Esthetician and Cosmetologist Scholarship 2021

Esthetician and Cosmetologist Scholarship 2021

Whether you’re just starting on your professional skincare journey or have already enrolled and started at an esthetics institute, everyone can benefit from financial aid. This year, we would like to be a source of financial aid for esthetic students to get a headstart in their careers in this industry. Here at Advance-Esthetic, we value knowledge and deep understanding over everything else (which is why we always provide free training, manuals and protocols when you purchase with us). That is why we’ve started this program and are so proud to announce that Advance-Esthetic is launching it's first ever Scholarship program open to all esthetic students! We understand how important it is to have a boost when getting your business going. Between finishing up your hours to be licensed, finding the perfect space to set up your business, and purchasing equipment that will be a real business booster, we aim to assist you in having a great beginning into your professional skin care journey. This is the idea we had in mind when we decided to initiate the first ever scholarship for estheticians from Advance-Esthetic. 

We had several visions in mind when we decided to start up this scholarship program. Aside from offering this unique opportunity to our audience, we hope to create a community where unique-thinking, ambitious esthetic students who are getting ready to enter the beauty and health industry can come and express their goals to like-minded individuals. The idea is to build a community of enthusiastic students that can come together and share their ambitions. With this scholarship program, we will be selecting one student each month for the next year. Each student will win $500 of in-store credit which can be used towards any esthetic device purchase from Advance-Esthetic. That means we’ll have 12 winners total - 12 opportunities to earn a $500 headstart to use towards your growing business! The Advance Esthetic scholarship is open to all students that meet the below criteria:



  • Students must provide proof of acceptance and/or proof of attendance at an accredited beauty school. 
  • Students must be accepted or currently enrolled in a program to qualify for this scholarship.
  • Students must submit a high quality photo of themselves in action (practicing a facial technique, in uniform, at a spa, etc.) along with a 1,000-1,500 word essay on the questions listed below.


Structure for the essay:

  • Give a brief introduction of yourself and how your passion for skin began.
  • Why do you want to be an esthetician?
  • How did you choose your current school and program?
  • What's your plan for the future? Do you plan to find an esthetician job or start up a business?
  • What methods have you used to start growing your future clientele while you are still in school?
  • Do you plan on using Social Media to market yourself? Share 3-5 of your favorite Instagram Esthetic influencers and why you follow them.
  • What treatments would you like to offer your clients in the future?


How it works:

  • Submit your photo and essay to with subject line “Name - school - AE Scholarship” before the 25th of every month to be entered for the following month.
  • Attach your contact information at the top of your essay (Social Media handles, website, business phone number/email address)
  •  From the submission pool, 5 entries will be selected each month to be posted on our Instagram page @advance.esthetic with the photo of the candidate along with excerpts from their essay.
  • Each like counts for one vote, each save counts for two votes
  • The photo with the most likes and saves by the end of the month (voting closes on the 15th) wins the $500 towards any esthetic purchase with Advance Esthetic.


What to know: 

  • Each submission will be posted to the Blog section of along with your photo and contact information (SMM handles, website, any other contact info you would like to share with our audience).
  • Entry to the Advance-Esthetic scholarship is only permitted within the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, and the Carribean.
  • Candidates are welcome (and encouraged) to re-enter the scholarship program each month with a new essay.
  • Candidates that re-enter must submit a new essay to be considered. Re-entries with old essays will not be considered.
  • Each candidate is eligible to win only once. If you win once out of the 12 months, you will not be considered for any additional scholarship.
  • The store credit expires 12 months after the issue date. 
  • This is a scholarship for estheticians and cosmetologists alike.
  • The store credit can be used on any purchase of Zemits or Oomnex brand devices. Cannot be used on purchases of only skincare products (including Zemits skincare line) .
  • Store credit must be used in one order (cannot split the $500 between two or more separate orders)


Tips to WIN:

  • The 5 candidates that are selected to be posted to Instagram for live voting (votes casted in number of likes, and saves) will be selected based on the effort, passion, and love that goes into their essay - so be creative and be true to you!
  • Voting will be counted in likes, shares and saves, so be sure to let your friends know about your entry so that they can boost your chances.
  • Share the entry to your story daily and always tag @advance.esthetic so we can repost and bring more traffic to your entry.
  • If you don’t win the first time you enter, re-enter! Remember, we are picking one winner each month for a year - you have 12 chances to win.


Why should you enter our scholarship program?

If you’re reading this, you are most likely enrolling in esthetics school, are already attending, or know someone who is actively pursuing a career in professional skincare. So our question to you is why not? 

The Advance-Esthetic scholarship program is totally free to enter and available for all esthetics and cosmetology students. Coming out of esthetic or cosmetology school with 10k or more in student debt makes the idea of investing in equipment a bit more daunting of a task. With our scholarship, we are creating the opportunity to get a confident and exciting start to your new business without having to worry about out-of-reach equipment investments when getting started. At Advance-Esthetic, we offer over 20 unique, custom devices to select from so there is something for every business type out there. This scholarship would allow you to invest $500 towards any of these devices that would be a working tool towards growing your business and clientele. 

Get a head start on your skin care business and submit your scholarship application today!



Award Amount | # of Recipients

$ 6,000 Store Credit - 12 recipients

1 winner will be awarded a $ 500 certificate each month.


Your essay will be published on our website blog and Instagram. We will choose the winner based on the likes and shares of the post.

Date:04-22-2021 delivers to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, ...
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