How To Start A Waxing Business?

How To Start A Waxing Business?

Beauty products have been used for centuries. The demand for personal care products increases as people become more and more indulge in beauty trends. It's costly. I know. But, for people like me who would take beautification to the next level, it is more than worthy! My face and body are the most expensive possession I could ever have. Let's say it's a lifelong investment.

You, too, can do the same or the other way around. Instead of purchasing products, why not make your own. Starting a business might be for you. A beauty line product or service perhaps? A waxing studio is a good choice as well since many people are into body waxing these days. Waxing becomes a hot trend amongst young people, either women or men. You can see people online being so extravagant using cool and colorful waxes. 

Waxing is no longer a side service a salon can offer. It is now one of the leading businesses in the beauty industry. Thus, the demand for waxing products and services is increasing.


Types of Waxing Businesses

The body waxing hair-removal industry is expanding in the global market. Making it one of the sought-after and profitable businesses in the personal care domain. You can begin a waxing business with any of the following waxing businesses. 

Waxing Salon

Always been saying that a business meets high expenses. A high cost is expected to establish a waxing spa. The expenses are not limited to building the infrastructure, materials and equipment purchase, energy and water utility, and manpower salary. And if you don't have space, you'll have to pay extra for the rent and other expenditures. It costs you the bulk of the amount for a start-up, but convenience and good service will ensure repeat and referral business. Good service means giving the customer satisfactory results along with high-class equipment and trusted waxing products. 


One advantage of investing in a waxing studio is the number of customers that can be accommodated at a time; remember - more customers, more sales, more revenue.

Mobile Waxing Business

You can try a mobile waxing business if you're out of budget for a studio. You'll just need to have a car, driver's license, and license to operate. Other than these, you'll also need a checklist of equipment and products to do waxing. Bear in mind that you are doing mobile service, so everything must be in your car and as portable as possible. 


Being a mobile waxing specialist brings benefits to the table. You will get a chance to work and spend a day in other places. You'll have full control of your schedule. Have some time for your loved ones, or get a day off anytime. Be flexible and independent. No extra expenses! Don't have to pay for space rent, utility bills, and labor-force fees. 


Sounds good, right? 

Be as it may, but running a mobile business isn't that easy. It has drawbacks, after all. You won't get as many customers as the spa can handle. The insufficiency of the workforce and inadequate time to serve the customers can be underlying factors.  Even so, you can do creative promotions to attract customers and let them know about you and your business details. Create a personal business account on a social media platform to prep the customers for booking.  

Waxing Business From Home


Looking for a hassle-free and cheaper business? A work-from-home setup would be a good idea. Waxing business at home is economical. Start your business in your personal space without thinking of expenses other than the equipment and waxing products. Just get a business certificate, then Voila! You can call yourself - a business owner. 


A side note: Better to recreate a space into a much like waxing studio and set up all equipment and products to look inviting. 

Is Waxing A Profitable Business?

For someone not well-acquainted with the business industry, let me give you an idea of how well waxing businesses do in the global market. I searched for a reliable source of information online. Here's what I found. 


According to global industry analysis, "The global waxing hair-removal industry is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4 percent and reach $18.8 billion by 2026."  Furthermore, in the report, it was said that the global hair removal market is experiencing a high-paced expansion in its size and valuation. Seeing an increase in beauty consciousness among consumers across the world.


So yes, waxing is profitable based on this report. How much? Well, that I can't assure yet. Let me inform you if ever I got one soon. For now, you have to focus on planning thoroughly, if you've decided to go on such business, how you gain high profit. Consider at least a different marketing strategy.  And remember that if only you take everything seriously with passion, you will succeed. 


Waxing Business Name Ideas

Choosing a name for a business is like naming a newborn child. Imagine if your parents just randomly picked your name out of nowhere. And, now that you're old, you realized it sucks.  

How would people think about you? Your name is your identity, so is your business name.  


