Permanent Makeup Removal Laser Equipment

Permanent Makeup Removal with Laser: Here Is What You Need To Know

Professional Permanent Makeup Removal Laser Equipment

Permanent makeup is here to make putting makeup easier! Pigments like tattoos are used to give life to brows, lips, or eyeliners.

Permanent makeup may sound like it would be there forever, but these fade after a few years. So, let us learn about permanent makeup removal equipment – an effective means of removing faded or unwanted permanent makeup.

What Is Permanent Makeup Removal Equipment?

The most used permanent makeup removal equipment is the laser. Laser removal has already been used for traditional tattoos. Now, permanent makeup removal uses a similar removal technique.

Aside from lasers, saline removal and glycolic acid removal are available options. These three options effectively remove pigments and are considered safe, as long as well-trained practitioners do it.

What Benefits Can Your Clients Get From Permanent Makeup Removal Machines?

When your clients have decided to have their permanent makeup removed, you can tell them about all the benefits they could get from different removal equipment.

Clients would get better esthetics. If their permanent makeup is now faded, ruined, or just more unattractive, removing it would boost their confidence.

With the novel makeup removal machines, time spent on removal is cut down. Also, they get to benefit from a safe and pain-free experience.

Types Of Permanent Makeup Removal Systems

Different makeup removal systems include topical creams and non-laser removal techniques. These systems provide clients with more options to fit their budget, tolerance, and preference.

Topical creams are used by making the solutions go deep into the dermis to react with the permanent makeup ink. This procedure is paired with exfoliation and at-home methods to boost the effectiveness. Ink will eventually be drawn out of the dermis because of the solution.

Non-laser removal techniques are done by professionals only because this involves opening the skin and applying an agent that draws out the permanent ink.

Benefits Of Permanent Makeup Removal

Permanent makeup removal might sound too daunting for most clients. Permanent makeup removal is fast, effective, safe, and painless. Also, expect a minimal recovery period for the skin to heal.

How Do Permanent Makeup Removal Machines Work?
To achieve the desired effect on the makeup, professionals use removal machines that generally penetrate deep into the dermis to react with the pigments. For example, laser removal uses a beam that degrades the pigment under the dermis. When the laser beams emit light energy, they shatter pigment particles into minute pieces so that the body can naturally get rid of them.

For permanent makeup removal to be effective, these must be done in several sessions to eliminate the pigment particles and have the professional monitor the client's progress.

Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment

What Is Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment?

As the name of the treatment suggests, permanent makeup removal treatment eliminates unsightly or faded pigment from cosmetic tattoos. Treatment has innovated through the years to take careful consideration of the delicate and thin skin on the face.

Who Needs Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment?

Permanent makeup is expected to look faded or blemished after five years. Clients might get dissatisfied when their makeup starts looking different. Or, clients might feel like they wanted to change their look. Either way, these clients have the option to choose to have the pigments removed.

Does Permanent Makeup Removal Really Work?

Yes, permanent makeup removal works! Even though permanent makeup is called "permanent," methods to remove them are proven to have excellent before and after progress. As long as clients get their treatment from well-trained professionals and follow the required number of sessions, cosmetic tattoos can be removed like they were not placed there before.

Permanent Makeup Removal Results

Different makeup tattoo removal procedures are proven effective, but there are some inherent limitations. For example, lasers remove black and brown pigments very well. Clients with brow or eyeliner tattoos would see excellent results after removal treatment.

However, if the client has a cosmetic tattoo with titanium oxide, a pigment lightener, laser treatment alone will not remove it. For best results, saline removal is used afterward to eliminate persistent pigments or shadows. These added steps bring a better overall outcome of the removal!

How Often to Get Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment?

Removal treatment may be convenient and needs less downtime for the client, but this does not mean that the permanent makeup is removed after one session. It is best to come back to complete the removal sessions with six to eight weeks intervals.

Also, if clients have numerous permanent makeup to remove, advise them that their facial skin is soft and delicate. Too much removal on one skin area can increase scarring or skin damage.

What Are The Side Effects Of Permanent Makeup Removal? Does it hurt?

The first few things to ask about any treatment are its side effects. Each client has different bodies, and their reactions to procedures vary. Some of the risks that you must warn clients about are scarring, infection, and allergies.

