The Best Barbicide Products for your Esthetic Business

The Best Barbicide Products for your Esthetic Business

In this day and age where living with a global pandemic is the norm, running a professional beauty business takes more than just having the space and the skills to make someone pretty. Thorough cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection are now given the utmost importance, especially since the virus can stay on surfaces and possibly spread from one client to the next.

Enter Barbicide. If you’ve never heard of this term before, it’s probably because you’re new to the industry. As a disinfectant solution, Barbicide is well loved by cosmetologists and barbers all over the world for disinfecting beauty and grooming paraphernalia like hair-cutting scissors, razors, combs, and shears. Maurice King, inventor of Barbicide, created it in his Brooklyn apartment nearly 75 years ago and it absolutely revolutionized the way barbers and hairstylists all over the world clean their tools.

Prior to the creation of Barbicide, Maurice often lamented how a trip to the barber’s would always make his scalp sores worse, and it’s understandable. After all, the situation back then was far from ideal: barbers would often just place the comb through running water in an attempt to clean it for the next person. Some barbers would even just bang the comb on the counter to make the previous client’s hair fall out and thought that it was clean enough to use on the next person. Lucky for us, Barbicide was born and we can now enjoy a trip to the salon or the barbers without worrying whether we’ll catch head lice or some other nasty thing from the tools used on us. 

Barbicide is a potent mix of fungicide, germicide, pseudomonacide, and viricide that has been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The solution is said to be effective against hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and even HIV-1.

Most Popular Barbicide Products

Because of its huge success, the Barbicide products took the world by storm. No longer are you confined to the Barbicide concentrate that Maurice King formulated all those years ago. Now, you can choose from a wide array of Barbicide products to help keep your spa, salon, or barbershop sparkling clean and disinfected. Below are some of the most popular Barbicide products that are created with the unique needs of cosmetologists in mind.

Barbicide Concentrate

Barbicide Concentrate is the product in its purest form. This is the very same one that Maurice King came up with all those years ago. Available in a gallon, ½ gallon, and pint containers, this EPA approved broad-spectrum disinfectant is proven to be effective in fighting against viruses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV-1, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Clostridium Difficile, Salmonella, Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Influenza (including H1N1), Herpes, as well as TineaPedis, more commonly known as Athlete’s Foot. 

Barbicide concentrate is deemed safe for non-porous surfaces such as metals, stainless steel, tanning beds, combs, rollers, brushes, and shears. It helps protect your equipment from rusting and also does not stain the skin or surfaces despite its vibrant blue color.

Barbicide Wipes

If you’re not the type to deal with mixing solutions and wiping with rags for cleaning, these Barbicide wipes are made for you.The Barbicide wipes are Hospital-grade, economical, and easy-to-use disinfecting wipes that are EPA registered and have a 2-minute contact time. This helps assure that your spa, salon, or barbershop meets the sanitation and disinfection guidelines in the shortest time possible.

The wipes are made from durable, superior quality fabric towelettes and can be used on non-porous and sturdy surfaces in your spa or beauty business or in any place that needs constant, convenient, and portable disinfection. Each container of Barbicide Wipes has 160 towelette sheets and wipes provide more disinfecting solution in each towelette than the required industry standard so you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck.

Barbicide TB

The Barbicide TB is a product specifically made as a Tuberculocidal disinfectant that can be used in certain states that require such. Similar to the concentrate, it complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s standard for blood borne pathogens, is safe to use on plastics, metals, stainless steels, brushes, combs, and shears. It is a concentrate form as well so it is easy to mix with other liquids and can help protect your tools from rust via its anti-rust formula. However, this product can only be bought in the United States and must not be used in states that do not require Tuberculocidal disinfectants.

Barbicide Spray

It goes without saying but not all surfaces and tools can fit inside a jar. This is why Barbicide Spray was born. Sold in the market in a sprayer bottle with refills, the Barbicide Spray is an absolutely economical method of disinfecting your salon, spa, or barbershop. The package comes with small, pre-measured bottles of the Barbicide solution that makes it completely easy, accurate, and hassle free to mix with water. It’s a very convenient way of cleaning and disinfecting areas like acrylic tanning beds, plastics, stainless steel surfaces, shears -- basically any tool or surface at your salon or spa. Use it on countertops, shampoo browns, stainless steel implements, brushes, and the list goes on!

Barbicide Spacide Complete

One of the procedures where so much emphasis is put on safety and hygiene would be pedicures. Pedicure bowls and tools are expected to be disinfected after every use and Barbicide Spacide provides the most economical way of doing this with its low foam formula and dilution ratio.

Barbicide Jars

If there’s one thing that Barbicide is most known for, it would be the Barbicide jars -- the faceted glass jar with the silver lid that can be found in barbershops as a symbol of their cleanliness and superior hygiene and disinfection practices. The jars are still made with the same superior quality as they were 75 years ago and come in three sizes (tall, midsize, manicure table size) to meet disinfection needs of all shapes and sizes. Use it to disinfect your hairstyling tools, manicure equipment, as well as tweezers and extractors. The possibilities are endless with these jars.


