Instagram Tips For Estheticians and Spa Owners

Instagram Tips For Estheticians and Spa Owners

With over 25 million business profiles, Instagram allows estheticians and spas to market their brand via posts, stories, or images. Whether you want to expand your business, drive traffic to your brand, or engage the existing customers, Instagram is a great platform to achieve them. However, using Instagram to maximize profits could be tricky. Read on to know the Instagram tips, post ideas, and how to maximize Instagram's online presence as an aesthetician or spa owner.

Starting An Esthetician Instagram Account

Instagram, which has over one billion million users, is a significant tool Estheticians and spa owners can use to advertise and expand their business. With a click of the Instagram button, you can make your business known to the world. Here are the steps to take in starting an esthetician Instagram account;

1. Build your Brand

A great way to be outstanding on Instagram is by creating a unique brand. Through the brand, people can view your business goals and mission. Instagram users can notice your image with a catchy caption, know your business, and turn to your clients. In the meantime, a great Instagram brand has the followings;

  • Username- Username or handle can be your business or personal name. Create a username that would be distinct and unique. You can as well put your real name so users can know you personally. The goal is to put a handle that can be memorable and known.
  • Logo and Colour Scheme- Though optional, the logo is good for your first Instagram post. Create a nice logo bearing your name, your business service, and your photo. Logo can be a fun means to introduce your business to social media.

In another vein, choose a matching color scheme for your logo. A color scheme of about three matching different colors can aid in promoting your brand.

2. Select a Theme

Next is to choose your theme. Themes are crucial because it portrays how your account would appear. Selecting a theme can be confusing because of numerous available themes. Nevertheless, choose your theme base on your brand nature, favorites, and contents.

3. Consider Instagram Tools

Instagram has exciting tools to help you engage and draw more audience to your brand. Some popular Instagram tools you can use are Hashtags, Contests, Polls, Giveaways, Countdowns, Questions, and Your location. Effective use of the tools would certainly expand your Instagram presence and influence. 

4. Select Suitable Hashtags

A hashtag is an effective tool to reach and advertise your brand to users, not your followers. For instance, if you put a popular hashtag on your post, all searches of the hashtag will make your post pop up. The highest hashtag on a post is 30. Ten hashtags are cool for your post and endeavor to use the relevant hashtags on your post.

5. Post and Update Always

Posting or updating your page always is a necessity if you want to maintain your client base. Be consistent with your business posts, values, missions, and schedules.

Why Instagram is an Important Tool for Beauty Business

Instagram is a prominent tool for advertisement and business expansion. It enhances the firm's presence and online visibility. Read on to see more reasons why Instagram is an important tool for the beauty business;

1. Millions of people has Instagram

Instagram is the sixth most used social media account globally. Currently, it has over one billion users. With a good marketing implementation, you can leverage this huge online market to grow your brand.

2. Instagram Hashtag Helps

With an appropriate hashtag, you can grow that your small business or expand an already existing brand. A hashtag is an effective tool to reach millions of Instagram users.

3. Avenue to Effectively Engage Customers

With Instagram, including Instagram stories, you can effectively engage your customers. You can relate directly with them or speak more about your brand to them. Through Instagram stories, you can as well share and update your journey and success story.

4. Competitor Monitoring

Instagram is a good place to monitor your competitors to know their posts, journey, brand, and marketing ideas. By keeping tabs on your competitors, you can restructure your business strategies with information from your competitors.

5. Influencer's Partnership

You can engage or partner with many influencers on Instagram to advertise your brand. Great Instagram influencers can help and take your advertisement efforts and sales to a significant level of numbers.

Esthetician And Spa Salon Account Branding

Branding your business, especially on Instagram as an esthetician, can help you to be outstanding. It helps your audience to know and reach you quickly. Great business branding can place you as an expert in your industry. Check out the effective branding measure below;

1. Create your Spa or Esthetics Logo

Designing a logo is a great way to distinguish yourself as a prodigy in the beauty industry. Browse and select a fine-designed logo to start. Next is to customize the design with an esthetician logo editor.

2. Have a Brand Photoshoot

You should organize an exciting photoshoot and business images needed to update your brand. Invest in professional photoshoots if you want to have a unique brand.

3. Post and Update Great Contents for Your business

Endeavor to post interesting things, stories, educational contents, and success stories of your business. This is an effective way to draw customers and become a household name in the spa business. Post consistently!

