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Honestly, these days, some beauty equipment you buy looks like it was made to be installed in a spaceship hurtling towards Mars. And that is OK, as beauty business owners are always on the lookout for the new treatments that are quite complicated and do need sophisticated top of the line equipment to be able to perform the procedures. But, running a successful business also requires always knowing your staples. The magnifying lamp is a must-have for any beauty professional. Certainly, every certified manicurist or a licensed dermatologist needs magnifying glass lamp with light as it is essential for everyone whose work demands attention to detail, precision and aesthetics.

What to Look For?

Good beauty salon magnifying lamp allows users to view even the smallest details with absolutely no effort. And a good professional magnifying lamp with light actually is good for the health as is significantly reduces eye strain. Magnifying glass lamp is a widely used product in a line of very different fields. There are dentists, jewelers, laboratories, IT repair and many others. If you need a clear, precise picture of your working site you need a magnifying lamp. No question about that, so let’s look at the available options that would be helpful for you in your practice.

Beauty magnifying lamp goes hand-in-hand with good lighting, so you need to look for a magnifier that offers you much needed clear view. Here at AE, we are proud to offer the best brands in the industry. Our magnifying lamps lights have dimming functions when a softer light is preferred. With our LED light you get a shadow-free magnification and exceptional color rendering. The other two available options in cosmetic magnifying lamp are halogen or fluorescent lights. All are able to provide shadowless light, but LED lamps last much longer. An average LED lamp has a 50 000 hours of illumination, while fluorescent cosmetic magnifying lamp bulb has only 8000.

Diopters are the next very important thing you need to pay attention to. The diopter number informs you about the curvature of the magnifying lens. Higher the number - higher the curvature. Meaning thicker lens. You need to know the diopter to know the magnification. The actual formula is; diopter divided by for plus one. But, here’s another way: just remember that if you need bigger magnification number. So, the lens with 3 diopters will magnify everything 175%, and a 5 diopter lens will make everything 225% bigger.

Here at AE, we are proud to work with the best companies in the field. We sell amazing magnifying lamps from KosmoSpa, RockBeauty, Ample, Foxy spa and others. We have a wide range of diopters, our facial magnifying lamp SunLight, for example, comes with 8 diopter Magnification Loupe which gives you amazing 700% magnification.

Manicure magnifying lamp can be easily mounted. We also have a wide range of portable lamps and there are always rolling stands available that we sell separately.

You are always welcome to come by and check out the equipment in our showroom.

Benefits & Useful Tips

Great benefits of using esthetician magnifying lamp, apart from the magnification, is the ability to use both hands. Foк manicurists, dermatologists and any other beauty professional this is the main benefit. In their field, hands-free device is undoubtedly an essential one. You can comfortably work as you would with a very expensive pair of binoculars, but, you’ll be saving a lot of money.

Learn to comfortably position your lens. Esthetician mag lamp should be positioned in such way that you’ll have your object in focus and you will get great magnification and no distortion.

And last, but not least – position your magnifying in a way that lets you keep good posture.

Magnifying lamps, being such important and essential beauty equipment are very inexpensive.

The Service

Great Customer Service should also be a preference when investing in equipment for your business.

Here at AE, we are proud to offer the best customer service along with the training and a huge range of facial magnifying lamps for sale.

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