Professional Skin Care Products For Estheticians

Professional Skin Care Products For Estheticians

Esthetician Skincare Products For Profitable Business

Professional Skincare Brands

Behind every great esthetician’s office is a list of amazing skincare products, equipment, and trained professionals. Starting your clinic should not be a guessing game, especially when the skin of other people is involved. Read on to learn about equipment, products, and advice!


Zemits Professional Skincare Products

Zemits is known for its complete high-tech spa devices. They include training for all their devices, so you can be as prepared as possible to bring in clientele. They carry equipment for the face, body, laser tech, and skincare tech. Some examples are their DermeLuxx made as a full-featured system for fluid microdermabrasion.


Eminence Skincare Products

With a mission to enhance one’s wellness, you cannot go wrong with Eminence. They promise to deliver happiness with their skincare products, and on top of that, they plant a tree for every product sold! They sell everything from face cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and serums, to cosmetics and kits. On their website, they include a category to search for products by your skin type, so you know you are getting the very best for your unique self.


Image Professional Skincare Products

A global brand founded by an esthetician and plastic surgeon, Image is a highly recommended brand by many. They base all their products on clean clinical and mindful formulas. If you think that’s amazing, check out the variety of products they offer, everything from skincare, to makeup, to even collagen drinks! Currently, they are having a spring sale with their new 2021 launch.


Murad Professional Skincare Products

As a company that cares about its customers, Murad hosts Skin Wellness workshops on their website. On top of that, you can find products based on your skin problems. They have categories of solutions for acne, large pores, brightening, and everything under the sun! Besides skincare, Murad also sells supplements, kits, and regimens for all your skin needs.


Eminence Professional Skincare Products

Eminence is passionate about eco-friendly solutions. They have an initiative called Forests For The Future, where they participate in growing a green community. Check out the Bamboo Firming Fluid, Lilikoi Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF, and a delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant. Each of these are made with organic and natural ingredients. If you care about clean beauty, Eminence is definitely worth a try.


Obagi Professional Skincare Products

Obagi has been around for a little over 30 years now which is more than enough time to perfect their formulas. Each formula is clinically tested to ensure the very best results. You can pick the very best product for your skin on their website with their online skin test, skin concern category, and physician finder locator. After you’re done browsing through products, at checkout Obagi even includes a complimentary gift!


PCA Skin Products

Developed by a dermatologist and esthetician, PCA was brought to life. You know it’s a good brand when professionals are behind it! Statistics even show that over one million PCA skin peels are performed globally each year. Some of their best-sellers are a Blemish Control Bar, Advanced Hexylresorcinol cream, and their Peptide Soothing serum.


Dermalogica Professional Skincare Products

Known for creating custom skincare solutions for those unique combo problems, Dermalogica is one of the top brands on the market. Founded in 1986 and still selling strong. They have concentrated boosters, facial serums, skincare kits, and much more. Each formulated with the best ingredients.


SkinCeuticals Skincare Products

The mission here is to improve skin health overall and not just temporarily hide the problems. SkinCeuticals believes in getting to the root of the problem. This idea developed from a skin cancer researcher who made a breakthrough with antioxidants and now includes them in all their products. Some of their products include a 15% L-Ascorbic Acid, Hydrating B5 Gel, and a Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight cream.


Skinmedica Skincare Products

Skinmedica dedicates years of research to create the right formulas for each skin concern. Some of their products include a Neck Correct Cream, TNS Advanced Serum, Pigment Correcting Serum, and a Bright Eye Cream. Their website has a loyalty program where you can earn your money back with points and keep coming back for more!


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Products

Dr.Dennis believes in cruelty-free, vegan, and clean ingredients. As 2021 statistics show, clean beauty is rapidly gaining popularity. A clean conscience is important to the public when purchasing skincare products, and Dr.Dennis knows this. On their website, you can choose products based on something called, “My Skin File.” Find each of your skin concerns, skin type, and even level of stress to help you pick out a product right for you! Some products include at-home peels,  masks, serums, and sun protection. If that’s not enough, they also offer a masterclass, so you know you have all the education you need before using their products.