Esthetician Names And Usernames For Instagram

A brand is better known by its username or business name. Thus, picking an Instagram unique and catchy username is vital, and it offers a distinct identity in the beauty industry. Some catchy esthetic Instagram usernames include;

  • Pretty Musings
  • Organic Touch
  • Comestic Lover
  • Mirror Beauty
  • Gorgeous Skin
  • Spa Treasures
  • A Gramsoul
  • Glitter Face
  • Beauty Box
  • Salon Style
  • Trending Gloss

Esthetician Bio For Instagram

Instagram Bio is the first thing people look at when visiting your Instagram profile. Thus, it's good to craft a perfect bio. As an esthetician or a spa owner, endeavor to write about yourself, your brand, and how people can book for your service in the bio. Steps involved in having an esthetician bio for Instagram include;

  • Turn your salon account into a business account on Instagram.
  • Input and update your salon profile details.
  • Create salon Instagram stories and highlights.
  • Design the esthetician Instagram Bio. You should be brief about it as you have just 150 characters to write about yourself and your brand. Meanwhile, you can use the following tools to make your esthetician Instagram bio powerful; Hashtags, profile links, and Website links.

Esthetician Hashtags For Instagram

Estheticians can use prominent hashtags for advertising and marketing their business on Instagram. These hashtags will increase and solidify their online business presence. Some of the popular hashtags include; #aestheticianlife #waxspecialist  #aesthetician #estheticianstudent #licensedesthetician #estheticianlife #medicalspa.

Others are #beauty  #makeup #skincare #kentuckyesthetician #kentuckyesthetics #facials #skin #skincareroutine #skincaretipsaloe #acnetreatment #acnefacial #acnecleanser #cleanser #naturalskincare #aloevera.

Some include; #masteresthetician #estheticianbefore #browwaxing #dallasbeautyit #beautylover #beautygram #beautycommunity.

And; #skincareflatlay #skincarecommunity #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict  #iloveskincare #makeupartist #makeupmafia #celebrityplasticsher.

Instagram Skincare Quotes

There are some interesting skincare quotes on Instagram that can brighten your mood. Some of them include;

  • Be your type of beautiful.
  • "Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through!" -Janelle Monáe.
  • Said by no one, I regret ever taking great care of my body.
  • Water and sunscreen should be your best friends.
  • Beautiful skin needs commitment; it doesn't need a miracle.
  • Get great skin. Stop wishing.
  • A secret to spotless skin is a good skincare routine.

Best and Famous Esthetician Celebrities on Instagram

Over the years, estheticians have used Instagram to make a name for themselves. Through Instagram, they have become popular, expanded their brands, and make some big dollars. Some of the best esthetician Instagram accounts are;

  • Jade Marie (@jadeywadey180)- She is a Holistic Medical Aesthetician, Skincare Expert, and Makeup Artist. Jade has 1.3 million followers.
  • Victoria (@victorialyn)- This beauty has over 1 million followers on her Instagram account. She is a SkinCare expert, hair professional, and MakeUp artist. 
  • Caroline Hirons (@carolinehirons)- She has a popular Instagram esthetician account with about 621,000 followers. Unlike Victoria and Jade, she is from the UK.
  • Dr. Lara Devgan (@drlaradevgan)- A popular New York-based skincare expert with over 500,000 followers on Instagram.
  • Sian Maggs (@skincareblogger/)- She is the founder of skincareblooger. She has over 32,000 followers on Instagram.
  • Arshia Moorjani (@arshiamoorjani)- This Indian-American skincare expert has more than 370,000 followers.
  • Shani Darden (@shanidarden)- She is the founder of Shani Darden Skin Care, and she has about 272,000 followers on Instagram.
  • Dr. Shereene Idriss (@shereeneidriss)- She is another famous esthetician on Instagram with more than 300,000 followers.
  • Renée (@gothamista)- She is a skincare vlogger and has close to 200,000 Instagram followers.
  • Joanna Czech ( @joannaczechofficial)- Joanna is a skincare consultant, esthetician, and founder of CzechList with about 156,000 followers.

Creating and Posting Content

Creating and posting content is a significant means to market and advertise your brand.  You can as well engage your customers or client on your business goals. Here are the process of creating and posting content for your business;

1. What's your Content Aim?

Content marketing begins with an aim. Early understanding of your content aim will guide you to develop great content for customers. Know your goal, stick to it, and consistently post or update content.

