Rodan And Fields Products: Overview, Reviews, Competitors

Rodan And Fields Products: Overview, Reviews, Competitors

Rodan And Fields Professional Skincare

Rodan + Fields is a well-established company that specializes in skincare which carries extensive product lines suitable for most skin types. Founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields who are experts in the field of dermatology and have trainings in Stanford, formulated innovative skincare products under their brand name. With more than 3 decades in practice, they were able to designed Rodan + Fields products that are based on extensive scientific research and clinical studies.

Rodan + Fields has various product lines that will address different skin concerns which are part of R+F regimens. The product lines are formulated to suit both young and maturing skin. The Recharge is designed for younger market which offers skin protection and moisturization. Unblemish is a dual function skincare line that helps solve breakouts while addressing early signs of skin aging. Teens and young adults could benefit by using the Spotless line which aims to control breakouts. For uneven skin tone, the Reverse line promises to address discolorations and improvement of skin tone. Redefine is suitable for maturing skin which provides firming and smoothening of wrinkles. There is also the Soothe product line that is best for people who have sensitive skin. For other miscellaneous products they fall under the Essentials line. However, Rodan + Fields also have Enhancements which are considered add-ons to boost the effectiveness of regimens. R+F also carries Pro Skincare Tools consisting of a skin pore cleansing system and derma roller that exfoliates when use together with a R+F serum.  Products can be purchased as a regimen set or per item. 


Rodan and Fields Certification

Where Can I Get My Rodan and Fields Certification?

Rodan + Fields offers a robust business opportunity for anyone who wants to be a certified consultant and officially sell their products. Any interested business minded individual can easily join by accessing the R+F enrolment page on their official website. Another way of becoming an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields is by simply enrolling to another consultant’s personal website. They provide a nurturing business community that comes with flexible terms with expert customer support. Rodan + Fields consultants can earn at their own phase and at their own time.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Rodan and Fields Independent Consultant

  • Great opportunity to have an extra source of income
  • Potential for growth and to earn more by being part of a billion-dollar company with expansions to more countries
  • Convenient business scheme that is available through R+F app to track sales, customers, access effective expert training programs and expert advices with no need to worry about inventory. A full support system is conveniently within reach via the app.
  • Help others by offering innovative and effective skincare products that garnered more than 20 industry awards and was recognized as the number 1 premium skincare brand in the U.S. for 4 consecutive years (2016 to 2020)


How Much Does It Cost to Become Rodan + Fields Skin Certified Independent Consultant?

In order to become a certified Rodan + Fields consultant one must purchase a R+F business starter package. The starter pack carries salable items and will easily jumpstart the business for a minimal one-time fee of only $75.

A one-time offer sent through a limited invitation for newly registered Rodan and Fields consultant will give an additional 30% off the consultant base price on selected products.

What is Rodan + Fields PULSE by Penny?

Rodan + Fields has exclusively designed a web-based suite that offers tools which registered independent RF consultants can access. They can easily tap to access business insights, customer relationship and management resources. Access to support is valuable for business growth, productivity and increased sales which are all significant for retaining clientele ensuring costumer’s satisfaction.

There are 2 available PULSE versions for Rodan + Fields which are the Basic and PULSE Pro.

  • PULSE Basic Consultant Account- this will allow the user to have instant access to basic business tools including business insights. There is also a pool of valuable resources that can help in managing customers, business development and improving team performance. This is free of charge for all consultants without a need for a subscription.
  • PULSE PRO Consultant Account- is an efficient way for R+F consultants to easily and immediately establish a good online presence for their business. Aside from the Pulse Basic business tool offerings, a professional Rodan and Fields consultant will start enjoying business automated systems.

Advantages of Rodan + Fields Professional Consultant Account

  • It features seamless automated transaction systems that will allow consultants to enroll new consultants under their account. Newly enrolled consultants will be automatically linked to the respective Rodan + Fields ID.
  • PULSE Pro consultants will have 2 unique websites that are personalized. Pro account will include a storefront public website featuring a one-of-a-kind website name chosen by the consultant. The second website is designated for prospective R+F new consultants wherein they will be given access to valuable information and business insights.
  • R and F consultants under the PULSE PRO will have the option to provide a personalized skincare routine to customers which will perfectly suit their skin conditions. This feature is accessible via the Rodan + Fields Solution Tool.
  • Pulse Pro consultants will gain full access to Rodan and Fields virtual platform with advanced business management and sales tools.

How much does it cost to gain access Rodan + Fields PULSE by Penny?

