High Frequency Facial Machines

Professional High Frequency Facial Machines

High-frequency treatment has been popping in and out of relevance lately—and with people being more and more conscious of their skin, you must know what it is before you dive into treatment! Popularly used as a technique to treat conditions like acne, enlarged pores, and wrinkles—it's undeniable that high-frequency is a great way to rejuvenate your skin.

Today, let's talk about everything that makes high-frequency treatment amazing, a few alternatives, and the benefits that this method could give to your spa business!

What Is High Frequency Device?

High frequency device is safe and gentle equipment that oscillates and oxygenates the power of high frequency electrical currents.

What Benefits Your Clients Can Get From High Frequency Machines?

High frequency machines are able to provide the same benefits that other facial treatments can with a lesser risk of irritation and skin problems. They scientifically increase the amount of collagen through better blood flow in the skin. Collagen is the protein that's responsible for keeping our skin from sagging.

Types Of High Frequency Devices

There are several types of high frequency devices. The Carlton High Frequency Machine, a stand-alone professional high-Frequency electric device, is one of the most preferred devices. Portable High-Frequency Machines, High Frequency, Galvanic 2-in-1 Machines, and Solo High-Frequency 4-Electrode Machines are also available.

How Does High Frequency Machines Work?

High Frequency Treatment is done through machines that function using a glass high frequency electrode that treats the skin's surface. Mild electrical current passes through the neon/argon gas-filled glass electrode, which results in the buzzing noise you experience.

While this is happening, the high frequency machine ends up improving blood circulation, and eventually collagen and elastin production.

High frequency facials have been gaining popularity. It's a skincare technique that has had its origins since the 1800s with Nikola Tesla's violet ray and has been developed over the years.

But what exactly is high frequency treatment? It's a skincare treatment used to treat various conditions like enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines, and acne.

Who Needs High Frequency Treatment?

Honestly, everyone needs it. Anyone who has skin lesions, acne problems, sores due to waxing procedures, fine lines, sagging skin, and even puffy eyes needs high frequency treatment.

Does High Frequency Really Work?

Yes. High frequency has been proven to be effective on the problems listed above, but especially effective on any skin that has lesions from acne, burns, and other stressors that can cause skin problems.

High Frequency Results

By increasing blood circulation in the areas applied, high frequency results in an increased production of collagen and elastin. This is what takes away the wrinkles, reduces pore size, and improves overall skin health. A clearer skin is definitely expected after consistent high frequency facial sessions.

How Often to Get High Frequency Treatment?

3 to 6 sessions of high frequency treatment in weekly intervals is the suggested number of initial treatments for high frequency. Afterward, maintenance treatment of once a month is suggested to keep the progress and add long lasting results.

What Are The Side Effects Of High Frequency? Does it hurt?

There's nothing to fear. Although there have been reported side effects like headache, mild and temporary swelling of the skin,, redness, and sometimes tingling, it's nothing extreme. Not only are these cases not common, but they're also not severe.

How Many High Frequency Treatments are Needed?

As listed above, high frequency treatments are not a permanent solution unless there are regular sessions. Around 3-6 sessions will be enough for a significant change in overall skin health.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From High Frequency?

Full results will definitely be seen after three months and the final treatment, but results will be seen as early as the first or second session.

What Is The After-Care For High Frequency?

One of the most important things you should avoid is picking at your skin. You may feel a slight redness or itching after a high frequency facial, but do your best to avoid it. If it makes you uncomfortable, the clinic can provide you with a light cream or moisturizer that calms the skin.

How Long Do High Frequency Results Last?

There is no definite duration, but the high frequency facial results will last a few months after the final treatment. The improvement continues as long as the skin produces new collagen.

But what about the equipment? What's a Professional High Frequency Facial Equipment

They're commonly referred to as violet rays, and they vary in design and appearance, but the concept behind them and the way they operate is generally the same.

