Hypotrichosis - Inadequate eyelashes

Hypotrichosis - Inadequate eyelashes

Eyelash hypotrichosis is a condition indicated by an inadequate amount of eyelashes. Eyelashes provide a natural protective barrier for the eyes from foreign bodies, sunshine, wind and perspiration. 

They are sensitive to the touch and provide a warning when an object is near the eye, which in turn induces the eye to close reflexively. In addition to the protective purpose of the eyelash, eyelash length and thickness in people is cosmetic attraction. Eyelashes frame the eyes together with the eyebrows, hairline, cheekbones, nose, lips and chin to create a facial appearance that is unique to every individual. 

The absence of eyelashes removes one of the prominent anatomical features associated with a normal facial appearance. Long eyelashes are also considered a sign of femininity and beauty in most cultures. Causes of eyelashes hypotrichosis include hereditary, aging, chemotherapy, other medical treatment and unknown causes. Physical trauma involving the face and eye surgery and may also cause thin or absent lash growth. The FDA has approved bimatoprost (Latisse) in a 0.03% solution for increasing eyelash length, thickness and darkness in patients with hypotrichosis of the eyelashes.

What is LATISSE™?

LATISSE™ solution is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker. 


How does it work?

LATISSE™ is believed to affect the growth (anagen) phase of the eyelash hair cycle in 2 ways; first, it increases the length of this phase; and second, it increases the number of hairs in this growth phase. The exact way it works is unknown. 


How soon will I see results?

The onset of effect with LATISSE™ solution is gradual. In the clinical trial, the majority of LATISSE™ users saw a significant improvement in 2 months. 


How is LATISSE™ different?

Only LATISSE™ has been approved by the FDA as a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes. It also has been studied in clinical trial to demonstrate its safety and effectiveness.

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