Neocutis Skincare Products 

Known for their medical-grade products, Neocutis is rooted in research. Over 15 years of research, clinical trials, and principles are put into each product. You can shop based on your skin concerns, or category. They carry Proprietary Peptides, Intensive Serums, and post-treatment products. Neocutis shows their advanced research in each product.


Epionce Skincare Products

Enhance your glow with the botanical formulas of Epionce. Currently on sale, you can easily try their 5 times award-winning cleanser that cuts dirt and soothes the skin. Epionce was developed in 1989 after Dr.Carl researched the skin concerns his patients were facing. Each formula is unique only to Epionce and never developed by a private manufacturer.


Avene Skincare Products

Created in a small village in the southwest of France, Avene is recommended by dermatologists worldwide with over 275 years of expertise under their belt. The most unique ingredient that makes Avene so special is the thermal spring water they use in their formulas. They have products for each skin concern including anti-aging, acne-prone, dehydrated skin, and eczema-prone skin. If you don’t know where to start, check out their daily essentials category!


Esthetician Tools For Skincare Products


Must-Have Products for Spa Business

Everyone has their go-to product and list of favorites. Every esthetician's clinic needs at least a few items from that list in order to be a success. Remember, customers, come to you for the services they cannot have at home.


Products For Facial Treatments

The skincare products you use for facials can either make or break your customer’s experience. The first and most important thing is to pick a variety of products so y9our customer has some choices, this makes the experience more fun.  

Facial Treatment Products to Carry:

  • Professional Peel Masks
  • Bentonite Clay Facial Masks
  • Charcoal Facial Masks
  • Hydrating Facial Masks
  • Glycolic Facial Masks
  • Mud Facial Masks
  • Calming Aloe Masks
  • CBD Skin Care and Oil
  • Antioxidant Serums
  • Retinol Creams


Esthetician Wax Products

Besides coming to a spa for a luxury experience, customers trust their professional estheticians to provide the best services and the best products. Choosing top-of-the-line wax formulas is an important task. The wax you use needs to be capable of dealing with the thickest hairs and the most delicate skins.


Types of Wax:

  • Hard wax
  • Soft wax
  • Sugaring paste
  • Roll-ons
  • Paraffin and Frangos


Wax Products:

  • Amber Depilatory wax
  • Cirepil Classic Strip wax
  • Satin Smooth waxes
  • Epillyss wax
  • Starpil Stripless Blue wax


Products For Facial Machines

High-tech tools are a must when it comes to a facial machine. When using a facial machine, you want the latest product that can give your client what they want. With services becoming accessible at home, people are getting a hang of doing their own skincare. But one thing that will keep them coming back to you, is your machines!


Products to Consider:

  • Zemits SonoSilk Skin Scrubber
  • DermeLuxx
  • Zemits Meister NG
  • CCI Beauty Cosmo 15


Esthetician Brow Products 

The role of an esthetician is everything under the sun when it comes to appearance. Brow technicians and estheticians enhance customer’s eyebrows using a variety of methods including threading, waxing, tinting, and microblading.

Brow Tint:


  • RefectoCil: Tints brows and lashes. Also comes in a variety of colors.
  • Apraise: Eyelash and brow tint. Comes in 5 colors.
  • ViBrowLash Cream: Tints brows and lashes. Needs to be activated with the ViBrowLash Activator


Brow Threading: 

  • Cocojojo Threading Eyebrow Removal
  • S.H.A.P.E.S Brow
  • Silk & Stone
  • Melted Brow


Brow Waxing:

  • GiGi Pro Waxing Kit
  • Oakeer Microbead Wax
  • Nad’s Hard Wax
  • Starsoft Firm
  • Starpil Calendula Film Hard Wax


Brow Microblading: 

  • Mink Brows Microblading Tools
  • Tina Davies Microblading
  • Beauty Group Shop Microblading
  • Deluxe Brows Microblading Supplies


Esthetician Lash Products 

How to choose the best eyelash extension supplies? You will be in need of lash extension products and tools to offer amazing service as well as the right kind of tools.

