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Professional Lipo Laser Equipment 

Traditional liposuction punctured big holes into the body for aggressive lipids reduction by suctioning out fats, usually conducted under general anesthesia. In contrast, the more advanced lipolaser is a gentler procedure that doesn’t cause trauma, injuries, bruising, bleeding, or soreness to the treatment area. Learn more about lipolaser below and how you can benefit from it: 

- What Is Lipolaser Equipment? 

This innovative fat-burning machine relies on laser light technology with the goal of reducing lipid or fat cells in specific areas of the body. It is a movable machine with a touch screen that a technician manipulates. Moreover, this instrument has several diode paddles emitting light therapy, which are then placed on your targeted problem areas to melt the fats.  

- What Benefits Your Clients Can Get from Lipolaser Machines?

Your clients will love the lipolaser machine because it is less invasive, meaning there’s less trauma, blood, swelling, and scarring. They can potentially lose inches with just one visit, improving their body contouring so much better than the traditional liposuction method. More importantly, it is very affordable because it can be done by a trained aesthetician in a spa, while liposuction needs a board-certified surgeon in a hospital setting.  

- Types Of Lipolaser Systems

These are the 5 most popular types of Lipolaser systems: 

  1. Smart Lipo: This is known as the first laser light procedure approved by the FDA. 
  2. Cool Lipo: Offers dual mode, one for lipo and the other for skin tightening. 
  3. ProLipo Plus: A dual-wavelength capacity laser that can be used solo or custom-combined for the best results. 
  4. LipoLite: Akin to SmartLipo with the added component of SelectPulse tech, which provides controlled and timed energy pulses for better treatment results. 
  5. LipoControl: Provides a different wavelength diode to liquefy fat cells. 

- Benefits Of Lipolaser 

Apart from fat reduction, weight loss, and lost inches, lipolaser also tightens the skin, removes hair, and minimizes puffiness. This cosmetic procedure also results in a more sculpted look with firmer skin because the laser stimulates tissue coagulation and encourages your body to produce more collagen fibers.

- How Does Lipolaser Machines Work?

Lipolaser is a non-invasive weight loss treatment, relying on laser light technology to reduce fat cells on certain areas of the body. The laser delivers energy which pulses. This is converted into heat energy which the fat cells absorb. Fat combined with heat equates to melting. The same heat energy is also absorbed by the surrounding skin tissue, resulting in collagen production and skin tightening around the area. 


Lipolaser Treatment 

Protect your skin and tissues from excessive trauma with the less invasive lipolaser treatment. Recovery time is much swifter than traditional liposuction, with lesser complications. Now is the best time to take advantage of technology. Reshape your body without undergoing the “knife” in an operating room. Learn more about this below: 

- What Is Lipolaser Treatment?

Lipolaser treatment is an innovative procedure that uses modern machinery to melt fats. It uses laser light technology akin to a portable massaging device that melts fats in problem areas with minimal downtimes and swifter recovery. Typically, you can get this procedure with local anesthesia to numb the area. 

- Who Needs Lipolaser Treatment?

This works best for patients who are slightly overweight, with around 20 to 25 pounds from their ideal body weight. It also works great for people who have problem spots that do not respond to diet or exercise. This is very effective in spot-treatment by targeting abs, thighs, double-chin, upper arms, and bra fats. 

- Does Lipolaser Really Work?

Lipolaser works extremely well because it uses a high-energy emitting laser diode to melt and liquify fat in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. These fats are then released into the bloodstream for elimination. This is considered the safer method of fat removal compared to traditional liposuction because it only uses local anesthesia, laser light therapy, and non-invasive instruments. 

- Lipolaser Results 

You can count on stellar results at a fraction of the cost of traditional liposuction. It utilizes laser wavelengths to melt the fat. Moreover, light therapy can even target fibrous areas or resistant tissues by directly destroying the fat membranes. As a result, you can get rid of stubborn fats and bulges that affect your confidence. 

- How Often to Get Lipolaser Treatment? 

The number of sessions will depend on how much you want to lose. You are recommended to have lipolaser sessions twice a week, with at least a one-day gap in between treatments. Some even come thrice a week to shorten the treatment course and get faster results. 

- What Are The Side Effects Of Lipolaser? Does it hurt?