Can You Have High Frequency After Botox

A common question from first-time High Frequency treatment patients is if you can have it after getting botox. High Frequency treatment is safe to combine with any type of fillers or botox!

Make sure to wait at least a week after getting botox before getting High Frequency.

High Frequency Benefits

High Frequency treatment has a plethora of different benefits. Here's a list of some of them:

  • Exfoliation and removal of dead skin
  • Enhancing blood circulation on the affected area
  • Increased growth of collagen
  • Overall improvement of skin tone and appearance
  • Reducing acne and acne scars

High Frequency Recovery Time

There's no downtime for how often you can get High Frequency treatment, but you don't necessarily have to do it every day.

High Frequency Pros & Cons

High Frequency comes with a myriad of pros and cons that you should consider before getting it!


  • The procedure is gentle and safe
  • Perfect for treating sin lesions like acne scars
  • Pushes out toxins from the skin
  • Improves circulation of blood



  • You're unable to get treatment if you're pregnant or have a pacemaker
  • strong metallic taste in the mouth if you have braces or dental fillings

High Frequency Treatment Before & After

Before treatment, you may have a plethora of skin lesions and spots affected by hyperpigmentation. Afterward, you'll observe that those skin lesions have lessened, your skin looks more rejuvenated, and an increase in your overall glow!

High Frequency Treatment Cost in the US

Professional High Frequency treatment can cost somewhere between $70 to $150, but High Frequency wands cost only around $150-300.

How Long is High Frequency Treatment

High Frequency treatment takes no more than 30 minutes from start to finish!

What To Expect After High Frequency Treatment

After the treatment, you'll immediately notice that your skin feels more energized, rosy, and even softer than before.

Are High Frequency Results Permanent?

The results of High Frequency treatment results are semi-permanent. The removal of skin lesions and acne scars lasts as long as new pimples don't pop up, but you'll have to have maintenance treatments to keep up your youthful glow!

What Are The Other Names Of High Frequency?

You may hear the terms "Tesla current" and "D'Arsonval High Frequency" getting thrown out interchangeably with High Frequency treatment. These terms are what people traditionally call High Frequency treatment!

High-Frequency Treatment Alternatives

High-frequency treatment may not be the type of treatment that fits well with you. Here are a few alternatives and comparisons to ensure that you're well-informed in this venture:

High-Frequency v.s. RF Lifting

Both high-frequency treatment and radiofrequency serve the same purpose: anti-agingand tightening the skin on and around your face. The main difference between high-frequency and RF lifting is that high-frequency has more precise and intense fractional ultrasound energy; in comparison, RF uses a bulk heating strategy. 

If your skin is sagging and you want to focus on lifting that part of your body, high-frequency is better. However, for more delicate areas such as the eyelids (when getting rid of eye bags, RF lifting is marginally better than high-frequency treatment.

High-Frequency v.s. HydroDermabrasion

If you're looking to minimize the pores on your face and make it visibly softer, hydro dermabrasion is the better choice. Hydro dermabrasion focuses on removing dry and dead skin cells while infusing hydro-serum to the skin in the process. The infusion of hydro-serum gives the skin the necessary nutrients for the skin to be healthy and look younger!

High-Frequency v.s. Microcurrent

Microcurrent treatments are used to target the muscles on your face, comparatively, high-frequency treatment releases concentrated ultrasonic energy that is delivered deep into the skin. High-frequency can stimulate deeper levels of the skin while microcurrents typically only engage on the muscles. 

If all you need is skin tightening and collagen stimulation, try out microcurrent technology. Overall, high-frequency treatment is a lot more versatile and can do more for your skin!

High-Frequency v.s. LED Light Therapy

If you're looking towards getting high-frequency or LED light treatment, you're likely experiencing massive breakouts and looking for the ideal solution to it. When acne cream and at-home treatments no longer work, professional treatment is a must to avoid permanent scarring. So, which treatment should you opt into?