R+F Pulse Basic for consultants is free of charge and will be readily available once a consultant gets certified. While the PULSE Pro consultant comes with a subscription fee of US $24.95 plus applicable taxes on a monthly basis. Pulse Pro is optional and may be cancelled by the consultant any time through the cancellation policy.

Is Rodan and Fields Skincare Medical Grade?

Rodan + Fields skincare products were formulated by dermatologists and backed by years of scientific research. Each RF product undergone strict clinical trials proving their high quality with effectiveness. However, the products were not labeled as medical-grade but can be considered as dermatologist approved and recommended.

Is Rodan and Fields Skincare Cruelty Free?

Rodan + Fields skincare products and its corresponding formulas were never tested on animals and deemed to be cruelty-free. What they do to test products is to employ alternate in-lab testing methods with paid willing participants and oftentimes tests were conducted to company staff volunteers to validate safety and formulation efficacy.

Is Rodan and Fields Skincare Vegan?

Products under the Rodan + Fields brand are not totally considered vegan since some formulations contain animal derived ingredients such as honey or milk to effectively deliver valuable clinical results.

Are the ingredients in R+F products safe?

Each product is formulated following the strict manufacturing guidelines set by the FDA which regularly reviews testing data and information on ingredients. Rodan + Fields is a member of the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC). Irritancy testing on all products were conducted to determine the ability of an ingredient to cause irritation. R+F products also went through rigid third-party dermatologist supervised clinical trials ensuring efficacy and safety.

Can pregnant or nursing women safely use Rodan + Fields products?

It is recommended to seek professional medical advice for pregnant or nursing women before embarking into any skincare regimen. It is best to bring the R+F ingredient list for further information.

Are the products of Rodan and Fields gluten-free?

Most formulations for the R+F products do not contain oats or wheat derivatives at the moment. However, there are two products which may contain gluten and these are Soothe Daily Mineral Sunscreen and Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment.

What is the shelf life of Rodan and Fields products?

Shelf life depends on the type of formulation and the ingredients the products have. The FDA mandates that all over-the-counter products must have an expiration date printed or labeled on the outer packaging and inner which is on the product itself. With cosmetic products that are non-OTC and have no listed expiration date, based on FDA shelf-life testing guidelines, products have a minimum of two years upon production unless otherwise specified.


Rodan And Fields Skin Alternatives/Product Comparison

Rodan And Fields vs PCA Skin

PCA Skin is a brand of skincare product and has been known as a frontliner when it comes to chemical peels for over 25 years. Considering the long brand experience, PCA has reported more than a million PCA Skin peel services performed each year on its global market. When it comes to global arena, PCA Skin is popular with chemical peels that they offer. On the other hand, Rodan + Fields which also have various product lines including non-invasive natural gentle peels are currently available in selected countries but on its way to make global expansions very soon.

When it comes to formulations and selection of ingredients, both brands carry propriety blends of nature derived ingredients which were clinically tested by both popular skincare companies. Both claims to have extensive scientific research when formulating a product. PCA Skin and R+F offer cruelty free products that are available in sets or regimens to specifically provide effective care for many skin types and concerns. Prices for both skincare brands are in the mid to high price range which carry an extensive array of different products for face and body.

Purchasing products from both PCA Skin and Rodan + Fields is easy since consumers can avail items from their respective websites for convenience. However, R+F has certified consultants which offer more value in terms of personal approach and professional skincare advices.

Rodan and Fields vs Skinceuticals

Skinceuticals and Rodan + Fields both reported to have develop effective skincare products that are backed up by science. These two well-known companies are based in the U.S. and both regulated and compliance with FDA. In terms of availability, both skincare giants have official websites and registered sales consultants. There are no retail physical outlets for both brands however when it comes to global market reach outside U.S., Rodan and Fields are available only in Japan, Canada and Australia while Skinceuticals is being sold in 25 countries.

For manufacturing standards, Skinceuticals utilizes pharmaceutical grade ingredients with matching formulations that are medical grade. However, Rodan and Fields does not make this claim instead the brand boasts dermatologist inspired formulations. In terms of price points, both Rodan + Fields and SkinCeuticals can be categorized in the mid to high range products.

Rodan and Fields vs DMK

DMK stands for Danné Montague-King, the name of the founder of DMK Skin Revision and creator of DMK skincare product line. He is a biochemist and a botanical scientist that spent more than five decades into researching and formulating naturally based skincare products that promises to resolve skin concerns within the skin structure. Rodan and Fields and DMK are companies both based in U.S. and offer effective nature derived formulated products.

