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Would you like to learn more about percussion massagers? Well, this is the place to be at. In this article, we’ll discuss what this innovative tool is for, so you can determine if you need to invest in this gadget. Let’s get started. 


- What Are Percussion Massagers?

Percussion massagers are handy instruments that possess an L-shape design. Some say they even look like a gun. They have a long grip handle on one end, while the other one holds a motor-driven massager. These massagers administer percussive therapy or percussive massage by producing a strong pounding force rapidly. The head emits pulses in a short duration over a designated area. These are meant to penetrate deeply into your muscles to break up scar tissues, relieve tension, and ease knots.   


- What Benefits Your Clients Can Get From Percussion Massage Machines? 

Many people dub this treatment as a breakthrough solution by providing fast results with the aid of a machine. This handy gun can do the following for your clients: 

  • Alleviating soft tissue pain
  • Promoting tissue repair
  • Accelerating healing and recovery
  • Enhancing athletic performance and endurance
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Promoting a good night’s rest
  • Improving blood flow and lymphatic circulation
  • Boosting the range of motions of muscles


- Types Of Percussion Massage Systems

You will find a broad range of percussion massage machines for sale in the market. Their primary difference lies in the intensity of vibrations produced. The side where the vibrations come from may also vary. Some massagers produce vertical vibrations with an up or down motion. Meanwhile, other machines have a sideways or back and forth motion. On top of that, some systems can be programmed for specific tissues and muscle groups. 


- How Do Percussion Massage Machines Work? 

This handheld device has a dense foam ball attached to a very powerful motor, with around 2,000 RPM, moving at a rate of 33 to 40 times per minute. The one holding the gun points it at the targeted area so the ball strikes the muscles repeatedly. This machine can penetrate deeply, which is something a masseuse cannot do with bare hands. Some machines have frequencies that you can adjust to suit your needs. 


Percussion Massage Treatment

Have you ever heard of percussion massage treatment? There’s a reason why this hand-held device is all the rage these days. Find out below why this gun is trending. 


- What Is Percussion Massage Treatment?

Percussion massage is a type of massage treatment. It is specially designed to deliver very rapid blows that penetrate deeply to target soft tissues. When done by a masseuse, percussion strokes are delivered by the hands and wrists. However, this can be tiresome, so the integrity of the massage can be compromised with fatigue. For this reason, a handheld percussion massager is the most popular option. 


- Who Needs Percussion Massage Treatment?

Although percussion massage treatments have always been popular with athletes as a part of their training program, many people now realize the benefits of this form of therapy. Even ordinary people will benefit from percussion massage, especially if you experience muscle pain or soreness from repetitive work or injuries from exercise or other accidents. This treatment also works on frozen and stiff muscles due to reduced mobility with aging. 


- Does Percussion Massage Really Work? 

Although percussive guns came around 2008, percussive massage therapy has been around longer. Some say that percussive therapy has been around since the 1800s, and the first percussive machine was invented and patented in 1974. Its longevity proves that percussion massage really works wonders. 


- Percussion Massage Results

You can expect good results from percussion massage, especially those administered by handheld devices. They have the power to loosen stiff muscles and fascia. As a result, those who receive the massage increase their flexibility and range of motion. When used immediately after exercise, it drives out the lactic acid in the body to alleviate soreness and promote faster recovery. 


- How Often to Get Percussion Massage Treatment? 

For the best results, you can use a percussion massage gun 2 to 3 times a day. Aim the massager head on your targeted area. No need to press down deeply. Instead, let the machine do the work. Ideally, go for 30 seconds to a maximum of two minutes only per muscle group. 


- What Are The Side Effects Of Percussion Massage? Does it hurt?

Percussion massage doesn’t hurt. At the worst case scenario, you will feel a slight throbbing discomfort. Besides, most people who use a percussion massage machine find the pounding sensation therapeutic. However, these contraptions aren’t meant to be used for bruises, sprains, open wounds, swollen areas, joints, and the spine. If you bruise easily, have clotting issues, or have a bone and joint problem, you may benefit from a gentler form of massage. Most trained professionals in percussion say that if you feel any pain, you should stop the treatment. It won’t do your body any good, and it might only worsen your condition.


