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If you are looking for a natural way to kick-start your client’s skin repairing mechanisms and really show them a path to a fantastic anti-aging skin care routine you have to explain the crucial importance of a clear skin. Clean and clear skin is the first step to perfect, youthful and flawless skin complexion. Every single beauty treatment starts with clean skin, every single cream or serum instruction starts with clean skin. Steaming has always been a beauty trend, it has literally been around for thousands of years and is still going strong for a very good reason – it gives results.

Steaming facial machine is a must-have not only for every beauty salon or spa but also for every single household. Undoubtedly, you can afford to have a great facial steamer in every room of your salon and we recommend selling mini personal steamers to your customers. They can always schedule professional steaming in your salon and at the same time weekly take care of their skin at home.

Your Facial Steamer Options

As with all beauty machines, you need to research your options before you are ready to buy facial steaming equipment. In this category, you can find the best facial steamers available on the market today. We advise you to look for a steamer that is perfect for your business, but here are the general characteristics and features to look for:

Professional mono-functional steamers:

  • Easily adjustable stand
  • Easily adjustable and stabilizer arm
  • Sturdy base. If preferred – with wheels
  • Timer for timing treatments or an automatic shut-off mechanism
  • Beautiful ergonomic design
  • Aromatherapy, essential oil or herbal therapy options
  • Ozone option that sterilizes the steam

Professional multi-functional steamers should include all of the features of the mono-functional steamer and be additionally paired with complimentary equipment. Our multifunctional machines with facial steamer may include one or more of the following treatments, features or options:

  • Magnifying lamp with lights – a staple in skin diagnosis
  • Shelves for beauty supplies
  • Exfoliating brushes
  • Cold steam option
  • High-frequency treatment
  • Personal or mini or table-top steamers:
  • Portable and easily moved and set-up
  • Aromatherapy option
  • Easily extendable arm or an adjustable head
  • Timer
  • Ergonomic design

How Does it Work?

The science is very simple: when a steady stream of steam is applied to the surface of the skin it relaxes and loosens the pores, brings the sweat out. Sweating is a fantastic way to clean the skin, to properly moisturize the skin from within and detox. Sweat washes out the pores clogged with soft or hardened oil, make-up build-up, and dead skin cells. All of the mentioned cause inflammation, pus formation, and breakouts, but regularly flushing out the pores with natural body function like sweat is, among other things,  the simplest way to the supple youthful skin.

When steam is applied to the surface of the skin it relaxes the muscles and opens up the pores. These two very simple things pave the way for a lot of necessary things in skin care: it’s a very relaxing, healthy and easy way to remove dead skin cells, make-up buildup and blackheads. Facial stemming is highly beneficial and it is usually offered before most of the facial treatments, such as microdermabrasion, ultrasonic treatment, radiofrequency treatment and many others. Facial steaming is a first step before a lot of advanced procedures. Professional facial steamers offer a wide range of procedures: there are hot and cold steam facials, the aromatherapy, the herbal therapy, the Ozone and Ionic steamers and even a mist setting! What a way to relax or prepare for the facial. When paired with aromatic essential oils, treatment offers relaxing and calming experience.    

Facial Steamer Benefits

Facial steamer for beauty salon is truly a magical thing. This very simple and rather cheap piece of equipment is considered a luxury experience and is usually described by clients as a way to pamper and spoil themselves. People actually talk about esthetician taking a steamer to their face as a sort of indulgence, somewhere in the line of champagne, Swiss chocolate or shoe shopping. For a beauty business professional, such as yourself, this is a great way to help your clients to recharge and relax while providing the best skin care and driving those profits up.

Steaming naturally deep cleanses your skin. The main aim of any skin cleaning treatment is to clean the pores of all of the gunk, oil, dead skin cells and bacteria that, when trapped inside the pores result in puss production, blackheads and whiteheads formation, inflammation and breakouts.

Another very important benefit is the increased blood circulation. When hot steam washes over the skin surface the blood rushes to the face to cool down the skin. This is a very natural body response that is highly beneficial for the skin as increased blood flow is always accompanied by increased skin oxygenation and better delivery of vital vitamins and minerals to the tissues.  Good circulation is essential for a healthy complexion and youthful foundation.

Skin detoxification is another amazing steaming face machine benefit. Body is releasing toxins with sufficient sweating.

Regular facial steaming prevents Acne, blackhead and whitehead formation. This is, once again, explained by thorough cleaning of the pores because, as we’ve already established, clogged pores are the main factor for breakouts.

Results are immediately visible and only get better with time. As you progress with the steam facials, the skin will become calmer, well hydrated and younger looking. Proper skin hydration and anti-aging product penetration deep into the skin through clean pores will result in keeping your client’s skin looking fresh, youthful and plum.

