How to get rid of unwanted hair permanently at home

How to get rid of unwanted hair permanently at home

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair At Home for Good

It has become apparent that building a successful salon-type of business at home is very achievable in this day and age. We welcome and embrace the idea of owning our own businesses, and, judging by the constantly growing numbers, beauty business professionals are in love with the magical combo of making money while having fun doing the jobs they love. Tens of millions worldwide have opened and are successfully running beauty businesses at home.

Hair removal is one of the most desired treatments in cosmetology. A customer can come in for a quick and simple upper lip depilation, and soon enough you will be performing a full body treatment. Lasering is the ultimate grooming prayer being answered by one beautifully designed machine. People find the end result pleasurable; it is one of the treatments that can actually deliver results so people can say a firm goodbye to ingrown itchy hairs, irritated bikini zones, and missed patches of hair on the legs. It is a very loved and very satisfying treatment procedure, as men and women of all ages go to great lengths nowadays to keep up appearances.

So, let’s break down our home-building hair business blog into smaller pieces. We’ll start with the almost-anecdotal home remedies, then discuss in detail all available laser machine options, talk a bit about how to get rid of unwanted hair permanently at home, and finish with a few tips to succeed in this business.

Permanent Hair Removal At Home Remedies or Salad Recipes

This is going to be quick: Before we get into the science, let’s take a minute to look at the so-called remedies for permanent hair removal at home. If there was a natural way to remove unwanted hair for good with freshly picked zucchini, eggs, and cornstarch, everyone would be doing just that. Hair removal is costly while zucchinis are 1.99 per pound; you do the math. There just isn’t a way to rub a mango on the bikini area and expect hair to disappear. We cannot professionally overstate this: that will never happen. Yes, people will always Google articles like “Five Natural Ingredients to Make Body Hair Disappear Forever” and read something along the lines of: “Finely grind fresh ginger root and spoon it into fresh-squeezed lime juice and sesame seed oil...”. Fruits and veggies will never be your competition; as far as we are concerned, is a good start for a shrimp curry recipe, not an effective way for permanent hair depilation.

The Science of Face and Body Hair Removal treatment procedure

To set up shop at home, you can choose between several fantastic cutting-edge laser machines: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), IPL SHR (Super Hair Removal), and Diode equipment. All of these represent the cutting-edge technology that has been developed and perfected by multiple manufacturers for decades. Lately, manufacturers have been able to finally offer safe procedures to those with darker shades. Hallelujah! The progress is unstoppable and we are sure the innovations will keep coming.

Generally, all machines work in by emitting light or radiation waves. A beam works by bypassing the skin without damaging it, then gets absorbed by the dark pigment of the root, known as melanin. This is the main reason darker shades of skin were so difficult to treat, the laser gets absorbed by the dark pigment and just as it damages the dark follicle. A laser produces heat that gets rid of the hair and prevents it from re-growing. Let’s look closely at your choices.


The Machines

Let’s just additionally point this out: in 2018 a laser hair removal piece of equipment is rarely just that. When you invest in this machine, depending on the one you pick, you’ll be able to offer your clients acne cure, regeneration and resurgence of the skin, pigmentation treatments, anti-aging therapy, and even treat vascular problems.

The IPL Machines tend to be less expensive. For those just starting out, expanding the home business or those with a smaller investment plan in mind, this is the perfect device. IPL lasers are user-friendly and are fantastic friends for beginners. You can always count on the comfortable, easy to navigate operating system. It has automatic settings for all shades and types of skin. These settings were carefully designed by taking into consideration all of the necessary basic info: hair color and density, gender, the color of the skin and other. There is automatic programming for IPL frequency, treatment duration, the intensity of the beam and, of course, the system can be personalized and modified separately for every single customer.

These machines have a great calming and cooling system and some manufacturers merge IPL hair-removing appliances with the amazing radiofrequency technology. Radiofrequency therapy is wildly popular for its exceptional skin lifting abilities. Your clients will fall in love with this combo! Tightening and lifting while removing unwanted hair for good is a treatment procedure we can all get behind! It promotes cell turnover, boosts structural protein production that essentially is responsible for a firm and elastic skin. Radiofrequency is of the most studied and praised medical treatments that migrated to the beauty industry from general medicine and since has been embraced worldwide.

Willing to invest a bit more in your business? We urge check out fantastic IPL SHRand Diode equipment. The IPL SHR is a popular innovative device. We have yet to find the words to describe how much we love everything that this machine has to offer in the essential function of hair removal. IPL SHR is technologically advanced in a few different areas. The first big advantage is the FCA Technology that is designed to automatically calibrate the fluency and the second one is the technology called “In-Motion” that combines polar temperatures to minimize risks and pain. The headpiece is equipped with a fantastic never-burn lamp, has a great cooling system and an amazing stable pulse with the energy at 10 shots per second. It is an intelligent technology that is very effective, safe and can provide various important skincare treatments, like:

  • Effective acne, pigmentation and dark spot elimination;
  • Highly effective anti-aging therapy with a noticeable elasticity boost;
  • Major skin tone improvement;
  • Skin renewal;
  • Vascular treatments;
  • Initiates tightening and lifting of the skin.


And then there is the amazing Diode equipment. This is just the embodiment of everything that a professional depilation machine should be. Diode treatment is safe and comfortable for your customers, with innovative technology that provides a constant cooling for the surface of the skin. It’s a highly efficient machine that is highly beneficial to both client and operator. It has a very light headpiece, incomparable to other machines, really. And the spot size is very comfortable for treating large areas. This machine with its 12 by 12 mm spot size is the answer to your question how to remove hair from legs permanently at home. This is a quick and efficient way to treat large zones and simultaneously provide a very gentle depilation.


How to Smoothly Run Your Business from Home

Please check your local legislation and regulations. The laws may vary from state to state. There may be some additional requirements in your home state. Some require a cosmetology license for hair removal services, and others even proper medical supervision because procedures like hair removal, filler injections and microdermabrasion are legally declared to be a medical procedure. The lawyers representing such cases usually say that those being charged are usually quite genuinely surprised that they were breaking the law. Our advice is to seek legal consultation, it is just a matter of knowing legislation so you won’t find yourself running an illegal salon or spa.

Buy great insurance. As in any other business, there are bankruptcies, lawsuits, unforeseen damage, robberies, and a line of other very unpleasant surprises. Protect yourself.

Go through your startup expenses with your accountant, mostly in this business the vast amount of your investment will focus on the equipment.

Build a comfortable inviting space. Again, you need to first and foremost carefully look at your house or apartment and see how you can set it up to be compliant with the local codes. If there are some adjustments or renovations you need to do to stay in line with your home state governmental requirements you can always apply for a small business loan or just look for a partner.

Properly furnish and decorate your at-home salon. There is no way around purchasing salon furniture, carts with shelving, product storage units, sterilization units, chairs, mirrors are all a mush. Make a list of the staple items and the luxury furniture and start with the staples.

And, of course, advertise your business! Print up brochures and distribute them in your neighborhood, live business cards everywhere, set up a website and social media accounts. Ask every single person you meet or talk to like your page, ask clients for reviews and before and after pictures.

And...enjoy every minute of being your own boss!

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