- How Many Percussion Massage Treatments are Needed?

There’s no rock-solid answer for this because it depends on the needs of a person. Athletes use their percussion massagers for warm-ups and cooldowns almost every day. The key is to never use it for too long because you can end up bruising your skin. As a rule of thumb, a full-body session must never exceed 15 minutes long. 


- How Long Does It Take To See Results From Percussion Massage?

Since percussion massage instruments penetrate deep into the tissues, you may feel improvement after a session. With continual and consistent use, you can expect remarkable progress, especially if you utilize it as a tool for recovery. 


- What Is The After-Care For Percussion Massage? 

Don’t shower immediately after getting this deep-tissue massage. Avoid heavy meals and stay hydrated. Instead, take a lukewarm bath with Epsom salt after resting. This compound can help your muscles relax and draw out toxins. 


- How Long Do Percussion Massage Results Last? 

Results vary per person. It hinges on what the massage therapy is used for, whether it’s for promoting healing for an injury, post-workout cool down, etc. Many percussion massage fans dub this treatment as almost magical. They feel the positive effects right away, especially when a trained individual uses the gun. 


- Percussion Massage Benefits

Percussion massage provides many advantages. For starters, it improves blood circulation which allows oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to reach all parts of the body. This is one of the primary reasons why it promotes healing. On top of that, it can serve as a warm-up to prime muscles for activities or relieve muscle soreness. More importantly, it is an excellent tool for destressing.  


- Percussion Massage Recovery Time 

Since percussion massage therapy takes a short time, there’s really no downtime to recover from. Anyone who gets this type of massage can be up and about immediately after a session. 


- Percussion Massage Pros And Cons 

A lot of people love percussion massage because it helps them de-stress and relieves muscle soreness. However, newbies can feel over-excited and end up overstimulating the muscles. Not knowing the proper frequency can result in bruising. You have to take extra care by ensuring the vibrations are over the muscles only. 


- Percussion Massage Treatment Before & After

Percussion massage treatment is non-invasive, yet it promotes fast pain alleviation and swift healing. It’s no wonder why many people love this therapeutic treatment because it provides quick relief for those who experience muscle stiffness. 


- Percussion Massage Cost in the US 

In the US, getting percussion massage treatment from the spa costs around 90 to 110 dollars per session. 


- How Long Is Percussion Massage Treatment?

When using a device, a full-body session should not exceed more than 15 minutes. As a general rule, the machine must only be used in a muscle group for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. 


- What To Expect After Percussion Massage Treatment? 

Some people feel rejuvenated after their massage. Remember, percussion therapy stimulates deep tissues while carrying blood and nutrients and eliminating toxins. Meanwhile, a few feel sore, but it is a good and happy kind of tired feeling. 


- Are Percussion Massage Results Permanent? 

Percussion massage results are not permanent. However, consistent use of the machine to treat injuries or stiff muscles can help improve your overall flexibility and mobility. Over time, you may find it easier to perform activities. 


- What Are The Other Names Of Percussion Massage? 

Other names for percussion massage are deep muscle stimulation. Some people also dub this as the Theragun treatment, which is one of the most popular percussion massage instruments in the market today. Those who use the hand strokers call this tapotement, which also involves striking the flesh following a rhythm using alternate hands placed about one inch away. 


Percussion Massage Alternatives 

Some people don’t fancy feeling deep hitting vibrations on their bodies akin to being pounded like a drum. For others, they can’t enjoy percussion massage therapy because they bruise easily or have blood clotting issues, arthritis, or osteoporosis. In this case, there are other alternative massage therapies. 


- Percussion Massage Vs Vacuum Massage

The primary difference between these two is the machine used. Percussion massage delivers deep pounding strokes to your tissues. Meanwhile, a vacuum massage has a suction cup that lifts the skin and flesh. Another term for it is cupping. This is a gentler massage than percussion because it doesn’t get deep into the tissues. 


- Percussion Massage Vs Manual Therapy 

Manual therapy refers to using the hands for the massage. There are many strokes for this such as Thai, Swedish, Reflexology, or Shiatsu massage. Since it doesn’t use a machine, the one administering the massage can feel fatigued. Inconsistency with the strokes is also a problem. These issues are something that you won’t experience when using a percussion massage device. 