High-frequency treatment mainly eliminates toxins and bacteria that can cause breakouts. This treatment is perfect if you're suffering from surface texture acne and helps with skin congestion in the long run.

LED light therapy uses blue infrared light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and reduce overall irritation on your face. LED light therapy is perfect for dealing with painful inflamed acne and preventing future breakouts!

High-Frequency v.s. LED Light Therapy 

If you're looking towards getting high-frequency or LED light treatment, you're likely experiencing massive breakouts and looking for the ideal solution to it. When acne cream and at-home treatments no longer work, professional treatment is a must to avoid permanent scarring. So, which treatment should you opt into?

High-frequency treatment mainly eliminates toxins and bacteria that can cause breakouts. This treatment is perfect if you're suffering from surface texture acne and helps with skin congestion in the long run.

LED light therapy uses blue infrared light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and reduce overall irritation on your face. LED light therapy is perfect for dealing with painful, inflamed acne and preventing future breakouts!


Performing High-Frequency Treatment

Do the alternatives not fit what you really want? 

Here's the gist of what you can expect once you get high-frequency treatment!

Who Can Perform High-Frequency Treatment On You?

Skin treatment is best left to professionals. If you already have a trusted esthetician or dermatologist in mind, ask them if they provide high-frequency treatment and assess the risks and process with them!

Commercial high-frequency machines are being sold in the market, but if you have no experience in handling those machines and don't have anyone experienced to guide you through the process, you're better off spending a few extra dollars hiring a professional. 

How To Use High-Frequency Machines—Treatment Protocol & Steps! 

If you're confident in your ability to use an at-home high-frequency machine, here's how you can safely and properly use it:

  • Make sure your face is clean generally you want to wash it and apply toner before the treatment.
  • Avoid doing the treatment when your face is wet; damp is fine, but a dry face is ideal.
  • Turn the knob until the machine heats up and turns orange depending on the machine.
  • Test the machine on your finger; you should feel a gentle buzz, not an uncomfortable zap.
  • If all you want is a general facial, use the mushroom attachment and glide the electrode over your face in a circular motion.
  • Start the treatment on your forehead, then the nose, the cheeks, and then the chin.
  • If you're dealing with acne, use the small attachments, focus on the trouble spots and zap it a few times.
  • Once you're done, turn the power nob off and clean the attachment with soap and warm water (make sure that the machine is off when cleaning!).

It's the protocol to make sure you don't have any metal on or around you when doing the treatment on your own. Pregnant women and people who have severe sunburns should also steer clear of this treatment!


How Long Should You Wait Before Your Next Treatment

Having three to six services spaced between one-week intervals is required to get the best results if you're new to high-frequency treatment. After the first three to six treatments, you can safely have an appointment scheduled once every month to serve as maintenance!

You can technically use a high-frequency wand every day if you have a high-frequency wand at home. The general rule of thumb is to use it when you feel a zit coming, but if you want to use it for antiaging—you have to use it daily! 

High-Frequency Treatment Areas

You can use high-frequency area treatment in a wide range of areas to treat skin lesions, sagging sins, acne, and even cold sores to fine lines. The most common areas that high-frequency methods can treat are the face, neck, and scalp.

High-frequency treatment can be used on most parts of the body if you want to try it out. Just follow protocol and avoid wearing metal and wet parts!

High-Frequency Treatment For Acne 

If you're seeking to treat acne-based issues, high-frequency treatment has a plethora of ways to help with those. High-frequency laser treatments were specifically developed to aid with the treatment and eventual removal of acne scarring! 

High-Frequency Treatment For Scars & Skin Lesions 

Visible scars require multiple treatments for them to completely go away. Whether those scars are from acne or aging, high-frequency treatment can surely heal your sin to an extent where they're barely visible!

High-frequency has been proven and tested to be effective on most skin lesions such as burns, waxing procedures, and even cold sores.

