We are proud to introduce to you our amazing partner Skin Perfect University.

A place, where technical experience and passion unite with care and craft. 

Skin Perfect University offers professional courses of advanced aesthetics and medical aesthetics education.

Skin Perfect University is created for the estheticians, cosmetologists, nurses, skincare specialists, spa and salon owners that want to know more. Clinical and medical esthetics are career specialties that demand a higher level of knowledge than just basic esthetics. SPU education is designed for an interactive, hands-on learning experience for licensed professionals who are passionate about achieving results and wellness in skincare.


Are you a potential SPU Student? 

Do you feel that your primary esthetic training has been enough to prepare you for the ever-changing world of esthetics? The Skin Perfect University is a 3200 sq. ft. facility located in Columbus, OH. The Spa’s 5 treatment room, large theory room, large clinical training room, makeup and color studio, skin analysis room, and concierge and reception space is designed to give every student the advanced education they need and the spa experience that allows them to learn the culture and experience of a clinical spa.


SPU: Our Vision

Master esthetician, author, and noted color expert, Jaclyn Peresetsky is the founder of Skin Perfect University. 

Prior to opening Skin Perfect University, she founded both companies: Skin Perfect Spas and Skincare and Colore Me Perfect Cosmetics and Analysis. Since she has sought after incredible talent and has built a talented team of industry pros that have chosen to be instructors at SPU. Skin Perfect Spas have been in existence for 10 years and thriving, churning out fresh perspectives, ongoing learning, and valuable client feedback.

Through training hundreds of estheticians and being a noted speaker at industry trade shows, Jaclyn saw the need for advanced education that could help better prepare estheticians graduating basic esthetic programs but wanting to choose a more demanding esthetic career. Her experience as an esthetician over the last 18 years as well as training her own Skin Perfect estheticians has helped her create a solid advanced esthetics program, permanent makeup training program, microblading training program, makeup artistry program, color training program, and brow and lash training program.

These trainings and courses will help propel anyone that is ready to grow their career in the beauty and skin wellness industry. At Skin Perfect University, a team of industry professionals that have years of experience with Skin Perfect Spas and Colore Me Perfect Cosmetics will lead you through the course and push you to excellence. The Skin Perfect brand demands higher standards for training, products, and treatments. Skin Perfect prioritizes the importance of understanding and respecting the skin as the foundation for all its training programs. Understanding the “why” and “how” is crucial for skincare professionals to accomplish amazing results for the clients. Many estheticians skate through school with absorbing very little knowledge and not getting their learning needs met. We understand each and every person learns differently and we strive to meet all learning styles to customize the course to you. 

As an honored partner, Zemits offers you an additional 15% discount card for classes at the Skin Perfect University. 

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