Eyebrow Threading Tips and Ideas

Eyebrow Threading Tips and Ideas

Professional Eyebrow Threading

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a method of hair removal particularly effective to shape eyebrows with precision. This method originated in South Asia, and it is gaining popularity in Occident.


How Does Eyebrow Threading Work?

This is actually a very simple, inexpensive and quick process. By using a thin thread, hair removal can be accomplished at a very precise level. The thread is going to “grab” the unwanted hair and pull it out with the root.


Benefits Of Eyebrow Threading

The main benefit of eyebrow threading is the precision it allows. Unlike plucking or tweezing, threading can remove several hairs in a row instead of one at a time. It is also gentler on the skin than other hair removal methods such as waxing.


Is Eyebrow Threading Safe?

As with many other beauty practices, threading can be painful and even dangerous if not done correctly. In other words, this is something you must get done with certified experts. An amateur hand might hurt your skin by not applying the proper pressure, or leave your eyebrows thinner than you expected.


How Eyebrow Threading Is Done?

This method uses a cotton or polyester thread that is twisted and doubled to form a sort of “scissor”. The thread is capable of removing hair at follicle level with high precision. Once your esthetician has removed all the unwanted hair, they will proceed to massage the area. They will apply cold water or a special gel to close the pores as quickly as possible.


Eyebrow Threading Results

Threading results last for about a month. After having eyebrows threaded they should be almost perfectly shaped in the way you want them. So this is probably the best way to achieve that “movie star” eyebrows you’d always dream of.


Eyebrow Threading For Men

Eyebrow threading can also be for men with very specific grooming standards. Most men live a good part of their lives without worrying much about their eyebrows. Anyways certain men might find threading quite useful after a certain age. Also, even the less groomed men know when to get rid of the infamous “unibrow”.


Eyebrow Threading Contraindications

Threading contraindications are mostly the same as many other beauty treatments. One must be aware of active pustules, eczema, psoriasis, wounds, and any other skin lesion or condition like these. The area of skin around the eyes must be healthy and in good conditions, so avoid having this treatment when the skin is sunburned, dry or bruised.


What To Expect After Eyebrow Threading?

After having your eyebrows threaded you will experience that area of the skin to be more sensitive and notice a little redness. This will go away soon, don’t worry about it. You might also want to avoid applying makeup there for those couple of hours just to avoid clogging your pores.



Types Of Eyebrow Threading 

Hollywood Eyebrow Threading

When we talk about Hollywood eyebrows we think about perfectly shaped brows. These brows can enhance your good features and facial expressions. In other words, you will look like a Hollywood celebrity.


Indian Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is an ancient practice from Asia which remains a mystery for most people in Occident. Although threading has gained popularity in America, its origins go back to Iran and India. It’s not known when or where exactly this practice started, but many believe it was in the region of India about six thousand years ago. These perfectly shaped Indian eyebrows were considered a sign of both beauty and strength.


Eyebrow Threading Shapes

Eyebrow threading is such a precise process, a professional aesthetician is able to shape your brows in almost every way possible. The important thing to keep in mind is which shape will be best for you.

Depending on which impact you would like to have on others, your eyebrows might play an interesting role in the way people perceive you. Round eyebrows might make you look like a nice and reliable person who can be trusted. Straight eyebrows make you look like a smart and logical person. Thick eyebrows might tell others you are a confident woman who knows what she wants.

There are many variations you can try or ask your stylist about: curved, straight, slim, soft arched, high arched, round, flat, thick, thin… and so on. You must understand your brows before trying anything drastic at first. 

Knowing where your eyebrows begin, arch, and end, is a good start. The shape of your face plays a big part in the way you should shape your eyebrows. Straight and long eyebrows usually go well with long faces while high arched eyebrows are better for round faces. It is all a matter of perspective.


What Is The Most Popular Eyebrow Shape?

This 2021 is bringing back some vintage trends such as the short and straight eyebrows. These brows are a pretty good choice for a heart shaped face as they enhance the cheekbones and bring an adorable look to the eyes. 