There is no pain with the lipolaser treatment because you are given local anesthetics. Besides, the instruments emitting red light are barely felt. If any, there’s only very minimal burning sensation. But for more clients, there’s generally no downtime after the procedures. You can carry on with normal activities. In fact, you are encouraged to exercise after to maximize fat burning. 

- How Many Lipolaser Treatments are Needed?

One treatment session can provide satisfactory results. However, the number of lipolaser treatments will depend on how much you want to lose in the targeted problem area. It varies per person and body type. For best results, discuss your treatment plan with your facility to get the full picture during the consultation period.  

- How Long Does It Take To See Results From Lipolaser?

Some clients see 2 to 10 cm loss in just one session. On top of that, results will improve with each treatment. Since it can take some time for the body to completely flush out the fats once they melt into the bloodstream, your body will gradually continue to become slimmer within the next two to six months. Expect dramatic reshaping and cellulite reduction with every session. 

- What Is The After-Care For Lipolaser?

You are encouraged to wear compression garments for around 3 days post treatment for about 8 hours. Stay hydrated and minimize your alcohol and caffeine intake. On top of that, pay attention to your diet by decreasing fats and carbs. Stick to veggies, fruits, and lean protein. Most importantly, incorporate at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise into your routine. 

- How Long Do Lipolaser Results Last?

Lipolaser results are considered permanent IF if you adopt a healthier lifestyle with clean food and exercise. Unwanted flabs can be permanently gone because the laser energy inactivates the fat cells. Since they are destroyed, they are no longer capable of storing anymore fat. 

- Can You Have Lipolaser After Botox?

It would be best to take a week break after lipolaser before getting additional procedures. When you go for laser liposuction, tell your healthcare provider that you’ve undergone Botox procedures. This is especially important if you intend to do lipolaser on your double chin. 

 - Lipolaser Benefits

Since the lipolaser machine uses lasers, there’s less blood loss and swelling because large incisions are not made on the skin, unlike traditional liposuction. It is more affordable since you don’t have to undergo general anesthesia in the hospital. You can also count on less downtime and a faster recovery period. 

- Lipo Laser Recovery Time 

You are usually up and about immediately after the procedure because it is not invasive and traumatic for your body. You can even have another lipolaser procedure a day after your initial one. That being said, you must follow the after-care advice shared with you during the consultation. 

Lipolaser Pros And Cons

The advantages of lipolaser are the following: less tissue trauma, cheaper, faster procedure, visible results, and less downtime. Unlike traditional lipo that requires a hospital setting, lipolaser can be conducted in the spa with a trained aesthetician. It also has positive benefits on the skin by reducing pore size and tightening skin. Depending on the person, you can expect a little discomfort, bruising, swelling, and discoloration after, but it should go away swiftly without any complications.  

- Lipolaser Treatment Before & After 

Patients who’ve underground lipolaser are extremely happy with the before and after results. You can expect to lose several centimeters with laser energy-burning fat cells which are then metabolically excreted from the body. Coupled with the right lifestyle habits, you can have dramatic results with lipolaser.  

- Lipolaser Cost in the US

The standard price of lipolaser is around $2,500. But, of course, the price varies depending on the state where you will get the procedure. The area being treated and the number of fats removed will also affect the price. But in general, the larger the area, the higher the costs. 

- How Long Is Lipolaser Treatment? 

Lipolaser treatment can take as short as half-an-hour to 3 hours. The time variation depends on the size of the area being treated and the number of areas. Some people choose to treat the stomach while others may want multiple sites like thigh, back, arms, and chin. 

- What To Expect After Lipolaser Treatment?

You can expect to have minimal soreness in the area, but this tenderness will gradually go away. You must prepare compression garments for the area because you will be required to wear this for a certain period of time as it aids in the healing process and prevents complications. But since this is a minimally invasive procedure, you can go to work the next day after your procedure.   

- Are Lipolaser Results Permanent?

 Although lipolaser targets fat cells and break them apart, you must bear in mind that you also have to take the right steps to live a healthy lifestyle. The positive benefits of lipolaser will not last if you do eat healthy meals and exercise. Excess calories will still turn to fat and appear in other parts of your body.

- What Are The Other Names Of Lipolaser? 