List of needed tools:

  • Different Types of Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyelash Extension Glue
  • Pre-Treatment and Primer
  • Lash Glue Remover
  • Lash Cleanser
  • Gel Pads for Eyelash Extensions
  • Other Must-Have Tools
  • Tweezers


Best eyelash extension brands

  • Scala Individual Lash Extensions
  • Landkiz 3D Eyelash Extensions
  • Scala Pro Granting 3D Mink False Eyelashes
  • Svanslashes Eyelash Extensions
  • 3D Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions


Chemical Peel Products For Estheticians

A chemical peel can provide wonderful benefits to your client’s skin. Exfoliant serums are in almost every women’s household, but a chemical peel is just one ofo those services they have to see an esthetician for. Make sure you have a variety of peels for your clients to choose from.

Chemical Peels are Popular for:

  • Unclogging pores
  • Healing acne
  • Lightening and evening out dark spots
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles


What chemical peels do is in the title. With the application of specific chemicals, they can provide benefits to the skin. Though the benefits of each chemical peel depend on its strength and the type of application you use. They can be a lotion, cleanser, and gel. A chemical peel will dissolve the outermost layer of your client’s skin, allowing it to peel off the following days.

Chemical Peel Products:

  • TCA Peel 7
  • Dream Peel Vitamin A
  • Jessner’s Peel
  • Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel
  • Phloretin CF With Ferulic Acid


Refrigerator For Skin Care Products

The new fad in skincare is to own a small fridge for storing products. Keeping products cool is not always necessary but most definitely feels like a luxury your client will enjoy! As an esthetician, you tend to carry more delicate products that need somewhere cold to be stored. These include all-natural products and certain face masks. The clients that are particular about only using natural products will thank you!

Top Skincare Refrigerators

  • Caynel Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer:
  • Cooluli Mini Fridge
  • Face Tory Portable Beauty Fidge
  • Vanity Planet Fria Skincare Fridge
  • Nostalgia Retro Fridge
  • Flawless Finishing Touch
  • Teami Mini Fridge
  • Uber Application UB-XL1
  • Wayfair Ktaxon


Skincare Inventory Tracking Systems


Known as a comprehensive ERP solution, ProcessPro offers a full manufacturing, financial counting, and inventory tracking system. This system is backed up by Microsoft with all the latest software. For a business that runs across multiple countries and industries, this could be the system for you. The broad functional capabilities across multiple industries and is the only ERP system you will need.


Batch Master ERP

BatchMaster Software is developed as a formula-based, process manufacturing application. Use this software for tracking, managing, creating separate formulas and packaging specifications. Manage and track your inventory movements, the inventory’s weights, and volumes in a variety of units of measure.


Cosmetri Product Manager

Cosmetri Product Manager is designed to help cosmetics and personal care businesses manage all areas of business, including inventory tracking. On top of that, it includes a dictionary of specific cosmetic ingredients. Some features include a compliance checker, labels management, advanced formulation tools, and batch management.



MRPeasy is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based software designed to be user-friendly and aid in planning for small manufacturers. The tool helps manage production scheduling, inventory, and sales. This software is specifically designed for health and beauty professions. It’s ideal for a company with 10-200 employees. If you’re new to this, Youll love the free trial!


Lascom Lime

Designed by over 10 years of collaboration with both manufacturers and suppliers, Lascom Lime is a top choice for the beauty and personal care industry. From the cosmetic and personal care industries. Made to be an affordable solution for all tracking needs. It also includes formulation and USDA data for all your ingredients, a manufacturing process, and batch sheets.


How To Sell Products As An Esthetician 

1. Ask clients the right questions.

Ask specific questions so you can get to the root of their skin concerns asap. Then you can easily direct them to the right product. Create a basic list of questions you will ask every client, so you don’t have to spend time thinking or getting side-tracked!

2. Don’t sell to clients, educate them.

No one likes a pushy salesman. Educate your customers why they should use the products you are suggesting. Use your knowledge as a skincare professional and explain to them why their skin needs a particular product. In this way, your client understands the value of seeing a skincare professional, an expert in skincare that can partner with them on creating great skin for life.

