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Over the last couple of years, we have been seeing a new and very exciting workout craze – the 20-minute EMS training. Designed to help sports-enthusiasts and professional athletes to greatly enhance their workout results it has also reminded everyone of the similarly amazing salon & spa EMS body and face treatment. Beauty professionals need to take advantage of this increasing demand and take notice of one of the most rapidly growing markets.

Beauty industry offers much more than just muscle stimulations. In this category, you’ll find the most amazing treatment combination that will undoubtedly have new clients running from the nearest gym right into your salon. Let’s explore and learn more about the fantastic muscle stimulation machines that are designed to treat the numerous face and body concerns.

How Does it Work?

Professional muscle stimulator machine is designed to contract the muscles by stimulating them with electric current. These intense workouts are very similar in the way the workout is conducted but show very different results. For example, when added to 20-minute workout people achieve the same exact results as after 90-minute HIIT workout, the High-intensity interval training designed to quickly burn fat and sculpts the body.

Electrical muscle stimulation machine allows the practitioner to find an individual approach to every client as there are possibilities of using different pace, intensity and specifically target the problematic areas.

In this category, you can find the best EMS muscle stimulators. We have EMS massage belts with up to 8 different massage settings, EMS massage shoes, and digital pulse massagers. There are muscle stimulator machines that are combined with infrared light treatment with numerous science-backed health and beauty benefits.

As EMS, infrared heating arrived in the beauty industry from general medicine, where it was used for acceleration of wound healing after major surgeries or injuries. And now, in tandem with the EMS treatment, you’ll be offering your clients body detox, weight loss, skin purification, pain relief and much more.

What are the Main Benefits of EMS Muscle Stimulator?

  • Stamina, energy boost
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Shapes and sculpts the body
  • Lifts and tightens the face
  • Stimulation and builds muscles over time
  • Greatly improved muscular strength

Though treatment is painless and safe there are some contraindications as there are with any electrical stimulation of the body. The absolute contraindications are:

  • Pacemaker
  • Defibrillator
  • Epilepsy

EMS is not to be used on the front and sides of the neck, abdominal area if there is a hernia possibility and if thrombosis is a concern your client should consult with their doctor.



Ems unit

Welcome in the “no-workout workout” category! Here you can find great machines that will be selling themselves. You won’t have to lift a finger to promote EMS machines, just adding the electric muscle stimulation training to your portfolio will be enough. EMS fan club has been rapidly growing for a few years now, and nowadays anywhere you look, there’s either an EMS gym, or an EMS training room,a Yoga place with EMS, Pilates, and EMS, running with EMS and much much more. These machines are on the top of their game in professional sports, they were specifically designed to help professional athletes make unbelievable improvements and greatly enhance their performances. This training craze has literally taken professional sports and workout industry by storm. And nowadays you can offer muscle stimulation with skincare beauty treatments to all of your clients. That should give you the advantage and send the clients running your way.

How do EMS Machines Work?

It is fairly simple: EMC machines exercise muscles by contracting them, just like during any other workout, though much more enhanced and thus more effective. Muscle contraction repetition occurs when an electric current is applied to the surface of the skin, without engaging or damaging skin in any way. With EMC machine you will be able to find individual “workout” to any client, you can control the intensity, set speed of the pace, pick and choose between the line of different massage settings, and, most importantly, you can separately concentrate on fatty deposits of the problematic zones and pay extra attention to them.

Great Benefits You Can Offer Your Clients When You Buy EMC Unit 

General benefits:

  • Muscle growth. Research has shown that with EMS muscles can be increased, it takes only 20 minutes of the EMC therapy to have the same effect on the body that a 4-hour strength workout has.
  • Shapes and contours the body by effectively contouring and toning the muscles.
  • Effectively decreases fat deposits. Quick and effective slimming procedure.
  • Great rebuilding therapy for those with atrophied muscles. Rapid muscle recovery.
  • Increased energy, strength and stamina.
  • Trains muscles to improve posture.
  • Effective relief for back pain.
  • Better blood circulatory system function.

Main benefits for professional athletes:

  • You can offer them professionally designed programs for rapid muscle growth.
  • Programs can be individually set to fit the athlete’s needs and abilities. 
  • Faster recovery after intense training.
  • Increased blood flow and thus oxygenation and nutrient distribution.
  • The Absolute Contraindications

There are a few zones you should always avoid when performing the EMC treatments. The abdominal area if there is any at all possibilities of a hernia. Front and sides of the neck cannot be treated. Plus, you should always ask your clients to speak to their doctor if they have thrombosis.

You absolutely cannot offer EMC to anyone using a pacemaker or those with epilepsy.


It seems like EMS (electric muscle stimulators) have been around forever and yet now the machines are more popular than ever. The recent boost in popularity is due to the latest craze – the 20-minute EMS workout that is equivalent to an hour and a half of the HIIT workout. EMS gyms are popping up here and there worldwide so much so that electric muscle stimulators market is now one of the fastest growing in the fitness industry. It looks like soon enough every workout is going to be an EMS workout. Geared up in the EMS bodysuit people doing squats or running on a treadmill are already a very common scene.  So, the great news is - all your clients have definitely heard about EMS treatments, and the amazing news is – you can offer them a way more pleasurable way to “workout” by relaxing in a spa instead of spending hellish 20 minutes sweating in a gym. Who is going to say no to that?

How Does it Work?

Electric muscle stimulators are pretty self-explanatory: it is equipment that stimulates muscles. EMS machine contracts muscles with the application of electric current. These kinds of stimulations train the muscles similar to a normal workout, but are much more intense. Simply put, it can be compared to weight lifting, but you are not hurting your back, knees and there is no pressure on joints like with the lifting of heavyweights.

Usually, there is a couple of muscle contractions per second, but you can set the pace individually. Best EMS muscle stimulator always has personal settings which make it much easier for you to treat your client’s problem zones.

Advanced EMS machines are sold with pads for exercising different areas of the body. Undoubtedly, it is a great treatment on its own. It burns fat, sculpts the body and tones the muscles. But, when added to a workout, the training time goes down to mere 20 minutes and the maximum number oа 20-minute workouts is twice a week with extremely enhanced results.

What are the Main Benefits of EMS Muscle Stimulator?

  • EMS treatment is recommended to everyone and if of equal interest to both man and women
  • Reduces muscle damage that we usually get from exercising
  • Gives energy boost
  • Improved blood flow
  • Body sculpting and slimming treatment
  • Muscle stimulation and overall toning
  • Greatly improved muscular strength

The Manufacturers, the Service

To choose the perfect EMS machine for your business, please contact us – our experts will gladly answer all of your questions. With skin care and/or health-related machines, always learn about the manufacturer. Here at AE, we are proud to work with the best companies in the industry. Choosing a well-respected reliable brand is the only way to provide safety to your clients.

We offer free training and have licensed estheticians on site to help you with any question you might have. Our customer service is impeccable.

You can also check out the best muscle stimulator in our showroom.

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