Other names for Lipolaser are the following: Smart Lipo, Lipolite, Prolipo, Cool Lipo, and Lipo Control. Variations in the name hinge on the specific laser-assisted device used. In general, all procedures are considered minimally invasive and do not create a large incision. Laser waves dissolve fats, promote calorie burning, boost blood circulation, and accelerates lymphatic drainage for faster fat detoxification


Lipolaser Alternatives 

If the thought of a big cannula in traditional lipo penetrating your skin turns you off and if you are sensitive to laser light, there are other alternatives to burning fat and losing weight. Check out the different lipolaser alternatives offered by various aesthetic clinics and wellness centers today: 

- Lipolaser Vs Cavitation

The primary difference between these two fat-busting procedures is the energy used. Cavitation is akin to lipolaser because it also targets fat. However, it uses ultrasound technology to disrupt and destroy fat cells. In contrast, lipolaser relies on laser light and heat energy. 

- Lipolaser Vs Vacuum Massage

Vacuum massage is also a fat-burning treatment that relies on suction. Another term for this is cupping and it uses an entirely natural treatment to accelerate fat and weight loss. Suction cups are used in problem areas to improve the metabolic rate and immune system response that facilitates fat burning. You may experience mild discomfort during and after treatment, but there is no laser heat applied. 

- Lipolaser Vs EMS 

EMS or electrical muscle stimulation relies on applying electrical pulses with tiny pads. This forces your muscles to contract and tighten just like exercise. As a result, there’s a toning effect. Another name for this is faradic treatment. Unlike lipolaser, this doesn’t directly break down fat cells. 

- Lipolaser Vs Coolscultping

Experience effortless slimming and toning with a Coolsculpting procedure. Unlike lipolaser which relies on light and heat, Coolsculpting lives up to its name by using a machine to freeze and eliminate stubborn fats. The frozen fat cells are destroyed and metabolically eliminated by the body. 

- Lipolaser Vs RF Slimming

The RF Slimming solution is somewhat similar to lipolaser because it uses controlled heat to reduce fat. However, it doesn’t rely on laser waves but radiofrequency lipolysis. The machine emits heat which causes fat cells to die without impacting nearby muscle or skin. Apart from decreasing fat, RF also tightens skin just like lipolaser by stimulating collagen production. 


Performing Lipolaser Treatment

If you’re interested in lipolaser, it is vital to find a reputable clinic that can effectively perform the procedure. Check out the following criteria below to help with your decision making:

- Who Can Perform Lipolaser Treatment 

The only person who can administer the lipolaser treatment is a trained technician who has undergone the proper certifications, which include classes, on-the-job training, and passing examinations. Bear in mind that lasers emit strong red light energy and near-infrared radiation. With improper use, it can result in burns. So as a patient, you must only go to a facility with licenses for cosmetic laser services. 

- How To Use A Lipolaser Machine? 

In some machines, a suction with a cannula is used while other machines just have laser diode paddles. In the former, it has a fiber optic cable that is put inside a cannula to directly melt and dissolve fat. The cannula is around 2 to 3 mm wide and inserted into the top layer of the dermis. Meanwhile, the more common diode paddles emit laser energy to melt fat. 

- How To Perform Lipolaser?

Lipolaser paddles are placed on top of clean skin and the machine is turned on. The red light emitted by the paddles alters the permeability of the fat cells. As a result, the heat energy makes them rupture. Once the fatty acids are released from the cells, it is excreted by the body during the natural process. 

- Lipolaser Treatment Protocol

Massage the problematic area with the apparatus for 30 minutes. Along with this, follow a healthy diet, work out, and increase water intake. 

- Lipolaser Treatment Steps

Make sure the targeted area is clean. Carefully place the pads on the problem area. These pads contain laser diodes that emit red light and near-infrared energy to melt fats. Turn on the machine and select the wavelength frequency that will accelerate fat breakdown.

- How Long To Wait Between Lipolaser Treatments?

You can do lipolaser three times a week, with a one-day gap in between treatments. 

- Lipolaser Treatment Areas

The device can be used on any part of the body with excess visceral fats. Common areas are thighs, abs, legs, back, arms, hips, and butt. 

- Lipolaser Treatment For Cellulite 

Take out stubborn cellulite with lipolaser. Banish that annoying dimpling on your thighs and buttocks with potent lasers that break down fat cells and tighten the skin. You can also kiss those saddlebags goodbye since lasers make the nearby areas a lot more firm. With this treatment, you can enjoy wearing skinny jeans and leggings to show off your long legs. 