3. Show them around.

Demonstrate the product on a client! Everyone loves a good sample before becoming a loyal customer. Customers love testing products and studies even show sales perform best when an experience is involved.

4. Have a good professional image.

Books are judged by their cover. This is especially true when a client comes in shopping for the best care and experience they can find. Dress well, professional, and show your potential client that you know your field. If you have staff give them the same talk about professionalism in the workplace.

5. Believe in your products. 

A client knows when you don’t believe your own products. They can easily sniff it out when you haven’t sampled anything you sell, so try the products out yourself. This will also help you point out all the benefits and wonders you can provide!

6. Offer spa products Exclusively 

Exclusivity is known as the key to performing well at a spa or salon. Offer top quality and professional skincare brands. Always look at reviews and learn about each product. Many of the products we have listed in this article are exclusive to spas and salons.

7. Keep your retail shelf organized, stocked, and clean. 

Never neglect your displays. Create the ambiance of clean, peace, and abundance. Keep seasonal products so you can change them, showing your clients you can offer fresh and new products. Have good lighting that works with your display. Let the shelves sell your products for you!

8. Offer gifts with purchases.

Gifts feel like a return on investment (ROI). For example, if a client buys a hand lotion, offer them a free mini. Clients will feel special when presented with gifts and this keeps them coming back! Try family discounts, friend discounts, and seasonal coupons.

9. Use Social Media. 

Engage with your clients and keep them updated with social media. Highlights, reels, and stories are the latest way to show what’s going on in your spa. Another use for social media is reminding your clients of their appointments with a quick message. This adds a personal touch that every client will truly appreciate. 

10. Create selling goals.

Always show products at the end of your client’s appointment. Make it your retail goal to sell products to each client, whether it’s one or more. You can help them by selling them a product to take home.



Learn about some professional skincare brands such as: 

  • Zemits
  • Eminence
  • Image
  • Murad
  • Obagi

Choose the right skincare products for you. Some include PCA, Dermalogica, SkinCeuticals, Skinmedica, and Dr. Dennis Gross. Not just products but tools are important as well! Check out facial treatments for your clinic as well as wax products.

Wax Products to carry:

  • Amber Depilatory wax
  • Cirepil Classic Strip wax
  • Satin Smooth waxes
  • Epillyss wax
  • Starpil Stripless Blue wax

Keep in mind facial machines are a must in an estheticians clinic. Tools for everything for appearances from eyebrows to lips are a must!

Brow Products:

  • RefectoCil: Tints brows and lashes. Also comes in a variety of colors.
  • Apraise: Eyelash and brow tint. Comes in 5 colors.
  • ViBrowLash Cream: Tints brows and lashes. Needs to be activated with the ViBrowLash Activator


Carry equipment for brow threading, waxing, and microblading. Check out lash products such as Scala Individual Lash Extensions, Landkiz 3D Eyelash Extensions, Scala Pro Granting 3D Mink False Eyelashes, and Svanslashes Eyelash Extensions. Learn about chemical Peel products so you may be knowledgeable about what you carry. There are a variety of chemical peels available. 

Storing skincare and beauty products in a fridge is a new advancement though necessary for estheticians. Check out some refrigerators such as the Caynel Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer,  the Cooluli Mini Fridge, the Face Tory Portable Beauty Fidge, and the Vanity Planet Fria Skincare Fridge.

A skincare inventory tracking system is a must when you begin having clients. You must track your inventory, client’s appointments, and finances.


Check out these tracking systems:

  • ProcessPro
  • Batch Master ERP
  • Cosmetri Product Manager
  • MRPEasy
  • Lascom Lime


Selling your products as an esthetician is very important. We’ve created a list of bullet points to keep in mind when getting into the selling business.

1. Ask clients the right questions.

2. Don’t sell to clients, educate them.

3. Show them around.

4. Have a good professional image.

5. Believe in your products.

6. Offer spa products Exclusively.

7. Keep your retail shelf organized, stocked, and clean.

8. Offer gifts with purchases.

9. Use Social Media.

10. Create selling goals.

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