Disinfecting with Barbicide in the Salon

Making sure that your salon is as hygienic and sanitary as possible is one of the most essential parts of running such salons, especially at a time like this.. Because of that, here are some tips, hacks, and things to remember when disinfecting your salon, spa, or barbershop with Barbicide.

Barbicide for Nail Salon

Keep the manicure table clean and clutter free. In between sessions, clear away any leftover items from the previous session. Tools must be disinfected and put away, while things like tissues, cotton swabs, and the like must be in the bin. After clearing the table, spray it with Barbicide spray and wipe with a paper towel or washable cloth. And because of Covid, if you’re using a screen on your manicure table, make sure to disinfect that too from both sides of the screen.

As mentioned, you must also disinfect and sterilize your nail station and tools to prevent any risk of cross contamination between clients. Gather all of your multi-use nail tools that are suitable for proper disinfection. This includes non-absorbent nail tools such as nail clippers, glass or metal nail files, plastic or metal cuticle pushers and/or nail art sticks, nail cleaning brushes, and manicure bowls. Wash them in soap and water then dry them with a clean towel. After drying, submerge them in Barbicide disinfectant for 10 minutes. You can choose to leave them in the jar or sterilize them after. Wipe dry and store in a clean drawer.

Barbicide for Med Spa

In a med spa, it is of utmost importance to clean, sanitize, and disinfect all surfaces that your clients will come into contact with. Prioritize disinfecting things that are often touched such as door knobs, door handles, bathroom facilities, chairs, headrests, carts, etc. You can use a Barbicide wipe for convenience or you can use the concentrate/spray option for better control on the amount of solution used. For any tools that you use directly on the clients, make sure to disinfect them in Barbicide jars for at least 10 minutes before sterilizing and wiping off with a clean cloth.

Barbicide for Estheticians

As estheticians, clients expect you to have a certain standard when it comes to hygiene, sanitization, and disinfection of your tools. Some best practices to keep in mind when cleaning and disinfecting your tools in between sessions:

  • Clean tools in warm and soapy water prior to disinfection. Disinfect them in Barbicide jars and leave for at least 10 minutes.
  • Disinfect surfaces with Barbicide concentrate (2oz to 32oz water) or Barbicide spray. For those in states that require it, you can use Barbicide TB when disinfecting.


Barbicide for Barbers

Getting a haircut seems like  a simple task, but it is also one that puts a great deal of importance on sanitation and disinfection. How do you clean your tools and avoid cross contamination between clients? The short answer is Barbicide. Just clean your tools with soap and water and submerge them in Barbicide after a session and let it sit there until the next client comes in. Also remember to disinfect hair cutting stations, chairs, and counters with the Barbicide spray or wipes.

Barbicide for Makeup Artists

As with the above, makeup artists are also expected to place a significant level of importance when it comes to sanitation and disinfection of their tools and products especially since these items are often in direct contact with the client's face. To make sure that clients are given the highest level of care, makeup artists are advised to thoroughly wash and clean makeup brushes, sponges, combs, and brushes in warm and soapy water. After washing, Barbicide wipes can be used to further clean and disinfect the said items.


Barbicide Alternatives

Because of its popularity, barbicide has had several competitors pop up in the market.

  • Mar-v-cide which can be considered Barbicide’s primary competitor. It has similar ingredients and virus killing capabilities but in a different concentration.
  • Cavicide is a disinfectant and cleaner in one. It may be used on most sturdy and non porous surfaces. It is mostly used in hospitals and medical related facilities because of its quick efficacy against harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • Rubbing alcohol is a great everyday disinfectant. It is effective in killing bacteria but is less effective at killing viruses when compared to Barbicide.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is effective against most bacteria and viruses. However, most isopropyl alcohol brands found in the market have a lower concentration compared to Barbicide.


Frequently Asked Questions about Barbicide

Can I use Barbicide on the skin?

Barbicide is only recommended for use on non porous things and surfaces such as plastics, metals, etc. As such, using directly on the skin, which is porous, can result in irritations and other adverse effects. Using gloves, protective clothing and tools is advised.


How often should I change Barbicide?

When used in jars for submerging tools such as combs, shears, brushes, and other implements, the Barbicide solution must be changed: 1) everyday, 2) as soon as the solution gets contaminated with other substances, or 3) when the dilution ratio is incorrect. This is to ensure that the tools are being disinfected properly and that the quality of the disinfection process is not compromised.


Can Barbicide be Toxic?

Barbicide is toxic and can cause various irritations depending on the route of exposure. When inhaled, Barbicide may cause respiratory irritation, headache, dizziness, nausea, along with other symptoms related to the central nervous system. When ingested, it can cause gastrointestinal problems, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If Barbicide comes into contact with the skin, the skin may become irritated and can experience redness, edema, dryness, defatting, as well as cracking of the skin. Lastly, when it comes into contact with the eyes, it can cause severe irritation.


Is Barbicide a flammable solution?

Barbicide is a category 3 flammable liquid and vapor. It must be kept away from open flames, hot surfaces, heat, or sparks. Smoking is also not advised anywhere near Barbicide. In case of fire, the use of carbon dioxide, dry chemical, foam, or water fog is advised to extinguish the flames.