So, try to think again and again. Match each name you created to the nature of your business. Then you'll find the perfect one that suits your business. Anyway, I do some research about coming up with a business name. Here are some guidelines.


  • You can use acronyms
  • Create mash-ups
  • Get inspiration from mythology and literature
  • Use foreign words
  • Use your name
  • Mix things up
  • Partner with another company
  • Leverage nicknames
  • Use a symbol
  • Make it descriptive
  • Use Latin
  • Look at your product from another angle
  • Abbreviate
  • Tweak the spelling
  • Tell your story
  • Talk about what you believe in
  • Pick a word from the dictionary

Waxing Classes Online

You can add a little spice to your waxing business as part of your marketing strategy. Conduct an online waxing tutorial class. It's a great way to promote your products and services.  You're not only giving instruction on how hair-removal waxing is done but also advertising and selling your service and product online. 

Waxing Salon Services 

There are famous services included in the most waxing salon services today. Take a look at the following services. It might help you decide what services best for your own waxing business.


For facial waxing, you can do:

  • Lip 
  • Chin
  • Brow
  • Lip & Chin 
  • Brow & Lip 
  • Sides of Face
  • Face (including chin and neck)


Body waxing services

  • Underarm Forearm
  • Upper Leg & Bikini
  • Upper Leg without Bikini
  • Lower Leg & Bikini
  • Lower Leg without Bikini
  • Full Leg & Bikini
  • Full Leg without Bikini
  • Men’s Back Waxing

Types of Waxing in the Salon 

Never rush to a waxing spa without knowing your skin needs. Because your skin type is your top priority. Salon owners have come up with various waxing services. These will give the customers an option what kind of waxing they want. So, I look into some of the popular types of waxing. Below are the lists of hair-removal waxing.


Cold Waxing

It is a lukewarm wax pre-applied to a strip. The wax is made for easy application. All you have to do is pull off the strip's cover, then warm it using both hands. Rub your hands lightly and place them on the strip. Pressed the strip during application. Remember to pull it against the growth of the skin. 


Hot waxing

This method is quite different from cold waxing because the hair must be removed before applying the wax. As the name suggests, hot waxing is a hot wax strip application. Best to use it in small areas like the eyebrow. 


Soft waxing

It can be a combination of cold and hot waxing. Soft waxing uses the method of letting the wax soften before application. Place it in your desired area, like legs or hands. Then, cover the waxing strip with plain-woven cotton fabric and let it dry. Wait for a while then remove the strip. Don't leave it too long.

Waxing Prices in the US

Waxing prices vary on what type of waxing service you availed. It is projected that the rate in urban areas costs more than in the north-central part of the U.S. and the south. And the rate for waxing at hotel spas and resort spas climbed up to 10% higher. 

A high-quality herb-based wax— typically more expensive. Salons or spas using this kind of wax charges extra than the ordinary waxing product.

Waxing vs. Sugaring 

Let me clarify something for you. Waxing and sugaring may be the same because both are used to remove unwanted hair. The process of applying the product also may be the same. But, the only thing they differ from is the product alone. Waxing uses wax. While sugaring is a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water. 

What is the difference between hard and soft wax? 

The difference between hard and soft wax is where you apply the wax. Hard wax works better on a small area, such as a bikini line and eyebrow, or other sensitive areas. But for large parts of the body such as the back, arms, and legs — you can use soft wax.

How long does waxing last?

Typically, waxing lasts for 3-6 weeks. Will it take this long? Well, depends on the accuracy of the wax application.  Not to mention the area where you apply the wax and how quickly your hair grows. 

Waxing Room Setup 

Think of a unique and creative design before setting up a waxing room. That's another thing customers will notice. Sometimes when buying a product or service, the first thing we do is to closely examine its appearance. 


There's a lot of room for set-up recommendations online. It might help you decide what motif is best for your own business. Be authentic and unique — that's how people are reminded of your business.