High-Frequency Treatment For Ingrown Hair Removal

Ingrown hairs commonly cause skin irritation and infections, so it's advised that you cleanse and exfoliate the area with ingrown hair before your esthetician treats it. Once the hair is nipped using a sterile needle, the high-frequency machine is then used to kill bacteria hiding under the skin.

High-Frequency Treatment For Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a completely harmless condition that causes dark patches of skin to appear on random spots of the body (usually the face). This usually occurs when there's an excess of melanin in the body.

High-frequency is a skin healing treatment, usually after waxing. This treatment can also improve the overall skin tone and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation!

High-Frequency Treatment For Hair 

Though unorthodox, high-frequency machines can actually be used as a hair treatment. If used in conjunction with UV rays, you can stimulate hair follicles and tackle hair loss and accumulation of dandruff! 

High-Frequency Machine Maintenance 

To make your high-frequency machine last longer, make sure that you know how to perform proper maintenance. The machine doesn't require any special tools to clean and maintain it; a simple run through warm water and soap is enough to clean it.

Just make sure to unplug it to avoid getting electrocuted and dry it properly before use! 

High-Frequency Consumables/Expenses

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on attachments and consumables for your high-frequency wand. The attachments usually come with the package, and in the event that something breaks, replacement parts are relatively affordable. Parts like a gauze also don't cost that much money, so high-frequency machines don't cost an arm and a leg to get! 

High-Frequency Training  

With the advent of online learning, online courses have become more and more diverse. There are multiple online courses to learn how to properly and safely use a high-frequency machine!

Just choose one of the many courses online, or consult with your local esthetician for face-to-face training if that's more up your alley.

High Frequency Consent Form

Every client must fill out a consent form for the procedure even though it's non-invasive. Make sure to indicate and answer truthfully the questions that the clinic or physician asks you to answer! Remember, this is your skin that we're talking about.


Benefits of High-Frequency Machine For Your Spa Business

If you don't already offer high-frequency machine treatments, it's high time for you to do so!

Here are some of the benefits you get from having a high-frequency machine in your spa business:

Treatments You Can Perform With a High-Frequency Machine 

The high-frequency machine is a basic yet versatile tool when it comes to skincare and maintenance. High-frequency is used to treat conditions from skin lesions, acne, waxing scars, cold sores, sagging skin, eye bags, and even puffy eyes!

You can even provide treatment for other parts of the body like the hair and neck.


Instagram Hashtags for High-Frequency Procedures 

If you plan on spreading information and the benefits of the high-frequency machine on social media, the use of these hashtags will get you the demographic that you're looking for: 

  • #skincare
  • #bodysculpting
  • #skintightening
  • # antiaging
  • #radiofrequency
  • #highfrequency


Combine High-Frequency with Other Equipment

There's no rule saying that you can't use high-frequency machines in conjunction with other treatment technologies. High-frequency treatment is usually used together with light therapy and retinol to give your skin a slight boost in vibrance!

Make sure to use the retinol after light therapy and high-frequency treatment as it can cause your skin to react a different way.

High Frequency With Hydrodermabrasion 

Hydro dermabrasion therapy can be done to your skin a few days after you get high-frequency treatment. Once it is done cleansing your body of the underlying bacteria and surface-level acne, the hydro dermabrasion facial can then provide your skin with a natural glow by giving it necessary nutrients and removing dry skin!

High Frequency With Microdermabrasion 

If you want to maximize the antiaging effect you get from high-frequency machine treatment, having microdermabrasion alongside it can help. Microdermabrasion is minimally invasive, so this is great since it doesn't require a lot of recovery time after the procedure.

Combining high-frequency and microdermabrasion technology produces amazing results against sun damage, fine lines, acne scarring, and wrinkles!


Overall, high-frequency facial machines are a good investment for your skincare without much risk of irritation. The procedures involving high frequency facial machines definitely offer safer alternatives and gentler results. They are also quite effective and don't require much maintenance care.


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