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Foxy spa

Salon color trays by Foxy spa

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Trolley cart Element 20041 1 Spa trolleys
$ 219.00
Trolley cart Element is a practical, elegant and lightweight design trolley. Has a shiny black finish, and it is equipped with two shelves, and lateral handles.
Trolley cart Dante 20038 1 Spa trolleys
$ 219.00
Trolley cart Dante is a three shelf trolley with acrylic shelves. The top shelf is lockable for convenient storage. Great for displaying your equipment and for protection.
Trolley cart Dante + 20039 1 Spa trolleys
$ 269.00
Trolley cart Dante + is a two shelf trolley with acrylic shelves. There are two locking drawers, great for multiple professionals working in the same proximity.
Trolley cart Dual 20040 1 Spa trolleys
$ 199.00
Trolley cart Dual is a patented product that has four shelves and also has a convenient laundry hamper on the side. It has two handles to facilitate easy movement. Four shelves are tempered glass.
Trolley cart Extend 20042 1 Spa trolleys
$ 159.00
Trolley cart Extend is a four shelf trolley with tempered glass shelves. The second shelf can extend outward. It has handles on both sides to facilitate mobility.
Trolley cart Violet 20045 1 Spa trolleys
$ 109.00
Trolley cart Violet is a three shelf trolley with plastic shelves. The top shelf has a small drawer for storage. Has a push handle along the top to facilitate easy movement.
Trolley cart Weet 20046 1 Spa trolleys
$ 159.00
Trolley cart Weet is accessible from either side and can be used by two therapists at the same time in a dual room set-up. Has a sleek look and would work well in any environment. Has three glass shelves.
Trolley cart Atlas 20036 1 Spa trolleys
$ 449.00
Trolley cart Atlas is a beautiful three shelf trolley with wood shelves. The top shelf has a lockable drawer for storage. Available in White & Black (Atlas+).

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In this category you can find 14 different Salon color tray. The average cost recovery of this type of equipment is 5-10 procedures. Advance- Esthetic provides a wide range of various types of professional Salon color tray. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for Salon color tray

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