Waxing Room Dimensions 

Space for waxing is not meant for a hobbit. So, Yes. SIZE matters. 


In choosing the size of the room, consider the equipment you'll put in there. The supplies you'll store. The water and lightning as well. I would suggest a bigger room. It's most convenient to perform waxing. An average spa room ranges from 90-120 sq. feet. If you plan to put other utilities such as furniture, it's only necessary to increase the size.


Ugh, it's just so good to move freely and do your thing. You don't have to walk sideward. Or got interrupted by a falling object while passing. 


Waxing Room Design Ideas

The waxing room design usually depends on the mood and lighting. If you want a lighter mood, a dim room with your choice of light is good. But, I would recommend a bright room instead. Since it's a hair removal spa, it has to be better lighting so you can see any tiny hair left during the waxing session. 


Still okay to use dim lights but make sure to have spare light for waxing—a bright one.


Also, you can add indoor plants to give a lively and refreshing vibe. Other than that, some waxing spas decorate rooms with fancy furniture. Pebbles and candles were a new craze today too. It gives a more cozy look. 

Professional Wax For Hair Removal

Hard Wax 

A friend of mine is shy of wearing a swimsuit because of unwanted hair in the bikini line. She refuses to go on beaches for this. I told her to do hard waxing. And believe me, she's now in love with the beach. 


Hardwax works better in sensitive areas like the bikini line. You can also use it on the face and underarm. It's safe for the skin, making sure all unwanted hair is removed without harming it. 

Soft Wax 

Soft waxing isn't what it sounds like. The waxing process is more PAINFUL than hard waxing. Yeah, you read it correctly. It is PAINFUL. Ironic, right? My friends used to tell me that there is beauty in pain. I think this is it. 


But, the target of cold waxing is the larger area with the most hair. Soft waxing works best on your arms, legs, and back. You may apply soft wax at low temperatures. 


 A waxing strip is used to remove the wax and hair. This may cause redness and irritation to the applied area. Thus, post-wax care products should be put to lessen the after-effect. 

One good thing about soft wax is that it is not likely to break off when removed. 


Roll-On Wax 

Make life easier. Waxing is effortless with roll-on wax. A breakthrough wax technology that every spa has. You can now get rid of unwanted hair on your body with a seemingly professional result. 


How to use it?  Roll-on wax comes with a couple of things like a rolling mark cartridge and a warmer. Let it warm for 20 minutes. Keep in mind that whenever you do waxing, always prep your skin. Ensure that there's no presence of oil makeup, dirt, or sweat so the wax won't rot and will be able to adhere to the skin. Another thing to keep in mind — don't pull the roll-on on wax or vice versa in the same area more than once. You can only go over one time. 

Waxing Furniture 

It would be dull not to have furniture at a spa. Sometimes, it is not just the service and product we sought but the ambiance also. We get attracted to the place the first time we see it, then we keep coming back because of the vibe it gives. 


Thanks to the creative mind of owners. The overall design and good choice of furniture made spas look lavish.

Waxing Trolley 

 Keep your spa tool and supplies arranged neatly and in order with trolleys. It is portable storage meant for storing and moving waxing supplies —no need for you to keep walking around just to get supplies or tools. Never settle for a single-handed container. 

Esthetician Stool 

This chair is not one of your ordinary chairs. As the name suggests, it is specially made only for estheticians. It could be you or someone else. Well, whoever attends the customers will have to sit on the chair. 


What makes it exceptional?

It is the features. Esthetician stool comes with a Lumbar mechanism, lumbar Height and tilt adjustment, adjustable circular footrest, pneumatic lift, and casters. 

Waxing Room Equipment 

You can't do hair-removal waxing without tools. Therefore, you will need the appropriate equipment for waxing. Try to invest in high-quality, durable, and well-function tools. Like I said previously, never settle for less. 

