How to Get a Job as an Aesthetic RN?

How to Get a Job as an Aesthetic RN?

How to Get a Job as an Aesthetic RN?

If you plan on job hunting, you'll probably look for classified ads in a newspaper (too old fashioned, I know) or explore an employment website. Time-consuming as it may sound, but it is easy to find a vacant position nowadays as most things can be found in just one click away. However, it is important to note that employers always have a note for employee’s qualifications.

As I said, employers always include a set of standards in job qualifications, and job seekers will be assessed based on their educational background, achievements, character, and of course, their work experience. Some employers prefer someone with vast experience rather than a newbie.  It is beyond question since they want their employees that are not only suitable for the position but also someone that delivers quality service that is of true value for their money.

Your educational background and professional achievements are your ace cards. And, your industry experience is a plus. But, what if you don't have any experience? Will you pass the merit? Is there a chance to be hired? 

Well, don’t worry too much, you can still get a job without worrying about the experience. There are still employers who would consider inexperienced applicants. In this case, the employer will have to evaluate you thoroughly through your CV, stages of the interview,  and sometimes the examination result. And if you are fit for the position, you will be accepted eventually.  

Now, when everything is in place, let us talk about getting a job as an aesthetic RN (because that is why you are here, right?). Just a quick glimpse of the profession - an anesthetic RN is a registered nurse who gives cosmetic services and other services concerned with beauty. Like any other profession, aesthetic nurses have to undergo the application process. More so — you need training courses and a few years of experience so you get hired. 

Is Aesthetic Nurse a Good Career?

It's no question for those who have an appreciation for beauty. It is rewarding to work as an aesthetic nurse. You can get higher compensation than other nurses, such as hospital/clinic nurses. 


Typically hospital nurses often find day and night as a battlefield which is incredibly exhausting and stressful. They were even required to work on holidays. In terms of workload, aesthetic nurses don't have much to do compared to nurses who are working in a hospital setting. You can enjoy a regular schedule and be functional at work. 


Isn't it fulfilling to see your patients’ overall transformation? Seeing the result of work can be your highest accomplishment. It will be your proudest moment for sure. Not only that, but you can also get the privilege of helping patients feel happier and be confident, which is a gratifying and worthwhile experience. 

Aesthetic Nurse Job Opportunities

Services and products related to beauty have become a necessity today. So, businessmen take this as a window of opportunity to start a medical aesthetic business. Therefore, aesthetic professionals are in demand. If you know nothing about places to work, here are few places that might help you find one. 


  • Dermatologist's office
  • Physician's office
  • Medical spas
  • Fitness facilities
  • Laser clinics

Types of Jobs for Aesthetic Nurse 

Aesthetic nurses have job descriptions too (obviously). But as you may have known already, there is a wide range of tasks, duties, or responsibilities that are meant only for cosmetic nurses. To give you an idea of what is being said, I have listed below the jobs of aesthetic nurses.

Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Aesthetic Nurse Injectors perform facial treatments through cosmetic injection such as dermal fillers, botox, Kybela, Sclerotherapy, Collagen injection, and other non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners are the Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who guide patients with cosmetic issues. They utilize their expertise and experience to assist physicians or surgeons during aesthetic surgical procedures. 

Aesthetic Dermatology Nurse

Aesthetic Dermatology Nurses assist patients with skin-related health problems like burns, skin cancer, psoriasis, rosacea, warts, acne, and the like. They specialize in laser treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other cosmetic procedures. Aesthetic Dermatology Nurses educate patients with dermatology ailments. They also provide support to healthcare providers in performing the cosmetic procedures based in the office, in the outpatient setting, or in the inpatient facilities. To make it short - Dermatology Nurses provide outstanding patient support, nursing care, and comprehensive education regarding their treatment.

Lip Filler Nurse

Lip filler, plumpy lips! Sounds awesome, right? Lip care, fluffy and plumpy lips, I know! But what is more awesome is being the one doing that, or assisting in doing it. Oh Yes! Lip Filler Nurse assists Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Cosmetic Facial Surgeons in performing the Lip Filler Procedure.

Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber Job Description

Just like other Aesthetic Nurses do, Aesthetic Nurse Prescribers help people in achieving greater confidence through better skin. They conduct screening, consultation, and schedule patients for aesthetic surgery or non-surgical procedures.

