone who has purchased their equipment. It provides advanced and comprehensive knowledge, flexible learning, expert instruction, free of charge, and ongoing support and resources.
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What is Zemits Training Support?


With any Zemits Purchase you receive an access to the customized online training course and Q&A session with our educators.


30+ Years
of Experience

Experience the comprehensive training:

The Zemits Training Team is composed of true professionals - doctors, aestheticians, and skincare experts, each contributing 10 to 30+ years of experience in spa management and skincare formulation. By investing in Zemits equipment, you're accessing a wealth of industry knowledge, perfectly positioned to propel your spa business to unprecedented levels of success.


Online Training


Zemits offers meticulously crafted online training courses for each piece of our equipment. Our team has designed a comprehensive online education platform that encompasses all the resources and guidance you'll need when incorporating a new Zemits treatment into your service offerings. Master new skills at your own pace and enrich your team by sharing the course with your employees.


Zoom Meeting with Educators


Upon completion of the online training course, you can schedule your bespoke training session with our exceptional educators. Our aim is to comprehensively address all your questions and equip you for success. This personalized approach forms part of our integrated learning experience, designed to ensure your proficiency and confidence in delivering every Zemits treatment.


Certificate of Completion


After successfully completing both stages of your training - the online course and the personalized session - you will receive a prestigious Zemits Certificate of Completion.

This certificate serves not only as recognition of your accomplished training, but also as a seal of your competence and readiness to deliver outstanding Zemits treatments. 

Lucrecia Lacayo, Florida

Certified Zemits Educator

Ms. Lucrecia speaks English, Spanish, and Italian.
Lucrecia Lacayo is a highly qualified professional skincare aesthetics educator with over 40 years of experience. With a foundation built on Milady's lecture curriculum,Lucrecia possesses a deep understanding of both theory and clinical application in the field.
Throughout her career, Lucrecia has perfected her expertise through hands-on experience and continuous learning, becoming a trusted educator in skincare aesthetics. Her passion for teaching is evident in their ability to convey complex concepts with clarity, students to excel in their craft.
With a commitment to excellence and a wealth of knowledge, Lucrecia, continues to inspire and educate the next generation of skincare and aesthetics professionals, shaping the future of the industry with their expertise and dedication.
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Our knowledge is your strength

With each purchase you will receive completely FREE access to the customized online training course and Q&A session* with our educators. Q&A session is available in English or Spanish.

Once the full online course is complete you will be able to book the one-on-one personal Q&A session on your Zemits device (*not eligible for handheld devices and skincare) with our experienced licensed educators.
We aim to help you totally understand your new equipment and succeed in performing new treatments.

After you placed an order, you will receive an email with direct access to your Online Training Course.
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Online Training Course
In the training course you will receive:
- Detailed user manuals
- Assembly and maintenance guidelines
- Video treatment tutorials
- Customized treatment protocols
- Clients forms and recommendations
- Marketing materials to promote your new service
- Social media kit for your Instagram and FaceBook pages.

Online Training Course

All Zemits customers have personalized access to the training portal, where they can find detailed training information, video instructions, user’s manual and protocols, consent forms, tips and tricks for greater results.
Also there are extremely valuable marketing materials to help advertise your business like electronically formatted banners for your spa and ready-to-use social media templates.
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Certificate of Completion

We will provide you with the Certificate of Completion after you successfully complete your online training course.

A complimentary one-on-one advanced training from our certified educators is an amazing benefit for all customers, as Zemits educators have 30+ years of professional experience. A certificate is given once training is finished.
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Mirza Siddiqua

"Today's training with Tamra was fantastic! She is an awesome trainer who provided lots of helpful guidance and support throughout the session. I really appreciate her expertise and willingness to help. Thank you so much, Tamra!"

Donna Greene

"Lucretia was amazing. She explained everything in detail step by step. You can tell she believes in her products that she sells and that excites me. She was so kind and very excited and most of all motivated. Great job!"

Merav Peleg

"I had a wonderful training with Lucrecia she explains everything so well , it was very nice I hope to have continued relationship with the company and build up more with this machine."

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