Waxing Warmer 

A device used to melt waxes, either soft or hard.  And keep them at the optimum temperature. 

Waxing Room Sign

Decorative writing that is meant to hang outside the door. It is used as a reminder or to give the reader an idea of what’s behind the door. 

Waxing Supplies For Estheticians 

Estheticians have their supplies for waxing. To name a few are the lists below. 

Wax Cleaner

A wax cleaner can be a cotton pad and mineral oil. Put an ample amount of oil on the pad and soak it on the wax residue. Then, wipe the area with a clean cotton pad. 

Table Waxing Paper

It is a special kind of paper design for protecting the bed from spilling waxing or sugaring products.  

Nitrile/Vinyl Gloves

Disposable gloves that are resistant to the chemical. A more durable one than the ordinary gloves.

Skin Care Wipes

Used to remove residue after waxing. It also moisturizes the skin and helps soothe the affected area. 

Disposable Facial Applicator

A one-time use wooden stick. Usually, smaller than the body applicator and has a tiny head like the tip of a spatula. 

Disposable Body Spatula

Unlike the facial applicator, this one has a smooth edge and has bigger size.  

Non-Woven Waxing Strip

The strip is made of spun lace non-woven fabric and used alongside soft wax.  You can get a bundle of these. 

Non-Woven Waxing Roll 

It is similar to a non-woven waxing strip. However, this is a roll type that you can cut into a desirable size.

Wax Equipment Cleaner 

Designed to sterilize and cleanse waxing equipment.

Stretch Headbands 

Used to keep your hair intact and keep from sweat. 


Work on pulling single and short hairs. 

Pre-Waxing Oil 

Prep the skin for the prior and during the hair removal process. 

Post-Waxing Oil

Soothe and calm the skin, especially when irritated after waxing. 


The hair-removal waxing business is now entering the global market rapidly. It's a perfect time to start one too. Though a bunch of competitors are waiting, just imagine how it turns out after years. Who knows?  It might succeed. Or might as well become one of the leading waxing businesses in the beauty industry. 

Create Your Waxing Business Plan 

Plan! Plan! Plan! This is all it takes on starting a business. Create your business plan. And, try to think thoroughly about the following question.

  • How do I start my business?
  • How much will it cost to start a waxing business?
  • What are my short-term goals?
  • What are my long-term goals?
  • How do I achieve these goals?

Promote Your Waxing Business Online 

You have to expect that starting a business has a downside. Since you're not the only one in the beauty industry, you have to anticipate your business will be slack at first. For this reason, measures take place to prevent failure if it is prolonged. So here’s where advertisement comes in. 


Promote your business on all public mediums as possible. Publicizing your service is a key to let people notice your business. You can use the following platform to advertise your business.

  • Instagram 
  • Yelp 
  • Google My Business 


More so, you can also consider doing the following:


Waxing Business Cards Marketing

Do not simply count on the prior course of action. 

Create your own catchy business cards. You can customize personal cards for customers. Include the necessary information that the customers would like to know about your business. Your contact number and address must be there above all. It will give customers an immediate source to get in touch with your business anytime without logging in to any social media. 


Cards can be expensive yet, it is the most convenient way for customers to access your business.  Especially those people that are not into the online world.

Waxing Quotes

A quote is another way to have a lasting impression. You can add a captivating quote on your business card or post it on your social media account.  Somehow it helps your business be recognized by customers easily. I saw some quotes online that may help you construct one for your waxing business.







Waxing Hashtags

You may use a hashtag (#) when you post content on your social media. Choose a short and catchy word or phrase related to your waxing business. It's popular on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If people try to click the hashtag, it will automatically bring them to a collection of similar posts. They'll get a chance to take a glimpse of your business and all services and products you could offer.



I hope I gave you enough ideas on starting a waxing business. Think about the possibilities. Maybe it's your calling. If you feel your time has come to step forward, then grab every opportunity. Sometimes it takes an act of courage to earn success. 

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