Scars are the most considerable risk to permanent makeup removal. These are produced when the removal professional fails to be gentle and causes too much trauma to the skin. Scarring may either be temporary or permanent, depending on the intensity of the trauma.

Of course, being hygienic in these procedures is important also. If sanitation is poor, infection becomes a huge risk! To avoid this,  get removal treatment only from certified practitioners.

Lastly, allergies are due to the body's reaction to chemicals used in the procedures like saline and glycolic acid. Allergy cases are usually mild, but to avoid these altogether, a small amount of the chemical must be patch-tested first to check if hypersensitivity occurs.

Other side effects are minor bruises and inflammation. But regardless of these, permanent makeup removal is generally painless! With the use of topical anesthetics, clients enjoy a comfortable removal procedure.

How Many Permanent Makeup Removal Treatments are Needed?

Permanent makeup removal treatment sessions range between two to ten. Results after each session vary on the type of cosmetic tattoo to be removed and equipment or chemicals used.

Sometimes, clients can already see significant improvement after just two sessions!

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Permanent Makeup Removal?

Clients would come to the spa with different kinds of cosmetic tattoos for removal. A more saturated and inky permanent makeup will need more removal sessions. To illustrate, a very saturated makeup tattoo will have complete removal in up to two years! In contrast, faded and older cosmetic tattoos take relatively fewer sessions and would see the results in a span of months only.

What Is The After-Care For Permanent Makeup Removal?

The best results for removing permanent makeup are not confined to what happens inside the removal spa. It would be best to advise aftercare procedures that clients need to do after they get home.

Clients need to look out for minor swelling, blisters, or peeling after each session. Ask them to avoid picking or popping these to avoid nasty scarring. The best way to alleviate swelling is by applying a cold compress.

Keep the area very clean, especially during the first three days. Moisturizer is used on the wound to speed up healing and manage the itchy feeling. Also, avoid too much sun exposure or heat to keep the skin out of too much stress.

How Long Do Permanent Makeup Removal Results Last?

The most challenging part of permanent makeup removal is working on the procedures until you and the client are satisfied with the results. But once the sessions are finished and appropriate aftercare is done, the skin will look like a cosmetic tattoo was never there! Your clients can enjoy seeing their skin back to the way it used to look before getting their permanent makeup on.

Can You Have Permanent Makeup Removal After Botox?

Take careful consideration of Botox injections when clients want their permanent makeup removed. Skipping permanent makeup removal with laser is highly recommended when the client just took Botox injections.

Botox injections and permanent makeup removal procedures can indirectly interact with each other. The redness and swelling after cosmetic tattoo removal can degrade the properties of the Botox injection.

Permanent Makeup Removal Benefits

The primary benefit of removing permanent makeup is getting rid of degraded cosmetic tattoos. Permanent makeup normally fades, but it can also look different depending on how it is done. Common undesirable looks are unevenly faded brows, blush resembling blemishes, or pigments that oxidize and change colors.

Permanent Makeup Removal Recovery Time

After permanent makeup removal, the average recovery time is between four to eight weeks. This, of course, varies per client because of differences in aftercare or immune responses of their body.

To speed up the healing process, carefully follow the aftercare plan, which involves taking care of the site, keeping it clean, and avoiding harsh heat and sunlight. It is also prudent to stick to the advised recalls to the spa so that professionals can monitor the client's healing.

Permanent Makeup Removal Pros And Cons

Clients would be less doubtful of a permanent makeup removal procedure if they knew all the pros and cons. Removal procedures done by trained experts are effective, fast, safe, not very painful, and require minimal recovery.

On the other hand, removal procedures are costly. Makeup removal needs multiple sessions, and the accumulated expenses here can lead to quite an expensive bill. Moreover, you need to have your procedure tailored to what kind of pigment is removed. For example, laser treatment is not ideal for yellows and pinks because they fail to remove them altogether.

Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment Before & After

Clients' before and after photos are taken to help the practitioner assess their treatment progress. Clients have different starting points, and carefully recording their progress through taking pictures will help manage their expectations.

There are different "after" outcomes. The best result is completely removing the pigment where no trace is left.

When brow tattoos are removed, clients expect to have some degree of asymmetry between their brows as the shape and color significantly change because of the laser treatment.

Permanent Makeup Removal Cost in the US

The cost per session of permanent makeup removal in the US is $100 to $500. However, prices are expected to go up to $215 per session, especially laser treatment.

How Long Is Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment?

