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Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine With Infrared 3000



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$ 2,550.00
Brand: NevaSpa
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  • Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine With Infrared 3000 is a cosmetological device designed for professional work in a beauty salon or facial room.


    One Year Warranty.

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    Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine With Infrared 3000
    $ 2,550.00
  • Rating: (2)reviews

    Recently, I had a misfortune in my life, because of which neuralgia began to develop and my muscles completely lost their tone (it even hurt me to just walk or climb the stairs). The doctor said to buy a device for the home for the electrical stimulation of the muscles (I need to do the procedure 3 times a week for about 4-5 months, so visiting the salons is not profitable). The first 3 procedures took place in terrible tension, so I did not feel the first 2 sessions, and after 3 I began to return painful sensations and it was very, very painful. The next 3-5 procedures were carried out in hysterics and with tears, since everything really hurt me, but it seemed to be getting better. It has now been 6 months since the start of treatment, and I can definitely say that this purchase is the best in the last 2 years, which helped me regain my health, psychological state and even made it more beautiful! And no, 2500 dollars is not the way. She gave me such value that I was ready to pay even more!



    How did I enjoy this procedure, when I tried it for the first time: DDDD It's just not words!))) Very pleasant sensations and most importantly - a steep effect. My buttocks again became elastic, sexy, round) Just like before giving birth! By the way, my husband also appreciated this:P Now I want to still process my sides and stomach, in order to become the most beautiful mother and wife))) And yes, I do not mind that kind of money!) Girls, be sure to order to always keep yourself in form !! This thing will make your life cooler, sex - more chic and give confidence)


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$ 2,550.00
Rating: (2)reviews

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