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InnoCellpro Parker Muscle Stimulation System

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InnoCellpro Parker Muscle Stimul

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  • InnoCellpro Parker is a professional body contouring system, that uses gentle electrical current pulses in order to stimulate muscle contraction and improve skin toning.

    The main effects of InnoCellpro Parker treatments are:

    • Body Slimming
    • Weight Loss
    • Muscle Training
    • Body remodeling and shaping
    • Buttocks firming and shaping

    What is electric muscle stimulation?

    Electric muscle stimulation sends electronic pulses through the skin in order to create muscle contractions and blood circulation improvement.

    Benefits of electric muscle stimulation:


    • Increase muscle strength and density
    • Helps to decrease the volume of local fat deposits
    • Increase skin elasticity and improve its tone
    • Improve lymphatic flow
    • Increase blood circulation
    • Helps with detoxification 
    • Speed up muscle recovery
    • Helps to tone sagging skin

    Electro stimulation is not meant to replace the fitness routine, but rather enhance the workouts and healthy lifestyle. 

    Benefits of InnoCellpro Parker :

    • 10 output for pairs of pads for slimming
    • Special LCD display with 9 different level slightly adjustment of intensive output 
    • 9 different treatment modes and additional AUTO mode
    • Individual intensity adjustment of each channel

    Results of treatment

    • Reduction of fat deposits
    • Body remodeling 
    • Improvement of lymph and blood circulation
    • Increased contour and slimming 
    • Lifted, more toned skin
    • Decreasing of cellulite appearance


    • 10 large round output pads
    • 10 small round output pads
    • 1 pair of circular pink electrodes for pectoralis/gluteus muscles
    • 1 pair of small square electrodes with an adhesive surface 
    • 10 pieces of elastic bandages

    Technical Specifications:

    • Power: 220V

    • Frequency: 50 Hz

    • Programs: 9

    • Number of inputs: 10

    • Working Frequency range: 40-400 pulses/sec

    • Intensity: 35 W

    • Weight: 14 lbs.

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    InnoCellpro Parker Muscle Stimulation System InnoCellpro Parker Muscle Stimulation System
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