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Foxy spa

Sterilizer equipment by Foxy spa

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Ultrasonic Sterilizer UC-001 20107 Ultrasonic bath
$ 199.00
Ultrasonic Sterilizer UC-001 is ideal for any environment. Immerse small metal instruments/tools only in the ultrasound bath to clean and sterilize the materials in a simple and efficient way.
Single UV Steriliser S-02 20099 Uv sterilizer cabinets
$ 69.00
Single UV Steriliser S-02 is a stylish design sterilizer with Perspex blue drawer. Simply wash items (tools, sponges, brushes, etc.), place in the drawer, switch on the light and the ultra violet system acts as a germicide; cleaning the instruments inside. Leave instruments in for 15 minutes or until use.
Glass Bead Steriliser S-01D 20078 Nail salon sterilizers
$ 79.00
Glass Bead Steriliser S-01D is a neat desk top sterilizer for metal implements/tools only (nail clippers, scissors, etc.). Comes complete with pack of glass beads (additional bead packs are available for purchase). It works at a high temperature of 430° for germicidal effects.
Hot towel cabinet Warmex 20113 Towel warmers
$ 219.00
Hot towel cabinet Warmex is a great size for display, it's fairly small so you're able to place it on a trolley or in a cabinet. The UV lamp removes germs and bacteria. Ideal for hygiene and up keeping towel condition. It orks at a maximum temperature of 140°. It can hold up to 12-18 small towels.

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