Trainee Aesthetic Nurse Job Description

A trainee aesthetic nurse is under a nursing program or a training course. Most of the tasks involved are assisting the medical practitioners during patients’ care, ensuring that patients and clinic records are accurately and efficiently maintained, performing general clinic nursing duties, as well as supporting the clinic manager if necessary.

Plastic Surgery Nurse Practitioner

In order to be successful as a plastic surgery nurse, you should have in-depth knowledge and understanding of various cosmetic procedures, practices, and principles. More so, a plastic surgery nurse specializes in providing pre and post-operative care to patients who will undergo reconstructive surgery and other surgical procedures. It is also very important to note that one should have communication and interpersonal skills as most of the tasks in the field include collaborating with physicians and other team members to ensure all the patient's needs are met.

Freelance Travel Aesthetic Nurse

Freelance! This sounds interesting, isn’t it? This means that you are able to travel while working and earning money, what’s more, the working environment is STRESS-FREE. Back to the topic, Freelance Travel Aesthetic Nurse is a self-employed skilled professional who travels to work as an aesthetic nurse with non-contractual services. Just like the others, this type of aesthetic nurse also does provide exceptional cosmetic care to patients. Again, collaboration skills are important as you will be collaborating with Nurse Manager and Medical Director regarding patient treatment plans

Aesthetic Nurse Salary

A friend of mine wants to be an aesthetic doctor. I asked him why he'd chosen that as his future career. He simply said, "never be jobless, have benefits, and make great money.'' 

Maybe he is correct since some people are investing in expensive beauty healthcare. They would rather pay high for a cosmetic procedure to have a glorious result. 


How Much do Aesthetic Nurses Make

The average annual salary of an aesthetic RN in the US is around $85,621 a year. That is approximately $41.16 an hour. You will likely get paid $7,135 a month. 

According to ZipRecruiter, "The majority of Aesthetic Nurse salaries currently range between $69,000 (25th percentile) to $99,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $113,500 annually across the United States.  The average pay range for an Aesthetic Nurse varies greatly (by as much as $30,500). Which suggests there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location, and years of experience."


Do Aesthetic Nurses Make more than Estheticians?

I look into the average annual pay for a licensed esthetician. As of 2021, the estimated annual salary is $39,282. That is equivalent to $3,274 a month. Much lesser than the aesthetic RN earned income. 


How to Find a Job as an Aesthetic Nurse?

You can find a job as an aesthetic nurse online. Few sites online offer a helping hand to seek job opportunities. Just be aware of an internet scam. Review all details before going through.


If you find it uneasy, you can hop to classified ads, such as national and local newspapers, trade magazines, and professional journals. You may also catch information from personal contacts, career consultants, professional associations, labor unions, the federal government, private employment agencies,  community agencies, state employment service offices, and placement offices.

Where to Work as an Aesthetic Nurse?

As already mentioned previously, aesthetic nurses can find work at hospitals, medical spas, dermatology offices, and private medical offices that offer aesthetic services. 

You must have a licensed cosmetology school program before you do the job searching. It is a must for every aesthetician because you can't work at these establishments without a license and good credentials. 


Online Sources for Aesthetic Nurse Job Offers

The most common way to find a job is using job search websites. It may be a good idea to speed up your application. Most platforms let you search for job vacancies by keyword, salary, and location. It also allows you to upload a CV and cover letter. 

You  browse these job search websites:

Aesthetic Nurse Employment Contract

Why have an employment contract? Aesthetic nurses must have a contract that is agreed upon by both parties. To give you the security that the other party has elaborated commitments and obligations in all aspects of terms of employment. 

A contract can be written or verbal. But to ensure validity, all details should be written. If ever a dispute arises.  

What is the inclusion of the employment contract for aesthetic RN?

The contract primarily includes the probationary period and notice, and hours of duty. Define the responsibilities and obligations of the aesthetic nurse. Clearly state the remuneration. Explain the annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, and other leave of absence. Expenses should be covered too. Lastly, grounds for termination must fully express.


Aesthetic Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

Aesthetic nurses and dermatology nurses often carry out similar duties that deal with skin problems and appearance-related issues. Yet, aesthetic nurses typically differ in job responsibilities and the extent of specialization and certification requirements. 

As an aesthetic nurse, you encompass a vast array of obligations and functions. Here are a few of the duties and responsibilities.