Generally, tattoo removal depends on the surface area that the practitioner works on. Eyeliner tattoos, brow tattoos, freckles, or blush permanent makeup occupy only a small area on the skin. Since permanent makeup is usually done in a small surface area, a session will last 10 to 15 minutes.

What To Expect After Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment?

Practitioners with ample training and state-of-the-art equipment are expected to give clients the best level of service. So, improvement in the remaining pigment can easily be observed after each session.

At the last session, the permanent makeup must be completely gone, and no trace of pigment is seen through the skin. But, also expect to give a few more days to let the skin heal completely.

Are Permanent Makeup Removal Results Permanent?

The central concept of permanent makeup removal is to help the body eliminate the pigment by breaking it down into a form where its natural cells can eat it away. So, when the treatment is complete, the results are permanent! The pigments are now removed from the body and will not come back unless the client gets another makeup tattoo.

What Are The Other Names Of Permanent Makeup Removal?

Permanent makeup removal is also referred to as cosmetic tattoo removal. Similarly, some practitioners would refer to it specifically to what modality will be used. Dermabrasion, laser, and chemical removal are specific names used to call permanent removal procedures.

Performing Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment

With the previous sections, we went through details about the general background on permanent makeup removal. Now, let us understand the nitty-gritty details about performing the actual treatment

Who Can Perform Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment?

It is best to consider getting permanent makeup removal treatment at qualified facilities with estheticians licensed with different certifications from permanent makeup removal training.

How To Use A Permanent Makeup Removal Machine?

Estheticians usually use laser equipment to remove makeup. These laser machines are used similarly to how they typically use them to remove other body tattoos. These laser machines shoot short bursts of laser beams at different wavelengths.

Laser beams will be passed through the skin of the tattoo area and will break the pigment apart. The broken pieces of pigment under the skin are now small enough for the body's immune system to take care of it naturally. The esthetician will try to avoid skin or tissue without a tattoo. With short pulses and high beam power, most types of permanent makeup will be removed with ample sessions.

Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment Protocol

Treatment protocols for makeup removal include top-quality sanitation, topical anesthetic, the removal process, and aftercare instructions.

Before the client arrives at the scheduled appointment, the esthetician must prepare the items needed and sanitize everything. Gloves, masks, and bedcovers must be changed between every client.

The treatment usually begins after the client is laid down comfortably and is wearing the appropriate hair cover and bibs. Some offices start by taking the "before" photos to note the client's removal progress.

The esthetician will take somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes per session. After each session, the esthetician must inform the client what to expect after getting home. Swelling, bruises, or small blisters are normal and can quickly be taken care of. Aftercare is just as important as the removal procedure itself!

Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment Steps

Permanent makeup removal begins with professional consultation. Before starting the actual procedure, the client must know the benefits, drawbacks, and amount of appointments. If the client is eligible for permanent makeup removal, their appointments will be set!

The client will be asked to remove all accessories and makeup to begin on a clean face. It would be best to put the client on hair covers and bibs to avoid inadvertently damaging their hair or staining their clothes.

For a comfortable experience, the procedure begins with numbing the area. Applying topical cream and leaving it on for 20 minutes will numb the skin. This helps the clients get the most comfortable experience at the procedure.

After the numbing cream soaked over the skin, the client is now prepped and ready to undergo the actual removal process. The esthetician will consider what removal methods are needed for a client. Sometimes, the laser alone is enough for removing eyeliner tattoos or lip liners. However, it can be combined with saline treatment or chemicals removal for those pigments that contain titanium oxide.

The last step in an appointment includes an aftercare consultation. If this is not the last removal session, the client will be reminded of their intervals and hopefully return to complete the treatment.

How Long To Wait Between Permanent Makeup Removal Treatments?

The waiting time between appointments is six to eight weeks. This gives the skin and tissues adequate time to recover from the prior appointment. Because of such long intervals, mention to the client that the makeup removal procedure will be done in months to even years!

Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment Areas

Permanent makeup involves brow tattoo, permanent eyeliner, or lip liners. Some spas also offer micropigmentation for the scalp and even freckle tattoos! Now that you know how these permanent makeups can fade or blemish through time, these are treatments for permanent makeup removal.

Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment For Brow Tattoo

Uneven eyebrows or sparse hair needs to be done by manually filling them in or tattooing them. Microblading, nano brows, or powder brows are considered permanent makeup. Once they get very grainy or uneven, laser removal is an option.