With facial steaming, you can prevent dry skin formation, offer your clients better beauty product penetration and even relieve sinus problems.

The Step-by-Step Steaming for Better Results

  • Cleanse client's skin, remove makeup and exfoliate if necessary
  • Push the ON button and wait for the steam
  • Move the adjustable arm until it is perfectly positioned
  • Let your client relax and enjoy the steaming facial. For increased pleasure offer aroma or herbal therapy
  • Moisturize the skin if your client came in for a steaming if not, move the facial steamer arm out of the way and proceed with scheduled treatments. 

This  category is for those who is looking for a great facial steamer. Our amazing line of mono- and multifunctional facial steamer for sale will surely help you grow your business. If you are shopping for a  portable face steamer this is a place to shop! We are a company with more than a decade of experience and we do pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to the highest level of customer satisfaction. We work exclusively with the best in the beauty field that is why we can proudly stand behind our products.

The best professional skin care starts with the benefits of a simple but very necessary facial steamer. Success of the most beauty treatments and procedures depend on clean skin and its ability to get the best results from the treatments and product absorption. Steaming the skin before a beauty treatment or mask, cream or serum application highly increases benefits of all facial treatments. Professional facial steamers, though one of the most important pieces of equipment in the salon or spa, are very inexpensive. This piece of equipment would probably be the biggest return on investment for a beauty business.

What Are the Benefits of the Professional Facial Steamers?

One of the main benefits of facial steaming is cleansing of the skin. The pores are relaxed by the steam. This allows sweat to flow through the pores. All of the dirt, dead skin cells, make-up and bacteria are pushed out with the sweat.  

It is a known fact that toxins are very bad for the skin. Sweat helps to greatly speed up the process of removing the toxins from the skin.   

No breakouts, no pimples, no Acne. Inflammation, pus formation, irritations and even infections are all causes by clogged pores. Steam kills bacteria and cleans and clears pores of oil, dead skin cells and dirt build-up. Breakout reduction with facial steaming is widely known and has been well documented.

Younger, healthier skin with less visible lines and wrinkles.  When steam is applied to the surface of the skin it increases the blood circulation. Increased blood flow promotes better vitamin and oxygen delivery to the skin cells. Additionally, results of other cosmetic treatments offered in your salon would be much more predictable and successful. Creams and serums can actually penetrate clean skin and reach the deeper levels.

The machines are very affordable. With professional steamers you can expect immediate ROI. Machines are inexpensive and the treatments are is high demand. 

What Are the Main Expected Results? 

It is a highly pleasurable experience. The skin will be clean and ready for other treatments that your spa or salon offers. It is very relaxing and satisfying treatment when combined with herbal or aroma therapy.


Facial steamer with magnifying lamp is a modern professional device for face steaming.

The working mechanism of a machine is simple. Skin is affected by a warmed vapor during beauty procedure. This allows opening the pores and exfoliating skin contamination.

After the first procedure:

  • Inflammatory process disappears;
  • Empyesis disappears;
  • Face skin is moisturized;
  • Dead epidermis cells are removed;
  • Skin cleanses of toxins;
  • Skin tone improves, face coloring is becoming fresh and healthy;
  • Facial muscles become more relaxed.

Additionally to the main procedure, a facial steamer has such functions as aroma and oil therapy.  As pores are clean and open, facial skin immediately receives benefits of used oils. Each skin type requires special oil.

There are few contraindications for using a facial steamer. Facial steamers are not recommended for individuals with asthma, widened blood vessels, too sensitive or dry skin, dermatitis.

These beauty machines are equipped with facial mag lamps, making a work process even more comfortable for an esthetician.

You may choose to buy a facial steamer with mag lamp equipped with a LED lamp or with a fluorescent lamp. LED lamps are considered to be more economic and ecological. An operating period of LED lamps is longer compared to fluorescent lamps.

Facial steamer and lamp is a perfect combination. A close examination with the help of such lamp allows a beautician make a precise diagnostic of problem face areas. This gives an opportunity to provide the best and required treatment to your beauty salon clients.

The design of the facial steamers is very comfortable in use.

As all the machines are completed with small rollers, making them movable. Facial steamer lamp is movable either. It moves up and down as well as sideways, giving an esthetician an opportunity to examine client`s skin from all the angles.

A big plus for such a machine is that it can shut down automatically, so a beautician can be focused on procedure and doesn’t have to check water level all the time.

A facial steamer is the best way to make and maintain face skin pure and shining.


Why 2 in 1?