  • Assess patients with skin-related issues
  • Administer Collagen injection, Botox injection, lip fillers, and other non-surgical procedures
  • Conduct screening and consulting patients
  • Conduct a study on new products and protocols 
  • Perform pre-operative and post-operative care
  • Disinfect instruments 
  • Prepare the operating room
  • Asses Physician during cosmetic surgery and procedures


Aesthetic Nurse Job Requirements

To get a job as an aesthetic nurse, you need to complete the basic requirements. First, you have to obtain your RN designation. This will require you to finish a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program or Associate of Science in Nursing program. You will develop fundamental knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and standards of clinical care through these courses. Second, preferably better if you gain certifications to ensure optimal cosmetic outcomes. And to hone your skills in cosmetics nursing. Lastly, show your employer that you are more than what is written in your CV. Show them what you got!


Aesthetic Nurse Interview Questions

Job interviews can be stressful. You'll get anxious and become intimidated. But, how will you overcome such discomfort? The best way to do this is to take ample time to review the most anticipated interview question you most likely encounter. To know your words is the ultimate key to passing the interview. So, I have gathered the 8 most common questions the employer may ask during the interview. 


  1. Why did you decide to become a nurse?
  2. Why do you want to work at this hospital or clinic?
  3. Why did you choose the particular field of nursing that you are in?
  4. What kind of personality traits a nurse must have?
  5. What is the biggest problem or challenge that nurses face today?
  6. Give us an example of a situation in which you had to deal with a demanding patient? What did you do?
  7. How will you handle a hectic schedule while still providing good customer care service?
  8. Why should we hire you?


Aesthetic Nurse Jobs (No Experience)

I'll be frank. It will be hard for you to land a job in the cosmetic industry without experience. Most employers prefer someone with a year or years of experience. 

If you ever get hired, your job function may be limited or not limited to the cosmetic nursing specialization. One thing for sure is that you will be under supervision by an aesthetic registered nurse or physician. 


How to Become an Aesthetic Nurse?

GET A DEGREE. You should earn a nursing degree. A two-year Associate's Degree in Nursing or a four-year Bachelor's of Science in Nursing is both acceptable. But, some employers preferentially hire a BSN graduate. 

After completing the nursing course program, you must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) to have a license certification. That's all it takes for you to become an aesthetic RN.


Aesthetic Nurse Training

Being an aesthetic nurse doesn't end with acquiring a four-year degree in nursing and license. You may be required to enroll in a training program that could deepen your understanding of rheology, facial anatomy, also the latest cosmetic treatments or procedures. There are training institutions that offer courses related to cosmetics online. You may start enrolling now to equip you with the highest standard of customer service.


Aesthetic Nurse Certification

Do you need any certification or credentials?

Simply having an RN is only for the legal requirement to practice cosmetic nursing. Yet, if you want to land a distinguished position in the cosmetic industry, to become more competitive, gain credentials or certification. To receive the special certificate for aesthetic nursing, you must pass the Certified Aesthetics Nurse Specialist Exam through the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board. 


Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Certification

There is no required certification to practice as an aesthetic nurse practitioner. Instead, you are free to get one for whatever reasons you may have. Any certificates are offered by the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board. You can have the Certified Plastic Surgical Nurse certificate or the Certified Aesthetics Nurse Specialist certificate. 

A few requirements are needed to apply for any of these certifications. 

  • Holding a license as an RN
  • A minimum of two years of Plastic Surgical Nursing as an RN 
  • 1000 practice hours 
  • Has a collaborating job with a board-certified plastic surgeon. 


Registered Nurse Botox Certification

You will need to go through a specialty training program to have RN Botox certification. The course is intended to help you understand everything about Botox, including the correct way of administering it and treating patients with side effects. As part of the training course, you will be shown how to evaluate patients. You must manage the patient's expectations of Botox because some patients may have unrealistic expectations. You will be taught a certain amount of preparation that goes into Botox procedures, such as proper planning where the Botox will be injected. Another thing is how to identify the spots so you can mark them. 



If you are interested in cosmetics, or if perhaps a beauty enthusiast, you may pursue a career in the medical cosmetic industry and enjoy the perks of being an aesthetic RN. You don't have to worry about workload and salary because it makes great money and is less stressful. Also, you can help other people build confidence in their appearance. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing them wearing a smile on their faces. 


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