The difference in their approach lies in their marketing strategy whereas, R+F skincare products are sold through independent consultants which can be access conveniently online while DMK can only be purchased through DMK Clinic wherein a DMK Skin Revision Technician will have to prescribe specific products suited for their customers. Price range for both skincare brands is quite similar which is in the mid to high range bracket.

Rodan and Fields vs Obagi

Obagi was founded by Dr. Susan Obagi which is similar with Rodan + Fields wherein the founders are all skin experts-dermatologists. The Obagi brand has been in the beauty business since 1988 and has categorized their product line into 2 sections. There’s Obagi Medical that offers skin care products that are targeted to minimize wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation and skin tone. While the Obagi Clinical products are for the prevention of skin damage and maintaining healthy skin. Rodan and Fields skincare products offer the same kinds of solutions but instead of having 2 separate categories, R+F has various regimens for every skin concern.

When it comes to brand recognition, both Obagi and Rodan + Fields have bagged various awards in the skincare industry. Marketing strategy differs for both wherein R+F has registered consultants while most Obagi products are being sold by doctors in a clinic set-up which will need a prescription. Their respective websites have an option for customers to learn more about the products and shop online with locator tool that will direct to authorized dealers or clinics in an area. Price points for Obagi skincare products may be a little bit expensive than Rodan and Fields.

Rodan + Fields vs Dermalogica

These companies are both popular and earned recognition in terms of offering quality formulated skincare products. However, Dermalogica has been in the skincare industry since 1986 while Rodan + Fields launched its products in 2003. Both brands carry an extensive line of professional-grade products for all skin types. The skincare products from both brands are derived from nature with botanical propriety that were properly researched and clinically tested for safety and efficacy.

Dermalogica is widely use by professional skin therapists in over 100 countries while Rodan + Fields is widely known by skin professionals for their chemical peels. Customers can easily access product information from the respective website of these companies with option to shop online. In terms of affordability, R+F and Dermalogica both fall under the mid to high range price category.

Rodan and Fields vs Murad

Murad is a well-known brand trusted by dermatologists which offers skincare regimen for skin renewal and age redefining. However, Rodan and Fields has specific regimens that also include skin rejuvenation and anti-aging solution. These two companies claim to have the best nature inspired propriety blends of ingredients formulated through extensive scientific research and clinical trials.

Murad founded in 1989 by Dr. Howard Murad claims to be the first brand of clinical skincare products while Rodan + Fields was established by Stanford trained duo of dermatologists in 2007. When it comes to availability Murad offers over-the-counter medical grade skincare products while R+F products are exclusively sold by consultants. However, prices from these two known brands differ but fall under the mid to high price range.

Rodan and Fields vs Skinmedica

Developed over a period of 2 decades, Skinmedica was founded by the same company who invented Botox. With this in mind, some customers are more likely to lean towards the brand with a well-known reputation while Rodan + Fields is steady making its mark in in the skincare industry. There is a wide selection of products to choose from both brands similarly working in addressing age related problems, skin discolorations, sensitive skin among others.

Rodan + Fields vs Jan Marini

Jan Marini Research Skin is a California based company founded in 1994 that offers an extensive line of skincare products. Rodan and Fields who happened to be founded by doctors who created Proactive Solution which is a successful brand that treats acne problems., has been formulating skincare products that are backed by science since 2007. Both companies offer business opportunities for individuals who are interested to sell their skincare brands. However, in terms of market reach, these companies have different strategies. Jan Marini boasts more than 10 thousand resellers nationwide in its network while R+F reported to have more than 300,000 independent consultants with over 2 million preferred clients.

Jan Marini and R+F have formulations that were extensively researched and somewhat have similarities in terms of ingredients specially on the anti-aging category that typically contains anti-oxidant complex and other unique propriety blends derived from nature. Price range for both Rodan+Fields and Jan Marini are quite similar which falls under the mid to high range.

Rodan and Fields Skin Professional Products: The Best Sellers

Rodan + Fields Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

The R+F Micro Dermabrasion Paste under the Enhancements product line is an add-on skin regimen that should be done once to three times a week depending on skin condition. This product aims to lift off dead skin cells and impurities revealing a smoother skin surface with gentle exfoliation action. It is designed to effectively promote a more vibrant and brighter looking skin which can be used for both face and body.

Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum

The Active Hydration Serum provides an immediate 200% boost on skin hydration levels. It quickly seals in much needed moisture on the top layer of skin for a healthier appearance. Its non-greasy formula is easily absorbed by the skin and can be added to any skincare regimen to deliver much effective results.

Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream

The Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream is formulated with natural ingredients and botanical extracts. It promises to visibly reduce major indications of aging in the eye area. It can provide protection to the delicate skin while providing nourishment through vitamins and antioxidants. Regular use will promote youthful appearance in the eye area with visibly firmer skin and less appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Rodan + Fields Total RF Serum

This is one of the most popular Rodan and Fields anti-aging products that is innovatively formulated with the patented RF TriEnergy Complex. RF Total anti-aging serum aims to revitalize millions of outer skin cells by 200% to provide solutions to skin aging. The result would be a healthier and younger looking skin with smoother skin texture.

Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Regimen

This is Rodan and Fields top selling anti-aging skincare regimen set that promises to lift, firm and sculpt maturing skin. In the process, it helps in dramatically minimizing deep wrinkles and lines with visible results. It features a unique formulation that combines the power of Retinoid with peptide technology to enhance skin appearance and fight signs of aging. The Redefine Regimen comes with a cleanser, toner, day and night lotion, and day and night cream in each set.

Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Body Replenish

R+F Active Hydration Body Replenish is a moisturizer cream for the body ideal for daily use. It promises to provide intensive all-over hydration that prevents moisture loss. The unique formulation can instantly nourish the skin while continuously providing hydration. Regular use will result in visibly smoother, supple and healthier skin.

R + F Lash Boost

Recognized as the number 1 eyelash serum in the U.S. in 2020, the R+F Lash Boost is an in-demand product that provides nourishment to eyelashes and can also be applied on eyebrows. When use nightly, the Rodan and Fields lash serum will promote thicker, stronger and darker looking lashes and brows. It will add definition and volume for a more attractive eye feature.

Rodan +Fields UNBLEMISH Regimen

Sold as a set, the R+F Unblemish Regimen is formulated to provide effective solution on acne prone skin for adults. It is a multi-functional skincare routine set that works in addressing breakouts while diminishing early signs of skin aging. It effectively removes impurities and dirt to prevent further breakouts for an even skin tone while decreasing the appearance of fine lines.

Rodan + Fields SPOTLESS Regimen

The R+F Spotless Regimen is created to provide effective skin treatment for teens and young adults. It is a 2-step easy to use skincare system that will resolve acne problems and skin blemishes which are common in this age group. It will help eliminate breakouts while providing deep pore cleansing action. The Spotless skincare system will also help control excessive oil and shine.

Rodan + Fields REVERSE Regimen

The R+F Reverse Regimen is a multi-tasking skincare system consisting of several products that aim to provide instant glow while reducing skin discoloration and lessening the appearance of fine lines. With continued use, skin becomes smoother with more even skin texture and it minimizes signs of skin aging.

Rodan + Fields RECHARGE Regimen

The R+F Recharge Regimen is a 3-part skin routine system that consists of a cleanser, moisturizer and a broad-spectrum sun protection. It suitable for people in their 20s who have an active lifestyle. This Rodan and Fields regimen promises to combat skin dullness and dryness while providing effective protection barrier against harsh elements and environmental stressors.

Rodan + Fields SOOTHE Regimen

The R+F Soothe Regimen is a simple 4-step skincare system that is specifically formulated for people who have sensitive skin. It fortifies the skin with essential nourishments that will protect, calm and help reduce the appearance of redness. It helps provide relief for dry itchy sensitive skin while making it healthier.

Rodan and Fields Company Overview

Rodan + Fields as a company has an interesting story with twists and turns that allowed the business to evolved in a positive way. It was back in the 80s at the Stanford School of Medicine when the meeting of the minds transpired. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields both dermatologists, had a vision that led to the development of popular skincare brand that is synonymous to effective acne treatment which is Proactiv Solution in the 90s.

Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields launched Rodan + Fields that carries a wide range of skincare line that addresses skin discoloration to eliminating signs of aging. By 2003, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. acquired Rodan and Fields. However, the founding doctors had the opportunity to buy back the company that they established. R+F had a relaunch it and encourage many others to join the company as R+F Independent Consultants.

Today, Rodan + Fields has a wide array of product lines that are geared towards addressing various skin problems and conditions. The company now is popular with their innovative regimen sets which feature scientifically back-up formulation. Their products they are labeled as ‘dermatologically inspired’ with cruelty-free and naturally derived ingredients. The company becomes the number 1 skincare brand in the U.S. in 2016 and continued on for four consecutive years. In 2020, Rodan + Fields has garnered another distinction which is the #1 Premium Skincare Regimen Brand in the U.S.

