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High frequency machine for hair

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High frequency for hair treatment is a modern technology that uses low-current and high frequency for treating hair and other related problems.

What high frequency is used for?

High frequency is used for treating different hair problems. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the grows of the follicles. High frequency machine for hair produces electric current and oxygenates the cells. This procedure is proved to be the effective method for dandruff and hair loss treatment. It also used for the treatment of thinning hair. High frequency improves metabolism processes, skin elasticity, skin nourishment, and reduces oiliness of scalp.  

Unlike dramatic and expensive hair transplant surgery, high frequency is a non-invasive, painless and affordable, yet effective method.

At the same time, it is important to know the reason for hair loss. It gives an opportunity to receive the desired result.

High frequency machines for hair treatment

High frequency devices for hair are usually portable so it won’t occupy a lot of space in a beauty salon. Their small size makes them very convenient.

Your beauty salon will only benefit from a high frequency machine. The prices are reasonable. Plus, hair problems are common both for women and men.
All high frequency machines presented on our website have one year warranty.

How does a procedure look like?

An esthetician separates hair in four or five parts, then takes a comb that emits infrared at the treated area. This is the shortest part of the procedure, it takes around two-three minutes. The next step is oil massage for about 20 minutes and a  15 minutes moisturizing hair mask. The final step starts with hair exposed to steam and ultraviolet bulb rays for five-seven minutes. What is important is that hair can be washed the next morning only.

Will it hurt?

No, high frequency is a gentle and painless method. It won’t hurt or damage the scalp. A client will feel a small irritation.

Is it safe?

Yes, the procedure is absolutely safe. However, there are several contraindications for using high frequency machines. It is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If a client has skin diseases and inflammations in a scalp region, these problems need to be treated first. It is also not allowed for people with a pacemaker.    

How many sessions are needed?

It depends on the problem type and general hair condition. For the maximum result, 10-12 sessions two or three times a week are recommended. In order to choose the treatment scheme, an esthetician needs to take into account the hair condition, hair loss type, age, general health condition and lifestyle of a client.

How long will the result last? In order to maintain the result, the procedure needs to be repeated once in two weeks. It is also recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid stresses, smoking, and alcohol.

High frequency machines for hair will help your clients to have beautiful, healthy and glowing hair. No pain, no injections, no surgery or downtime.

Why Advanced Esthetic?

We offer high frequency machines for the sale of the best and well-known brands.

Advanced Esthetic cares about the clients. We have developed our own user manual to make your work even more convenient and safe.

If you want to buy a high frequency machine for hair, but you want to have a close look at it before doing it, we have some good news. We are opening a showroom in Los Angeles soon.


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