In the beauty business, there is a lot of professionals on-the-go, as there are many small cozy beauty salons, expanding businesses and other. Limited space, insufficient storage and a need to get more for your investment, whatever it may be, are the main problems of beauty salons. The solution is multifunctional machine. Usually, it is two and more machines that are complementary to each other wrapped in one beautifully designed piece of equipment.

Facial steamers are quite inexpensive and you can buy a great steamer for every room in your salon for a very little cost, so, this is more of the available space issue, than the price. Most of our 2 in 1 facial steamers are paired with either great magnifier that is also a staple for every single beautician or a great advanced treatment that benefits if performed right after facial steaming.

Here you can look for hot and cold steam machines, the very popular ozone steamers that sterilize the steam, our bestselling combo facial steamer + magnifier and we can even offer you a great 2 in 1 steaming + high-frequency therapy machine.

The Benefits of 2 In 1 Steaming Face Machine

It isn’t time-consuming. Usually, the sessions take from 10 to 20 minutes, so the treatment can be scheduled anytime during the day. Explain to your clients that facial steaming is a routine procedure that needs to be done on a weekly basis. 20 minutes a week out of their schedule is a very low price to pay for a dreamy skin.

Better product penetration. It allows any beauty product with anti-aging active ingredients to penetrate the skin and work their magic.

No more struggles with Acne, breakouts, and blackheads. Even those who have struggled with these skin conditions for a very long time report improvement. For those with existing skin conditions, most of the exfoliating treatments can be very abrasive and harsh. Those kinds of treatments can do more harm than good with already irritated and inflamed skin. Facial steaming is literally a warm vapor cloud that is the gentlest exfoliator and the best skin soothing treatment.

Facial steaming will help your clients with any signs of aging. Neglected skin is often flaky and dehydrated with large visible pores and deeper lines and wrinkles. When you can properly clean the skin surface and flush the pores clean with sweat skin looks immediately younger. And moisture literally pushes the wrinkles out making them less noticeable.

The Steamer + Magnifier combo is essential prior to almost any beauty treatment. Professional cleansing and skin assessment are done only with the use of this combination, which is why they are so often paired into one machine. This combo is always used before Microdermabrasion, High-frequency treatments and it is crucial before the very trendy and result-oriented Ultrasound treatment: after the skin is properly exfoliated with steam a beauty professional can easily examine the condition of the skin with a properly lit magnifier and prescribe the right product for the skin care treatment.


What Is A 3 In 1 Steaming Face Machine?

3 in 1 machine is a piece of equipment that is made to address many problems. If there is a way to combine features of multiple machines in one beautifully designed piece of equipment, why not do just that? The beauty business is a very intelligent business; companies spend millions of dollars on development, innovations, design, and safety. So, you can be sure that the multifunction machines that we sell are always top-of-the-line quality and are equipped with the latest popular functions that are all complementary to each other.  In this section, you can find smart beauty combinations like:

  • Aromatherapy facial steamer
  • Magnifying Lamp
  • High-frequency facial machine

Main Benefits of the 3 in 1 Steam Facial Machine 

We can speak from experience when we say, that multifunctional machines are practical. For a fraction of the cost of three essential machines in the beauty business, you get a beautifully designed one piece of equipment that will easily fit into any space. The machine is easily adjustable and usually is very easy to clean and to move.

With 3 in 1 multifunction facial steaming machine, you can expect fast ROI. The cost of the equipment should be fully covered by less than 10 treatments.

Numerous functions which are complementary to each other. All of the machines in this section include the basics and the absolute must-haves, plus offer very trendy high-frequency therapy that is a well-known antibacterial treatment and is widely used to successfully treat Acne. It is rightfully considered an Acne whisperer.

One Great 3 In 1 Steamer Machine For Facial Can Offer The Following:

  • Effective Acne treatment
  • Blackheads, whiteheads and breakout elimination
  • Clean pores
  • Calming and soothing cold steam therapy that is necessary after any abrasive treatment
  • Proper hydration of the skin
  • Better blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin
  • Aromatherapy, herbal and essential oil therapy
  • Effective removal of the dead skin pile-up that reveals new shiny skin layer
  • Effective skin detox
  • Ozone option that sterilizes the steam

Good magnifier helps to properly examine the skin, perform multiple beauty treatments, and recommend a suitable therapy for a great skincare routine. This is a tool every beautician, massage therapist or a tattoo artist uses regularly. Good lighting offers a shadow-free crystal clear view, which is essential for color rendering.

With high-frequency treatments, you can offer your clients a visible reduction of fine lines and deep wrinkles, elimination of the under-eye dark circles and overall facial puffiness. The treatment is used to significantly decrease the appearance of enlarged pores and it is often used to accelerate cell metabolism. delivers to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, ...
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