Thick and dark eyebrows became trendy a little while ago when we all got obsessed with Cara Delevingne. This look is not for everyone, they might take away attention from your eyes but can also make you look more confident, and your nose a little bit longer.

Slim brows are also very popular nowadays. The slender shape of the eyebrows can help your face look more symmetrical and beautiful. This look also allows your eyes and lips to be the center of attention.


Best Eyebrow Shaping Ideas

To find the style and shape of eyebrows that will flatter your face the most, you must look around the web. Here are a couple articles that might bring a light upon you:




As we mentioned before, the shape of your face will play a main role in the way your eyebrows look on you. You might find these entries interesting:






If you are looking for some guidance, and want to do your eyebrows at home by yourself, take a look a these other beauty blogs:





We are not leaving men out of this equation. They also deserve to look gorgeous, and there’s a style for each one:




Eyebrow Threading Alternatives

Eyebrow Threading Vs Microblading

While eyebrow threading involves removal of hair, microblading offers a completely different procedure. Microblading is the process of tattooing hair-like strokes into your eyebrows. This process offers a semi-permanent result that will fade away in about a year or so.

Microblading is obviously more painful than threading. Your aesthetician might even need to numb the area before starting to work. A series of small blades will cut into your skin and deposit small amounts of pigments. The plus side is that once is done you won’t have to worry about doing your brows in a long time.


Eyebrow Threading Vs Waxing

Waxing and threading are similar. They both involve hair removal, but they do it differently; yet neither one of them is permanent. 

We all know waxing requires wax (either hot or cold) that solidifies on the skin trapping hair in the process. The following step is to remove the wax by pulling it out. The hair trapped in the solid wax is also removed from the root.

Waxing is sometimes found less painful than threading and it’s also a quick process. Threading is a good option for those who suffer allergies to certain waxes. If your skin is very sensitive you might rather eyebrow threading instead of waxing.


Is Eyebrow Threading Better Than Waxing?

It really depends on you. If you want to avoid pain or have thick eyebrows, waxing might be the best option for you. If you want a more precise job, threading is unbeatable at this. Now, if your skin is pretty sensitive, or it’s peeling; then threading will be better for you as the thread has small contact with the skin.

Your decision must be taken on the results you want to achieve, and how uncomfortable you are willing to be during the procedure.


Does Eyebrow Threading Last Longer Than Waxing?

Both waxing and eyebrow threading last for the same amount of time, which is about three to five weeks. This is the time it takes for the hair to grow back, and it might vary from person to person.


Salon Eyebrow Threading

Who Can Do Eyebrow Threading?

You can say that almost everybody can have their eyebrows threaded. If you have sensitive skin, eyebrow threading is probably your best option. Threading is also a very good choice even if you have dry skin, or if you are under the effects of some medication like Accutane.

You might want to avoid having your eyebrow threaded right after having a peeling or dermabrasion. But other than that, essentially everyone is a good candidate for eyebrow threading.


Where To Learn Eyebrow Threading?

There are many ways to learn about eyebrow threading. There are hundreds of video tutorials that explain the process step by step. There are also certain online courses you can take to learn this technique. But the best way to learn is with in person training with a professional esthetician or in an academy.


Eyebrow Threading Tutorials

Here is a list of video tutorials showing how to perform eyebrow threading:







Eyebrow Threading Classes

If you decide to become an eyebrow threader you must complete an in-person training to earn a certificate. In these classes you should get a threading kit and a manual. These classes take place at a spa or salon, and you might get your certificate over a weekend.


Eyebrow Threading Jobs

If you are looking to get a job as an eyebrow threading esthetician in the USA, the annual average salary of $27,500; while top earners can get up to $39,500. Here are some websites hiring eyebrow threaders:






How Much Is A Eyebrow Threading Treatment In The US?

It depends on where you go. You can get your eyebrows threaded for as much as $15; but some salons might charge up to $50.


How To Use An Eyebrow Threading Machine?

There are eyebrow threading tools and machines that make this process easier. A threading machine allows you to thread your brows at home without needing extra hands and help. Once you get the machine, you should put the thread on, and you are basically ready to start threading; it’s that simple. If you want to take a look at how it’s done, watch this short video: 



How To Perform Eyebrow Threading?

