Best Spa and Salon Software Apps

Best Spa and Salon Software Apps


Running a spa and salon is a daunting job. Business managers require to maintain and build an extensive network of customers to have success. They need to manage time and set up schedules to meet customers' needs. Clients want a trusted way to book appointments, and it's crucial to maintain a revenue and activity record the business gets. All these show that there is more than meets the eyes in running spa and salons.

However, this work will examine the Best Spa and Salon Software Apps emphasizing Salon Management Software, Salon booking apps, Salon Marketing Tools and Apps, Salon Accounting and Booking Softwares.

The Needed Software For Your Spa Salon Business

To have an easy running of the spa business, these are the needed software necessary for your business growth. Some of them include;


Salonist is a salon management software that helps in operating salon businesses fluently and effortlessly. This software has unique features that make it valuable and different. It was created in India in 2016. And since then, it has helped salon or spa owners to receive payments and make several transactions effortlessly. Some features are; Membership Management, Search and Smart Views, Export Data, Online Money Register, API and Multi-Location.

Meevo 2

This cloud software is accessed via web browsers. Meevo 2 is designed for every salon sizes and devices. It scales daily activities from the desktop to your smartphone. The possibilities with this cloud-based software (using advanced member's tools) are endless. It is easy to create and control. The features include; memberships, family sharing, swap & split register services, and several configure freeze choices.


Vagaro is a spa software that specializes in providing services like search engines for spas situated in diverse locations. It is web-based and aims to enhance the small, freelance, medium, and big spas within old and new users' ambience. The relationship between spa owners and customers is run through this tool smoothly. Businesses can enrol themselves with the Vagaro tool, set up a profile, market their business, and even get their appointments fixed.


Zenoti is a management software dedicated to salons, med spas, fitness centres, and yoga studios. This business software is comprehensive and robust, with all tools to aid users in managing and growing their businesses. With this software, users could manage classes, appointments and accept bookings through online channels while performing upsell advertising to customers effortlessly. This system aids users in handling the payment and billing part of the business through mobile POS, automation, and best-in-class costs. 


Shedul salon software is considered the best software for spas and salons. It is a simple but powerful and free spa booking software. It is a business management software that serves almost all business concerns of spa owners. It offers access to all its features for free. Some of its significant features are; client profiles, appointment scheduling, automated reminders, POS transactions, custom messages, activity dashboard, and online bookings.

Salon Booking Software

Salon Booking is a common concern for several business owners who consider beginning their salon and significantly managing their appointments and schedules. The best salon booking software includes:

Booker by MINDBODY

This digital tool makes online booking, advertising and marketing services, plus payments in one place. With this platform, your clients could book, schedule, and pay appropriate on your site without redirecting to a fresh webpage. Booker by MIND BODY can integrate with your Facebook so the clients could schedule directly on the Facebook page. You would equally have marketing features access, such as social media discounts and promotions.


Schedulicity is an easy and free online booking app that aids in managing work schedules. You can include your services to the account and simply schedule them earlier on this app. On the app's dashboard, you would view the day's upcoming appointments and always add appointments. With Schedulicity, you could manage client's profiles and input the new ones.


This software is considered the best software for spas and salons. It is a simple but powerful and free spa booking software. It offers access to all its features for free. Some of its significant features are; client profiles, appointment scheduling, automated reminders, POS transactions, custom messages, activity dashboard, and online bookings.


This is a great online salon booking and scheduling software. The booking section of Rosy can help you book many client appointments, have client history, and customize automated reminders. Rosy has an easy checkout, so you could simply manage gift cards, cash drawer, and every transaction. The website is always open and mobile-friendly.


Timely possess a vast range of features on spa scheduling software. Your clients can have simple access to your online booking on Facebook or website. You could manage your clients easily and offer personalized experiences, send an automated reminder, manage stocks, sell products, check your performance on a dashboard, manage your earnings, and create and maintain your website.

Salon Management Software

Spa and Salon Management Software is made to automate the salon, spas, and beauty parlours' daily activities. It aids the spa and salon managers in running their shops, managing daily schedules or appointment bookings with a click. The major features of salon management software include:

  • Managing appointment; Salon Management Software permits users to book and schedule appointments through a phone, browser, or laptop.
  • Email and SMS Marketing; Salon Management software helps users activate SMS, marketing campaigns, and email sales.
  • Staff Management; enables users to set up a flexible office schedule and integration.
  • Point of Sale; This software enables POS users to add their payment options, possess several categories of payments, refunds, discounts, and product sales.
  • Product Management; the software aids users in managing their products using track vendors, inventory control, and product transaction profiles.
  • Reports; Spa management software aids users in monitoring monthly business performances, client acquisition, staff sales, and purchases through reports.

Top Salon CRM Systems

CRM systems help business to build nice customer relationships while streamlining processes to improve sales and customer service. Here are the top CRM systems:

Really Simple CRM Systems

This CRM software adds all you require to manage your marketing and sales all in one system. It is mainly crafted for medium and small businesses trading B2B. Really Simple CRM Systems is simple to create, and it takes little time to learn.