Interested resellers can sign-up on the official R+F website to become a certified Rodan and Fields independent consultants which already have reached 300,000 with more business minded individuals are eager to be part of this company.

What Does Rodan + Fields Skin Stand For?

Rodan + Fields represents the names of its founding doctors- Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. The mission behind the creation of R+F is to give everyone an access to dermatology inspired skincare products.

Rodan And Fields Social Media Accounts

Aside from the official brand website, this skincare brand has strong presence in the social media and has accounts with almost all popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Rodan + Fields Customer Support - Rodan and Fields Address

Rodan + Fields customer support are accessible in various platforms; a live chat is available on their website every day from 8:00 AM until 5PM PST. They can also be contacted via Text through 1-844-979-4596 available 24/7. Inquiring individuals could also make a call at R+F hotline number   415-273-8000. Rodan + Fields Headquarters is located at #60 Spear Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94105

Rodan + Fields Customer Reviews

When it comes to skin, many people are taking steps to ensure to have an appearance of a healthy glow. The skin especially on the face, is a reflection of a healthy persona and many factors can affect the condition of the skin. A person who has a healthy skin with a youthful glow normally hears words of praises from others. People may purchase Rodan and Fields products for various reasons since no skin is alike in terms of condition, texture, tone and even hydration. Good thing they have extensive product lines to address all these.

There are many good reviews for Rodan + Fields skincare products echoing the benefits of its users. However, there are also bad Rodan and Fields reviews which voiced out the frustrations from the users’ points of view.

On the Rodan + Fields official website, the bestselling skincare products garnered very encouraging reviews and are well-accepted among their loyal clients:

  • Redefine Regimen got an excellent 4.7/5 stars from almost 3000 users
  • R + F Lash Boost garnered very impressive reviews marked at 4.8/5 stars out of 4,500 ratings
  • Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex got a good 4.5/5 stars rating from 3200 clients
  • Active Serum Hydration also got a high rating of 4.8/5 stars out of 5400 users

However, it would be unbelievable to say that there are no negative Rodan and Fields reviews and the best way to check it is from reputable websites and e-commerce platform such as Amazon. It is recommended to get R+F products from a certified independent consultant or directly at the official website since they can offer skincare advice, uncompromised product quality and it is much affordable.

Rodan + Fields Positive Reviews Summary from Amazon (50 positive global ratings)

The positive user reviews for Rodan and Fields are centered on the aspect of efficacy and are results oriented. Most positive user reviews shared that with regular use and in under a few weeks, R+F products manifested visible good results. Skin tone becomes even, skin texture smoother with some happy users satisfied seeing diminished fine lines and wrinkles. Breakouts are a thing of the past for most Amazon buyers.

Amazon Rodan + Fields Customers negative comments:

Even though the majority of reviews for R+F products over at Amazon are positive, a few users who gave a good rating expressed some negative feedback in terms of affordability and the slow progress. They said that if there is lower priced product with the same Rodan and Fields formulation, they will choose to buy this instead in order for them to continue with the effective R+F regimen.

Rodan + Fields Negative Reviews Summary from Amazon (16 negative global ratings)

If there are good points there are also bad points when it comes to skincare products. We can all agree, that skin differs from one person to another. Others can quickly absorb the beneficial properties of Rodan and Fields products but due to varying skin conditions, some customers will not quickly see visible results while others complained of some minor irritations.

Amazon Rodan + Fields Customers Critical Reviews:

A few users on Amazon rated R+F Redefine Regimen 1 star which centered on product inability to deliver promising results. Others complained about skin breakouts and irritations. Most negative Rodan and Fields reviews highlight on the high price tag for a little amount.

Some users also cautioned buyers to only get their Rodan + Fields products from certified independent consultant which will guarantee authenticity and efficacy with return refund policy. This statement came out several times on the negative Amazon reviews “It is against Rodan + Fields corporate policy to sell items on a site like Amazon.”

Rodan + Fields Bottomline:

Rodan + Fields offers amazing skincare products that provides complete regimen to treat various skin concerns. Backed by science and intensive research with good number of clinical trials, R+F products might fall under the more expensive brand category just like the ones you can buy in department store or specialty shops. But overall, customers who tried using their products on a regular basis can testify that they are happy with the results and its worth every penny spent.


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