- Lipolaser Treatment For Stubborn Muffin Tops

Do you have an annoying muffin top when you wear your bottoms? If unwanted flabs create bulges in your belly, you don’t have to suffer and endure. With lipolaser, you can create a smoother tummy. Once the fat cells have broken down, you can look forward to seeing your abdominal muscles.

- Lipolaser Treatment For Bat Wings

If annoying bat wing arms that jiggle with every move affect your confidence, take control of them with lipolaser. This alternative treatment to more invasive liposuction uses lasers to tighten and contour your arms while melting fat. Now, you can feel confident wearing sleeveless, spaghetti straps, and tube tops. 

- Lipolaser Treatment For Chin and Neck 

Don’t refrain from smiling because you fear that your double chin will pop out. With lipolaser treatment, you can tighten your chin and sagging neck. These areas with skin laxity respond very well to red light waves and near-infrared radiation from laser diodes. Increased collagen production will tighten tissues, resulting in a firmer and smoother chin and neck. 

- Lipolaser Treatment For Torso

If stubborn fats on your front and back, especially under the bra line, make you feel self-conscious, you can “iron” those bulges out with lipolaser. This non-invasive device promotes fat breakdown and shrinkage. As a result, you can wear skin-tight clothes with confidence.

Lipolaser Machine Maintenance 

If you intend to buy a lipolaser machine for your clinic or home use, find a reputable company that offers extensive after-sales care services. You need easy access to parts and consumables, so you can continue using the machine whenever you need it. On top of that, it would be helpful to have direct access to technicians in case of a machine breakdown.

- Lipolaser Consumables/Expenses

If you purchase a lipolaser machine, you may need to replace the laser lipo pads, which line the paddles to retain their integrity. 

- Lipolaser Training

Cosmetic schools and other beauty academies provide non-surgical training for procedures like lipolaser for body contouring. These schools provide theoretical coursework and on-the-job training so aestheticians can pass the necessary exams to obtain their licenses. 

- Lipolaser Consent Form 

Should your clinic offer lipolaser treatments for clients, you must have them sign a lipolaser consent form. This means the client will consent to the administration of low-level laser therapy with an application of at least 635nm laser wavelengths. This absolves the technician from any liability, as long as proper procedures and protocols are followed. 


Benefits Of Lipolaser Machine For Your Spa Business

Do you want to improve your spa business? It would help to incorporate lipolaser in your treatment menu. Apart from the usual massages and facials, both men and women feel concerned about stubborn bulges and unwanted fats. By investing in a professional-grade lipolaser machine, you can offer effective fat reduction without any incision, bleeding, swelling, pain, and downtime.  

- Treatments You Can Perform With Lipolaser Machine

You can perform various treatments on different body parts with a lipolaser machine. Apart from just targeting the stomach, thighs, and buttocks, you can use the machine to lift sagging necklines and tighten douple chins. This also works well for skin resurfacing and can erase mild wrinkles because it promotes collagen production and tightens the skin. 

- Instagram Hashtags for Lipolaser Procedure 

Check out before and after pictures on Instagram and learn more about the lipolaser procedure by pursuing these popular hashtags:









- Combine Lipolaser with Other Technologies: 

Combine the revolutionary lipolaser treatment with vacuum therapy, cool sculpting, cavitation, or RF technology for faster fat reduction. Speak with your licensed cosmetologist for the best approach to treat your stubborn fats. 

- Lipolaser With Vacuum Therapy

Expect stellar results when you combine cutting-edge lipolaser technology with all-natural vacuum therapy. Melt those fats with laser technology, then have them dissolve faster through your natural lymphatic drainage with the administration of vacuum therapy. This will promote faster results because the vacuum suction cups will boost your immune system and optimize your metabolic rate. 

- Lipolaser With Cavitation

When it comes to fat loss, who doesn’t want fast results? Experience the best of both worlds with lipolaser and cavitation. This means you can take advantage of laser heat and ultrasound technology to destroy your fat cells. Both treatments work hand-in-hand to decimate unwanted fats that won’t budge. Of course, for the best results, don’t forget to tweak your diet, engage in exercise, and stay hydrated. delivers to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, ...
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