2. Who are Your Audience?

You should know your target audience before making successful content. The perfect content strategy is made to address pressing questions your target audience needs to know.

3. A Blog or Website is Necessary

Blogs or websites are a great avenue to post content. Blog posts help to push thoughts, ideas, and marketing content to the wider world.

4. Update your Content

A consistent update of content is a great way of leveraging the digital space. Ensure you update your content with interesting posts and stories.

5. Conduct a Keyword Research

It's great to brainstorm ideas and conduct keyword research before creating or posting content on the internet. Keyword research will guide you on the right words or issues to research and create.

Esthetician Posts Ideas

To be a successful Esthetician, you need to leverage social media. Creating a catchy post about your business can drive traffic and expand your business. However, this section gives an insight on how to put out such social media posts. Here are the examples of post ideas for Esthetician on Instagram, Twitter, or any other popular social media handles.

  • You would not go wrong with red lips;  view this unique and straightforward make-up.
  • Better benefits of having a facial; Call us today to see how great it is. 
  • A clinical skin treatment; radiance and wellness.
  • Glowing and radiant beauty;  radiate your skin from within.
  • An effective facial moisturizing remover; a one-in touch cream.
  • A regular massage one-stop benefits.
  • Know what your skin is telling you with this cream.
  • Essentials of facials.

Tools For Image And Video Editing

There are many image and video editing tools designed to make your visuals more engaging. And most image and video tools are free to utilize. The top tools for image and video editing include;


1. Canva

It is an easy-to-use tool that helps to create striking pictures, images, banners, ebooks, and infographics. Canvas also has great inbuilt designs to help you customize your preferred texts.

2. Piktochart

Piktochart is an effective tool for designing infographics. You can pick your preference from more than 200 templates. With this tool, you can create presentations and printables on slideshow videos.

3. Giphy

Giphy is a great tool to create animated stickers and free Gifs.

4. Wevideo

Video permits you to edit and create videos easily. Through this popular tool, you can develop lead-generating videos for your project.

5. Blender

Blender is an advanced video editing tool with 3D animation tools such as motion tracking, modeling, and rendering.

Where To Hire Freelancers?

A freelance platform is where you can find diverse and qualified people to work on your service. The prominent websites to find freelancers are;

1. Upwork

Upwork, created off Elance and ODesk, is a great place to find people to work for you. It is a top freelancer site with thousands of users. Under the search category or through the job posting, you can find and hire your preferred freelancer.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is another prominent site to get freelancers. Fiverr is easy to use, and the rate is affordable. This popular site has two categories; the seller and the buyer.


This is a popular freelancer site that's in about 250 countries. It has the option of creating a project or searching for freelancers.

4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour has about 2.4 million freelancers. Getting or offering a gig is easy on the platform. It is designed to let you find freelancers who meet given needs.

Equipment Set Up For Content Creation

There is some content equipment to use to set up content, and they can make you become a better content creator. They help to sharpen your contents and take them to a great level. Some of the equipment setups for content creation are;

  • Microphone

From describing video content to recording a tutorial, having an effective microphone can save and help content creators with their works. It is vital, particularly in areas where audio can be challenging. It is a great investment for podcasters and content creators.

  • Stylus Pen

A stylus pen is a helpful way to be concise when drawing your content, including Instagram stories. You can be creative using stylus pens; it adds flair and uniqueness to contents. It's advisable to use a universal stylus pen with a touch screen so you can affect any device.

  • Smartphone Camera Lenses

You can affect and design your contents with smartphone camera lenses, from fisheye angle to macro sights. More so, you won't walk around with the huge SLR lens during capturing, including in quick contents.

  • Flexible Tripod

If you are a regular in shooting product photography and flat-lays, find a "Multi-Angle Center Column" tripod that can take your unique shots to a higher height. With a flexible tripod, you can convert your shots to any angle. Tripod gives a vast of motions, stabilizes the camera, and has a hands-free solution for any shots. 

  • Ring Light

A ring light helps to control lights at home when creating contents. It is helpful when creating bright aesthetics, and it features hands-free in creating an interesting Instagram story or TikTok kits. A unique benefit of a ring-light tripod is that you can dim the light to regulate your shot's coolness or warmth.

How To Market Your Esthetician Business

Venturing into the esthetician business can be challenging, and trying to promote and expanding it can even be more challenging. Nevertheless, this section will outline the necessary steps on how to market your esthetician business. 