- Percussion Massage Vs Roller Massage 

As the name suggests, a roller massage uses a rolling contraption administered by the masseuse to knead out knots all over the body. A foam roller comes with a textured body to stimulate the tissues so that painful knots are released. Just like the percussion massage, a roller also stimulates performance and helps with the healing process. However, percussion therapy provides a more robust and dynamic treatment. 


Performing Percussion Massage Treatment

With so many devices for sale, you may be wondering if you can use a percussion massage gun at home by yourself. Let’s get a lowdown on this: 


- Who Can Perform Percussion Massage Treatment

Technically, you can perform a percussion massage treatment at home. You can buy a device online and begin treating yourself. However, there aren’t established guidelines set for this device. If you use it incorrectly, it can lead to injuries instead of helping your muscles. You could end up using the wrong form, applying excessive pressure, or utilizing the incorrect attachment head. 


- How To Use A Percussion Massage Machine?

In general, you just need to select the frequency and choose the attachment head that fits the muscle group you want to target. Turn on the massage and place it on top of the area. There’s no need to press down because the machine will do all the work. Wait 30 seconds to 2 minutes before moving to another body part. 


- How To Perform Percussion Massage?

Ideally, the person receiving the massage should be clean before using the percussion massage head on the body. This will ensure that the massage head doesn’t get soiled. Select the speed type of the rotating head and choose the appropriate head attachment. There are usually the following: 

  • Ball: for large surface areas
  • Flathead: works for smaller surfaces like the wrist
  • Fork: best for specific muscles like your Achilles tendon
  • Bullet: for targeting specific muscles


- Percussion Massage Treatment Protocol

Avoid using the equipment on bony parts of the body, especially the spine because the pounding vibration can result in injuries. Some machines come with unique attachments for these sensitive parts. Be sure to change the head attachment before using the device in these areas. 


- Percussion Massage Treatment Steps

For best results, read the manual that comes with your machine. Familiarize yourself with the parts of the device and the attachments. Then, choose the best speed frequency and head attachment for the area you want to treat. Be patient when pointing the gun to your targeted area. Don’t press too hard to prevent injuries. 


- How Long To Wait Between Percussion Massage Treatments?

Athletes use their percussion massage guns two to three times a day. Just make sure you space out the treatments to give your muscles and tissues ample time to recover. And while you’re doing the treatment, use the machine on an area once only. Don’t exceed to prevent overstimulating the tissues.  


- Percussion Massage Treatment Areas

Percussion massage treatment works for many ailments and discomforts. There are many specific treatment areas to get the most use out of your percussion massage device. You can use it for big muscle groups like your hamstring or glutes or targeted areas like your deltoids or Achilles tendon. This form of massage therapy is highly versatile so you can utilize it for different muscle parts of the body. Just be mindful to avoid using the machine on parts with bones to prevent injuries and bruising. 

- Percussion Massage Treatment For Pain Relief 

This massage therapy is very effective for relieving pain and soothing muscle soreness without the need for drugs that are toxic for the liver. Bear in mind, the brain processes specific frequencies. The repetitive pulses created during percussion massage interject with those frequencies, resulting in pain alleviation.  

- Percussion Massage Treatment For Enhanced Athletic Performance

Many professional athletes use percussion massagers to improve their performance. Percussive therapy prevents and treats muscle soreness. The machine helps by stretching muscles and connective tissues to mitigate the onset of muscle cramps. It can help prime the muscles during warm-up and aid in muscle recovery during cool down. Athletes who use this therapy reduce muscle fatigue, enhance endurance, and improve their performance. 

- Percussion Massage Treatment For Rehabilitation

Those who’ve suffered injuries due to accidents, surgeries, or disease will benefit from using percussive therapy. This type of massage stimulates the muscles to contract, which in turn makes them stronger. It even works on patients with partial and full paralysis to prevent muscle atrophy or decay and boost muscle reflexes because the nerves get stimulated.   

- Percussion Massage Treatment For Medical Applications

Some doctors recommend using percussive massage therapy for post-surgery. This helps in preventing adhesions or internal scar tissues, which can be very dangerous. Since this therapy increases lymphatic circulation and blood flow, it deters internal scar tissue formation while speeding up healing. 