However, laser removal alone is not enough to remove pigments with titanium oxide. Removing their brow tattoo is best for these clients to continue with saline removal to eliminate the red pigment.

Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment For Permanent Eyeliner
The perfect cat eye and winged liners are tough to achieve. So, some clients opt to have their eyeliner tattooed!

When it is decided to get a permanent eyeliner removed, laser removal is best. However, the eyelid is fragile skin, and it is very close to the eyeballs! Permanent eyeliner removal is very risky, and ocular protection is needed to avoid harming the client's vision.

Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment For Lip Liner

Lip permanent makeup is rarely removed by laser because the red pigment may turn out blue or grey. No one would like to have their lips go from pinkish to bluish! So, lip liner tattoos are taken care of with saline removal. Unfortunately, results are best seen after completing the removal sessions. Warn the client that they may need to mask the unattractive lip color during their treatment intervals.

Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment For Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent makeup option for clients who want to create a more esthetic look on their scalp. When these cosmetic tattoos become botched, laser removal is an option to take. Fortunately, scalp micropigmentation removal is relatively easy, and results are achieved faster than other body tattoo removal.

Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment For Freckle Tattoos

Freckles have been considered esthetic, adding a more youthful vibe to the person. With freckle tattoos, removal is somewhat more complicated because it is more uncomfortable to remove as it covers a broader area all over the cheeks. Also, pigments used in freckle tattoos do not react well with the laser beam.

Permanent Makeup Removal Machine Maintenance

Your spa business will save on many expenses if you know how to maintain your machines for permanent makeup removal. These machines already cost a lot, and you would not want to invest more money in inadvertent machine damage.

You can check your machine's manual to know what safety procedure is best for keeping the machine. These also tell you how to operate the machine correctly and avoid damaging them.

It is also best to choose the correct wavelength and pulse frequency to remove the cosmetic tattoo. Also, the client's skin must be clean and dry for more effective use of the machine.

Permanent Makeup Removal Consumables and Expenses

The cost of permanent makeup removal machines varies because different brands offer different specs suited for the spa's needs. However, since cosmetic tattoos are generally small, they cost significantly less than other tattoo removal machines. Some of these tattoo removal machines cost as little as $100.

Other permanent makeup removal methods need more consumables such as needles, chemicals, and disposable protective equipment. On average, these would cost you $15 per session and would increase depending on the chemical or solution preferred.

Permanent Makeup Removal Training

Permanent makeup removal is no easy task! There are dangers to doing it when the esthetician lacks knowledge and training. Currently, different aesthetic institutions offer in-depth training for aesthetic procedures, including permanent makeup removal.

Training has become flexible as some training courses offer online training or one-on-one lessons to help you obtain certification to practice permanent makeup removal!

Permanent Makeup Removal Consent Form

Consent from clients is a prerequisite to removing any cosmetic tattoo from them. First, the client must be informed of what to expect in the procedure. This includes the side effects, length of procedures, and what to expect with their progress. The client would want to trust your services and give their informed consent only after understanding the whole removal treatment.

Benefits Of Permanent Makeup Removal Machine For Your Spa Business

A permanent makeup removal machine is versatile, especially for those trained and certified to use it! Here is how:

Treatments You Can Perform With Permanent Makeup Removal Machine

Lasers are generally used to remove body tattoos. There may be differences in the location of the tattoo, but the concept of using a laser to remove it stays the same! You can also perform body tattoo removal with a high-quality laser machine. Some laser treatments are also used to eliminate dark spots that are unesthetic to most clients.

Instagram Hashtags for Permanent Makeup Removal Procedure

There are many posts on Instagram about clients' experience in permanent makeup removal or some before and after images! Check out #permanentmakeupremoval #tattoolightening and #pmuremoval to see more.



Permanent makeup is truly a helpful cosmetic tattoo to help achieve a more esthetic look for most clients. But if it is time to remove them, permanent makeup removal treatment is available in many spas and esthetic offices.

With permanent makeup removal, laser, topical creams, solutions, or a combination of these are used to safely and effectively remove makeup!

Clients would enjoy a painless procedure that involves minimal recovery, minor risks, and visible improvement in about 2 to 10 sessions of removal. So, with a trained esthetician, permanent makeup removal is safe and feasible! delivers to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, ...
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