1. Social Media

The first major tip is to leverage on social media sites. Having social media accounts, pages, and business accounts is a significant way to promote and market your spa business. Particularly, Instagram has an efficient community and hashtag you can attach yourself to market your brand. You can effectively engage your customers, draws traffic, and have a huge client base through social media like Instagram.

2. Blog or Website

Similarly, blog posts and website content can be a great means to market your spa business. Having a practical post or a website for your brand can help promote, advertise, and expand your brand.

3. Testimonials

Another means to market your esthetician business is through testimonials. You can request your customers for testimonials. Ask them to help you spread and advertise your brand to their family and friends. 

4. Flyers, Banners, and Commercials

Handing and sharing your flyers to potential customers while telling them about your business can be an effective way to market your brand. Also, you can design banners or run commercials for your business.

5. Discount and Promotions

Doing occasional promotions and discounts has been a great measure in the marketing business, especially online. This will encourage and draw potential customers to your brand.

Esthetician Instagram Marketing Ideas

To be outstanding in your Instagram esthetician business, you have to implement some changes. There are many skincare experts and established estheticians on Instagram, and how would you compete and make a name for yourself among them? Read on to have esthetician Instagram marketing ideas.

1. Convert your Instagram account into a business profile- Using a business profile will enhance your views and engagements. It will aid in tracking your post's performance.

2. Have a Posting Series- Enhance your business account and make your followers glue to your account by creating interesting post series. For instance, you can create skincare series.

3. Make use of the hashtag- A hashtag is a sure way to advertise your esthetician business on Instagram. Using a prominent hashtag on your post can massively promote your brand to millions of Instagram users. Endeavor to identify appropriate hashtags for your brand.

4. Use the Influencers- Similarly, you can advertise with influencers. Like hashtags, influencers help drive traffic to your brand and profile. 

4. Utilize the Instagram Stories-Instagram stories have been a great means to market esthetician business. You can create an interesting story about your brand, your journey so far, and the success stories. You can get more traffic to your products by posting your success and customer testimonials or reviews on your Instagram stories.

Instagram Giveaways For Spa Business

Popular esthetician business accounts often run promotions, discounts, and giveaways to their followers. Running a giveaway on Instagram is a practical means to retain your customers and followers. Here are the steps involved in running Instagram giveaways for spa business;

1. Pick your Instagram Giveaway Aim- Personally outline the goal of the giveaway.

2. Plan the Instagram Giveaway- Choose a relevant incentive or price for participation. Also, know-how followers will join and participate in the giveaway.

3. Pick the Giveaway Hashtag- The giveaway hashtag is vital for promoting the giveaway and your brand. Select a hashtag related to your business and the giveaway.

3. Launch and Promote the Giveaway- The way you promote your giveaway will affect the longevity and success of the giveaway game. You can select images and themes that augur well with your giveaway during the launch.

4. Evaluate Giveaway Results- Finally, you can track the giveaway results to know the participation measure, follower's increment, and your website clicks. Through this evaluation, you can know the best results for your brand and determine the best way forward.

Instagram Paid Posts Promotion

Instagram paid posts promotion can be achievable and successful through business profiles. The paid promotion has been a great means to advertise and expand the esthetician business on Instagram. To create a business profile and have an Instagram paid posts promotion, follow these steps;

  • Navigate to the business profile on Instagram
  • Click on "Promotions." And press on "Create Promotions."
  • Get the post you wish to promote. Tap "Promote"; it is under the post of the image.
  • Next is to input your details. Here, you will choose your budget, target audience, and promotion duration.
  • Finally, click on "Create Promotion." After this, Instagram would review the post and run the promotion if it meets Instagram ad policy.

Collaborate With Local Influencers

Collaborating with local influencers can generate and increase your target-base clients and customers. You should carefully select effective and prominent influencers that can deliver for your business. As an Instagram esthetician, target local influencers that have good names and success stories. You can find an influencer with expertise in your field even if the influencer has fewer followers.

Significantly, a target audience is crucial. It is beneficial to corroborate with local influencers on your line of business. You can as well make influential local influencers your brand ambassadors. Ask your influencers to run contests, campaigns, and advert for your brand in their area of influence. 


With over a billion users, Instagram has been a great platform for spa owners and estheticians in setting up, promoting, marketing, and expanding their business. However, using Instagram to achieve its full and great potential could be tricky. That's why this piece outlined those marketing ideas and tips for a successful esthetician Instagram business.

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