- Percussion Massage Treatment For Boosting Overall Wellness 

One of the reasons people get this massage is that it promotes deeper breathing levels, boosting oxygen and reducing stress. Percussion therapy promotes relaxation and improves overall wellness with benefits like: 

  • Amplifying the immune system
  • Improving sleep cycle
  • Eliminating toxins from the body
  • Promoting good digestion
  • Optimizing organ and tissue health
  • Improving range of motion, mobility, and flexibility


- Percussion Massage Machine Maintenance

With proper use, your percussion massage machine should last for a few years. However, you may need to replace the head attachments with heavy use. On top of that, the lithium-ion battery attachment may need replacement after a year (depending on usage). That being said, take note of the following tips: 

  • Don’t press on the head attachment to hard
  • Charge the device when the battery is fully drained
  • Do not leave it charging unattended
  • Clean the motor of dust and debris from time to time using a dry Swiffer dust cloth


- Percussion Massage Consumables/Expenses

When you invest in this machine, it would be advisable to buy from a reputable company that offers replacement parts and after-sales services should you need help with repairs. Apart from the usual warranty, you may need to replace the various head attachments and the lithium-ion battery. Charging stands are also available, including world travel adapters so you can bring the machine with you wherever you go. 


- Percussion Massage Training

If you’re serious about providing this service to clients or you want to make sure you’re doing the treatment right at home, their cosmetic schools offer training on physio massage. There are also online programs like Udemy, offering a Percussion Physio Massage Gun Diploma Course. People who attend such programs have more theoretical knowledge and understanding. They also undergo on-the-job training. Consequently, trained personnel can treat clients better.  


Benefits Of Percussion Massage Machine For Your Spa Business

As an owner of a spa business, it is advisable to invest in a percussion massage machine. A professional-grade machine can provide better treatment with more frequencies and attachments than a personal, at-home device. Besides, coupled with a highly-trained technician, your spa business can offer better service to clients with more positive results. 


- Treatments You Can Perform With Percussion Massage Device 

When you invest in a percussion massage device, you’re not only offering a simple massage for your clients to diminish their stress. Instead, you can create a whole gamut of wellness packages. You can use the device to treat injuries like a sore back or neck strain. Alternatively, you can offer cosmetic treatments since percussive therapy can break down scar tissue.


- Instagram Hashtags for Percussion Massage Procedure 

Check out the most popular hashtags for Percussion Massage on various social media channels: 

#theragun #massagegun #therabody #percussivetherapy #therabodyathlete


- Combine Percussion Massage with Other Technologies

Since the world is full of innovation, you can readily combine percussion massage with other modalities to improve your overall health and wellness. It will go well with electroacupuncture to facilitate faster healing and recovery. Together, both treatments also work remarkably well in helping you relax and curb stress. Moreover, percussive therapy can also complement chiropractic therapies because the latter uses hands and other specialty instruments to manipulate joints. The goal of the manipulations is to align the body to reduce pain and improve overall physical function. 


- Percussion Massage With Cavitation

The primary objective of cavitation is to reduce fat with a non-surgical device. The gadget uses ultrasound to break up fat cells that lie in subcutaneous layers underneath skin. The sound waves dissolve the fats into the bloodstream for natural expulsion. Using percussive therapy with cavitation will work wonders because it improves blood and lymphatic circulation. As a result, the lipids or fats released into the blood will be excreted much faster. Combining these two therapies will ascertain faster weight loss and fat reduction. 

- Percussion Massage With Lipo Laser

Lipo Laser is another unique, non-invasive therapy for weight loss. Unlike traditional liposuction where incisions are made into the skin, lipo laser uses several pads with numerous laser diodes. These deliver red light energy and almost infrared radiation to the fat cells. The high energy breaks down the fat and releases them into the bloodstream. They will be expelled during the body’s natural process. Now, with a percussion massage device, you can hasten this fat elimination process. Since the percussive device pounds on deep tissue, it promotes better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Consequently, the body gets rid of the fat a lot faster so you can experience swifter and more visible results. delivers to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, ...
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