To perform eyebrow threading you must get help from someone who knows the procedure. It’s better if you go with a professional esthetician with experience. If you do it at home there are certain protocols and steps you must follow.


Eyebrow Threading Treatment Protocol

Avoid using makeup and exfoliation the day you are going to have your eyebrows threaded. You should also avoid direct sunlight after the treatment is freshly done. Wait 24 hours to wear makeup again.


Eyebrow Threading Treatment Steps

There are a few simple steps that must be followed:

  • The face must be clean. If you want to ease the pain you can numb the area a little bit using cold packs or ice.
  • Get the thread, or threading tool ready.
  • Mark or draw the outline of the eyebrow you wish to shape.
  • Proceed threading the eyebrows.
  • Once you finish threading, you can trim the eyebrows to achieve the perfect shape.
  • Sweep off the removed hair and clear the area.
  • Apply antiseptic to kill bacteria and apply cold again to close the pores.


Professional Eyebrow Threading

A professional eyebrow threader has plenty of experience and knows exactly what shape is best for you and how to achieve it. They will always check with you and make sure you get the best results possible.


Eyebrow Threading Tools

There are a few threading tools you can find online that can help you remove hair easily at home. Most of them consist of a spring that you twist and release to trap the hairs and then pull them out from the root. They are usually inexpensive and work really well.


Eyebrow Threading Machines

The best threading tools to work on your eyebrows at home are the eyebrow threading machines. These machines use the same cotton thread estheticians use at salons but it will hold the already twisted and doubled thread for you. Some of these machines are manual or electrical. They are really easy to use and you might even find some salons that use them.


Target Audience For Eyebrow Threading

Both men and women of all ages can enjoy a good eyebrow threading treatment. Anyhow, most customers are women with certain beauty standards and stable socioeconomic positions.


How To Thread Eyebrows Professionally?

Eyebrow threading is an art. The more experience an aesthetician has, the better the results. Which means the best way to achieve a professional eyebrow threading level is by practicing. Using the right tools and following all the necessary steps is also a must. Being an excellent threader requires being able to shape brows perfectly. They should make customers the most comfortable during the process.



What Are The Side Effects Of Eyebrow Threading?

There are few side effects of eyebrow threading. Mild redness is the main one, sometimes ingrown hairs and rashes can happen.


Can Do Eyebrow Threading During Pregnancy?

Yes, eyebrow threading is a perfectly safe activity for pregnant women.


Can Eyebrow Threading Cause Breakouts?

This can happen as a consequence of mild irritation. Aloe gel can soothe this side effect.


What Is The After-Care For Eyebrow Threading?

Cold water and aloe gel will soothe the inflammation. Avoid direct sunlight for the rest of the day, try to stay away from makeup for 24 hours.


Eyebrow Threading Recovery Time

Eyebrow threading requires no recovery.


How Long Do Eyebrow Threading Results Last?

Depending on your own hair growth cycle it can last from two to five weeks.


Can You Have Eyebrow Threading After Botox?

Yes, but you should wait at least 24 hours after having Botox.


What Are The Other Names Of Eyebrow Threading?

It’s also called Indian epilation, although eyebrow threading is the most widely known way to call this practice.


How Much Is Eyebrow Threading?

It can vary from $15 to $50 depending on where you do it.


How Many Eyebrow Threading Treatments Are Needed?

You will only need one threading session that usually lasts about 30 minutes.


Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

Yes, but it’s not as painful as many believe and there are ways to soothe the pain.


How Often Eyebrow Threading?

Typically, you should get your eyebrows threaded every three weeks.



Eyebrow Threading Pros And Cons

Among the pros of eyebrow threading we can list:

  • It costs as much as waxing.
  • Best option for sensitive skin.
  • It’s a quick and hygienic method.
  • Offers the best eyebrow shaping results.

Here are the cons of eyebrow threading:

  • It’s somewhat painful.
  • Takes longer than waxing.
  • It’s harder to find a good threader.
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