How effective is HydroDermabrasion Facial?

How effective is HydroDermabrasion Facial?

How effective is HydroDermabrasion Facial?

Precious things are meant for our precious skin. Diamonds are not just for the pieces of jewelry that we wear but they could be useful for our skin too! We are talking about diamond tips that are very useful for effective hydro peeling treatment using the Zemits hydrodermabrasion machine. Professionals and reputable estheticians know how useful diamond tips are to provide a satisfying hydrodermabrasion to their clients. Once you experience the benefits that this process has to offer, you’ll understand the importance of diamonds to achieve the skin that you’d been dreaming of! Are you ready to learn more about hydro facial treatment?


How does hydro facial machine work?

The Zemits hydrodermabrasion machine uses the combination of active serums and diamond-tipped microdermabrasion in providing fully-rounded and dynamic facial services to male or female clients. This beautification process is ideal for most skin types and aids in treating common skin issues related to aging (e.g. wrinkles), stress (e.g. acne), and other skin problems like breakouts, scarring, pigmentation, congestion, and fine lines. Diamond tips do not discriminate in this process, all it does here is to aid in the physical and chemical exfoliation of the skin while addressing skin issues that vary in every client. Furthermore, hydroderm hydrates the skin that provides it with an adorable youthful glow after the facial procedure.


Sounds terrific, isn’t it? To explain it more intensively, the Hydrodermabrasion facial treatment pertains to the aqua-serum skin resurfacing that involves extraction, exfoliation, hydration, and serum infusion. It also incorporates the use of crushed diamond tips in the exfoliation method to exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin and remove the dead skin cells. Once this layer is stripped and exfoliated, the natural response of the skin is to replace the dead skin cells with new and healthy ones; leaving the skin look and feel more youthful than before. The exfoliation process improves the overall skin appearance by addressing the imperfect zones such as fine lines and wrinkles. A more visible youthful and healthy skin is the result to be expected after several treatments; the more hydrodermabrasion treatments are done, the more visible the amazing results would show. However it varies individually, depending on skin types, some may just need to repeat the procedure after several months or years.


Difference between Aqua peeling and Diamond Dermabrasion?

Now, maybe you’re wondering what makes hydrodermabrasion different from standard microdermabrasion, ultimately, it is more gentle to the skin and ensures more stunning results. In standard microdermabrasion, estheticians use tools to lift the layer of the skin that could make it swell afterward, leaving a painful experience for the clients. On the other hand, hydrodermabrasion is done in a crystal-free and pain-free aqua-peeling procedure that is suitable for all types of skin. As the hydro-heads of the machine lift away the top skin-layer using diamond tips, it is done while applying a soothing and hydrating aqua serum to prevent irritation and pain. The serum aids in skin exfoliation in a more gentle and effective way, leaving no discomfort to the client. The oxygen-booster serums that are used in the process vary on the individual skin type. However, they all supply the moisture and nutrients needed by the specific skin type to cope with the procedure and achieve desirable results in a non-abrasive way. Therefore, the sought-after hydrodermabrasion is indeed a comfortable way to achieve healthier skin with its faster, non-invasive, multi-faceted, and more efficient procedure that will leave anyone satisfied with the feel and look of their treated facial skin. Oftentimes, depending on the skin type, it could be perfectly paired with other services such as LED, oxygen dome, peels, and nano infusion. 


After undergoing the hydrodermabrasion treatment, it is important to take note of the aftercare considerations to maintain and achieve good and lasting results, prevent skin damages like irritation, swelling, or infection. Remember to avoid sunlight after the treatment since the aqua peeling involves a significant amount of exfoliation that could result in irritation or redness when exposed to the sun’s radiation. Allowing the skin to heal for some time will help it recover from the scrubbing and cleansing that are done in the session. Avoid touching the skin always or using skin products that were not prescribed by your skin specialist. It is also important to drink more water to facilitate skin growth and hasten the process of new skin replacement. Many do not have to do it often because it is invasive and could damage the skin after repeated procedures. However, some may need to repeat the procedures multiple times depending on their skin condition and to achieve better results but consulting the expert will help one decide the best procedures and options to consider in beautifying our skin. 


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