Pipedrive is an assigned sales management platform. This CRM system is designed for small business with lengthy or intricate sales processes.


This is one of the biggest firms in the CRM market world. It is a part of Zoho suite business tools. It is easy to use, and it targets firms of all sizes.


Insightly, created for more than ten years, has recently added project management modules in its standard product. It has been a good CRM system around.


This was created in 2010. It is a good CRM and sales management choice for small firms or businesses.


Salon Accounting Software

Due to any transactions in salons and spa daily, salon accounting apps have become necessary for ease of doing business. The best salon accounting software include;


FreshBooks is excellent and well-fitted accounting software for any salon. It is one solution accounting that manages every book-keeping, from setting up professional invoices and managing money flow to tracking employees and time.


Xero helps in creating easy professional invoices. Cash flow issues would be solved since the app tracks invoices accurately.


This is a cloud salon software designed for small firms or business. It is easy to use and accessible in browsers. The software permits you to send an invoice for quick payments.

Salon POS (Point of Sale) Software

Using a spa and salon POS system would save you much stress. It gives access to strong tools needed for your salon business growth.

Square POS

The Square POS system is considered the best POS for spas. It delivers great features designed to aid salon in growing their business.


Fresha is efficient and well-fitted software for salons. And it has a free subscription for its POS. It is one solution accounting that manages every book-keeping in a spa.

Salon Iris

Salon Iris, created in 1999, has a POS experience than other salon software in the market. It has been great in the POS business.



This is a strong cloud-based POS. It has an intuitive interface that make it simple to use. It is a great option for spas and salons.


This POS system is popular, powerful, and simple to use. It has been in existence for more than ten years. It is loaded with everything needed and expected from a POS system. 

Free Salon Booking Apps

There are great salon booking apps you can get for free. The top free salon booking apps include:


Fresha is a free, easy to use, and well-fitted software for spas. It is a free salon booking with powerful features.


It is free to get booked, send reminders, process payments, and advertise your business in this app.


This another top, secure, cloud-based, and easy-to-use free booking salon in the market.

Acuity Scheduling

This is a great free booking app that reaches more clients with a simple booking solution.

Salon Marketing Tools and Apps

Salon marketing tools and apps are needed to advertise and expand your shop and business. The top Salon marketing tools and apps are:

Belliata Salon Booking App

This is one of the best salon marketing tools and apps in the market. It has a POS and booking application.


It is utilized to design and publish documents. It is another great salon marketing app. 


Trello has been an effective salon marketing tools. It significantly arranges projects into the board.


This is a popular app that enhances relationship and communication between customers and business owners.


This app facilitates increase and analytics extraction.

Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing Apps are used to edit images to your preference. Some of the top Photo Editing Apps are:

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

This is a popular and free photo editor. Adobe Photoshop is loaded with features that permit the creation of images pop. You can eliminate red-eye, have colour corrections, and resize images.


Canva is an easy to use photo editor app that allows the user to set up graphics while editing photos by just dropping and dragging. It takes just a few minutes to build your design from the beginning.

This app is simple to use, and it has an easy process of resizing images within seconds. Interestingly, you can export a newly sized picture into a diverse format.


This editing app comes with exciting features, like dehaze, image correction, and you could edit metadata in the app to input captions, copyright details, and headlines.

Video Editing Apps

Video Editing Apps are used to edit, add or trim videos. Some of the Best Video Editing Apps include:

Adobe Premiere Rush

This app is mostly considered the best video editing app. The interface is simple and great, with big panels and icons, making it easy for standard video editing work.


Quik is the best video editing app for users of GoPro. It majorly permits remote control of the GoPro device and editing of GoPro footage. This video editing app automatically imports action footage and enables you to edit easily.


LumaFusion is designed for an iOS app, usually used by filmmakers, journalists,  and video producers in editing and capturing video on the go.


KineMaster is a prominent video editing app designed for professional usage. It comes with quality features, like the blending modes, audio mixing, and chroma keying.

Freelancer Websites

There are freelance websites designed to help people, especially professionals to see work. The best freelancer websites are:


Fiverr has been a helpful site for job seekers and professionals. Apart from being a freelancer website, it provides free learning programs to develop people's skills and even teach how to get clients.


Upwork, another great and popular site, provides tools to begin the freelance journey. It features a collaborative space and an objective recruitment process.


Toptal is a top freelance site that promises firm they could hire the best 3 per cent of world freelancers. You are certain to be hired if you have efficient skills.

Simply Hired

A unique feature of this great site is that you could browse for freelance jobs at your close locations. You can equally create resumes from this site and master several things from it.


PeoplePerHour has more than 1.5 million freelancers currently using the website. People Per Hour is free for all, but competitions could be challenging on the site.


The best spa and salon software or apps for your shop is determined according to the platform features. This article has pulled the most important features to guide you on the best salon software choice, leaving you to decide on your preference.

To have an easy and effective salon and spa business, you need to consider the apps mentioned above and software with a glance at the CRM system.

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