What level disinfectant is Barbicide-low, intermediate, or high?

Barbicide can be considered somewhere as a low to intermediate level disinfectant because it can kill most bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It can be used to get rid of salmonella, staphylococcus, and pseudomonas, while the Barbicide TB can specifically get rid of tuberculosis.


Does Barbicide have alcohol?

Yes, Barbicide contains anywhere between 5-25 wt of Isopropyl alcohol, with the actual concentration being withheld as a trade secret. This is why Barbicide has that alcohol smell and is also flammable.


Can I mix Barbicide with water?

Yes, Barbicide is diluted in water for use. To mix correctly, one must use 2 oz of Barbicide concentrate (¼ cup) and 32 oz of cold water (4 cups). The Barbicide to water ratio is 1:16. Barbicide TB concentrate, on the other hand, is mixed correctly by diluting 1 oz or 2 tbsp of the concentrate in 128 oz or 1 gallon of water. The ratio of Barbicide TB to cold water is 1:128.  

Can Barbicide kill Human Immunodeficiency Virus?

Yes, Barbicide can kill germs, fungi, and viruses, including HIV (AIDS), herpes, ringworm, staphylococcus, and various other viruses. However, Barbicide will only be effective in killing these germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi when the prescribed contact time is followed. The required contact time for Barbicide to be effective is 10 minutes.

Can Barbicide kill head lice?

Yes. As a hospital-grade disinfectant, Barbicide can kill parasites such as head lice, as well as viruses, fungi, germs, and other pathogens. As external parasites that live on the head of those infected, head lice are commonly found among school-aged kids and can spread through contact.


Can Barbicide kill fungi like toenail fungus?

While Barbicide is not really meant for use on non-porous surfaces such as the human body, it can definitely kill toenail fungus that lives on pedicure implements such as toenail clippers and nail files to ensure that it doesn’t spread. As long as the minimum contact time is applied and the proper dilution is followed, Barbicide will be effective in killing the bacteria that causes toenail fungus.


What are the active ingredients of Barbicide?

Barbicide contains three main and active ingredients. These are Isopropyl alcohol, Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, and Sodium Nitrite. Isopropyl alcohol is a common disinfectant that can be found almost anywhere, especially in this age of global pandemic. Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, a quaternary ammonium compound, is a promising and superior disinfecting and antiseptic product which is often used in personal care products (shampoo, soap, conditioner), home care products (fabric softener, etc), and even in agricultural products. Lastly, Sodium Nitrite is used as a preservative.


What is the proper mixing ratio for Barbicide?

Barbicide has to be diluted in water to be ready for use.

To mix correctly, one must use 2 oz of Barbicide concentrate (¼ cup) and 32 oz of cold water (4 cups). The Barbicide to water ratio is 1:16.

Barbicide TB concentrate, on the other hand, is mixed correctly by diluting 1 oz or 2 tbsp of the concentrate in 128 oz or 1 gallon of water. The ratio of Barbicide TB to cold water is 1:128.


Barbicide Certification

Do I need Barbicide Certification?

If you or someone you know has a beauty-related business, the Barbicide certification is for you. Beauty industry professionals or those who run medical spas, salons, and barbershops are advised to get Barbicide certification in order to ensure that clients and customers are comfortable and have peace of mind whenever they step foot in your salon, spa, or barbershop. Getting certified is a great way to show the world that you are taking the necessary steps to flatten the curve and stop the spread of Coronavirus, or any other virus for that matter.- How To Get Barbicide Certified?

How can I get Barbicide Certification test answers?

Barbicide certification test answers cannot be found online. However, there are courses that you can take to ensure that you will be able to pass the Barbicide certification test with flying colors and get that Barbicide certificate for your beauty business. You can take the course here:

There are also quizzes online to help you prepare for your Barbicide certification test.

What is the Barbicide website?

Get access to the full range of Barbicide products and other products of the company by visiting their website:

Where can I buy Barbicide?

Beauty industry professionals can buy Barbicide through the vast network of beauty industry distributors that are spread all over the United States of America, and even internationally. If you are in the US, you can check for one within your neighborhood by clicking here: If you are from overseas and belong to MENA, Canada, and Europe, you can find the list of international distributors here:



To summarize, Barbicide is a hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfectant that has been trusted by the leading beauty industry professionals for decades. It has been proven effective at killing a host of bacteria, germs, fungi, and viruses, and has been known to be able to eliminate the spread of viral diseases. Recently, it has been tested and has proven to be effective at killing the human coronavirus. 

In the age of Covid-19, a global pandemic, it is an absolute must to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your clients are safely going in and out of your salons, spas, and barbershops without the transmission of any virus or disease. Clients and customers will feel comfortable and more at ease to know that your business is going the extra mile by thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing surfaces and equipment in between sessions in order to avoid any virus transmission among clients. 

Get Barbicide certified now and gain access to the wide range of Barbicide products that will help you achieve a healthy, safe, and virus-free environment in your business. Visit to learn more or get in touch the toll free hotline: 1-800-222-8160.

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