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KosmoSpa Facial spa chairs

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Electric Facial Bed The Economical 21246 Facial spa chairs
$ 2,150.00
The Economical Remote Controlled Electric Facial Bed glides smoothly into a variety of useful positions. A fantastic addition to any facial room or medical spa, Doctors love the tilting function while estheticians appreciate the bed's comfortable facial position options. With head and foot extensions this table is comfortable for even your tallest clients while the swing away arms make it easy to mount and dismount the bed. Upgraded to built in control switches. Remote Control Optional.
Electric Massage & Facial Bed EF235 Premium (With Arms & Wheels) 21248 Facial spa chairs
$ 1,795.00
Electric Massage & Facial Bed EF235 Premium (With Arms & Wheels) is equipped with 3 remote-controlled motors and adjusts to almost any position, including those used in chiropractics. Smooth and vibration free, this spa bed is quick and responsive to all remote-control adjustments and can lift clients up to 400 lbs. Comes standard equipped with a neck cushion, breathing hole blocker, adjustable/removable drop down massage arms and a paper roll support. Rugged construction provides for heavy duty use and with a back rest that's a full 30" long you can accommodate your tall clientele with a comfortable relaxing experience. The perfect beauty bed for all your day spa and skin care applications.
Electric Facial Bed The Swivel 21249 Facial spa chairs
$ 2,400.00
The Swivel Button Controlled Electric Bed is perfect for facials, podiatry, day spas, and medical spas with a very stable structure. It is specifically designed to optimize work space due to the chair's 240° rotation. There are three motors that control the height, backrest and seat inclination. The split legs are adjusted independently. The arms are reversible and the headrest is adjustable. There are multiple sets of buttons on each of the bed to control each movement of the beds motors and eliminated the need for a remote control!
Electric Massage & Facial Bed The Ultimate 21250 Facial spa chairs
$ 2,700.00
The Ultimate Electric Massage & Facial Bed is an extraordinarily comfortable remote controlled bed that glides smoothly into a variety of useful facial and massage positions. A versatile addition to any day spa or skin care room. Doctors love the tilting function while estheticians appreciate the bed's comfortable facial position options. The drop down arms allow perfect positioning for your clients during back facials and massage.
Electric Facial Bed X-Dream 21260 Facial spa chairs
$ 4,550.00
Electric Facial Bed X-Dream is made in Germany. Climbing position, lying comfort, massage position and moving sequence have been developed by the use of various bio-technical and engineering data analysis. Built to stand up to daily use for the professional esthetician, salon and day spa. The access height of only 25 1/2 inches, as well as the adjustable armrests, enable easy access to the bed. Additional comfort is guaranteed with the vertical positioning of the back and footrest.
Electric Massage & Facial Bed The Sleek 21247 Facial spa chairs
$ 1,759.00
Electric Massage & Facial Bed The Sleek is a high performance massage and facial bed suitable for a range of treatment positions. It is equipped with three remote controlled motors that control the height, backrest and central module movements. It has double-arm adjustable supports, headrest with breather hole and an extra bolster cushion. Includes front wheels to support easy movement. A fantastic spa bed for use in waxing, massage, facials, hair removal, and many other salon services.
Ionto Wellness Spa Bed 21103 Facial spa chairs
$ 9,150.00
Ionto Wellness Spa Bed is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards in the professional esthetician and skin care equipment industry. A fully automatic facial bed and massage table designed or the ultimate in relaxation comfort for your clients. Divided cushions allow the arm rests to be lowered to the side of the bed for back massage and back facial.
Not available
Concorde Facial Bed SH-3556 21156 Facial spa chairs
$ 325.00
Concorde Facial Bed SH-3556 includes adjustable arms, back and footrest. This economical bed is perfect for performing three functions: Massage, Facial and Make-up applications. Includes a removable headrest that fits into the facial hole.

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