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Join Us at the Beauty and Esthetics Expo in Miami!

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Join Us at the Beauty and Esthetics Expo in Miami!

✨ A Special Event for Expo Attendees:

Up to 35% Discounts:

The expo offers the best prices on equipment and products for beauty salons. It's a unique opportunity to replenish your salon's inventory or introduce new services at advantageous terms.

Giveaways and Gifts:

Participation in giveaways and receiving gifts makes this event even more exciting and enjoyable. Win valuable prizes and gifts to expand your range of offerings.

Meet your favorite Esthetic Influencers:

HBO's Radiant Star and Supreme Esthetician Virtuoso - Shekinah Garner

The Esthetic World's Most-Coveted Educator and Magnetic Influencer - Gissele DeIRosario

The Mesmerizing Maestro of Massage Therapy Education - Terrance Bonner

The Dazzling Beacon of Aesthetic Influence - Jasmine Winsett

The Trailblazing Powerhouse of Esthetic Motivation - Mercedes Valencia


Zemits Ambassadors will host live demos at the expo!

Witness cutting-edge techniques and gain valuable insights to enhance your practices in the beauty and aesthetics industry.


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What will you learn - Our Demos




Get Better Results and Earn More than Your Competitors


Discover the technology that enables highly effective exfoliation and skin cleansing using water and specialized attachments. The advantages of this procedure include reducing pigmentation, tightening pores, and improving skin texture.


Cavitation: Sculpt Sleek Arms & Waist Without Surgery




Learn about the innovative method for addressing fat deposits, utilizing sound waves to break down fat without surgical intervention. This procedure can contribute to volume reduction and body contour enhancement.


RF: Needle-Free Skin Rejuvenation for Aging Face & Hands



Get acquainted with radiofrequency therapy, which stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin. Results include wrinkle reduction and increased elasticity.

Don't miss this opportunity to be among the first to learn about advanced methods and technologies in the beauty and aesthetics industry.

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